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Everyday Vitamins May Prevent Common Hearing LossHow about a “morning after” pill for loud concerts? Researchers recently identified supplements so helpful at preventing and healing noise-induced hearing loss that we may very well see pills and snack foods marketed with that premise in the not-too-distant future.

Long viewed as a hazard for people exposed to prolonged high-decibel sound (such as workers around jet engines or jackhammers, battlefield soldiers and rock stars), excess noise contributes to more than one-third of the 28 million Americans suffering from some degree of hearing loss.


I spoke with scientist Colleen Le Prell, PhD, associate professor, department of communicative disorders, University of Florida in Gainesville, to find out more about the research her team recently conducted, which showed that a simple blend of common nutrients may help reduce hearing loss.

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What is osteoporosis?Osteoporosis is a chronic condition which affects all the bones in the body. In this condition bone mineral density is lower then what is normally expected and a micro-structure of the bone is disorder, meaning that the bone structure is weaker than normal.

Bones which have lost their mineral density are at much higher risk for fracture. And, although bone fractures are usually not life threatening, individuals who suffer a bone fracture as a result of osteoporosis have a 20% chance of mortality in the first year following the break.

The World Health Organization has defined osteoporosis as a bone mineral density 2.5 standard deviations below peak bone mass in a 20 year old of the same sex measured by DXA (a radiological procedure). The DXA is the gold standard in diagnosis of osteoporosis.

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