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Using Epsom Salts in the BathEpsom salts are often used to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, making it soft and invigorated. They also has been used by many to ease sore and stiff muscles.


* 1 cup Epsom salts
* Water
* Towel or sheet (optional)
* Shower


Pour one cup of Epsom salts into a small bowl, adding just enough water to make a paste. This is a messy job, so after you undress stand over a towel or sheet, or simply stand in the shower instead (without the water running). Smooth a thin layer of the paste onto your skin over your entire body. If you have a partner who can help, that’s great, but if not then cover as much of yourself as you can.

Wait until the mixture has dried; it forms a white film. Then shower or, better yet, soak in a warm bath and let the salt help ease your sore and tired muscles, too! Do not use soap to wash off the salt, as you may clog your pores.

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Treating Your Child for Acid RefluxYou probably think that only adults that eat spicy foods suffer from acid reflux. While that is the case for many people, it is certainly not the rule. People of all ages can get acid reflux. It may not be chronic, but children and even infants can get it, too.

It is never easy when your child or infant has acid reflux. It is very hard to tell in many cases. Your child may not be able to tell you exactly what is wrong, especially with young toddlers and babies.

Acid reflux is an uncomfortable condition. Your child may confuse the symptoms and discomfort with a stomach ache or an upset stomach. Your child may tell you that he or she has a sore throat or feels like he or she is going to throw up.

Children are famous for having sick tummies so you may not even worry. However, if you find that your child complains day after day, at night or even after certain foods then you may need to take a closer look at what is really going on.

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