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-Root Chakra
Base of spine; low abdominal area.
Hematite – general healing & balancing, focuses energies
Obsidian – general healing, removes blocks
Cinnamon Oil

-Sacral Chakra
About 2 inches below belly button.
Carnelian – health, emotional balance, well being
Peach or Pink Aventurine – balances mind, body & aura
Orange Oil

-Solar Plexus Chakra
About 2 inches below the sternum.
Tiger Eye – prosperity, well being
Yellow Jasper – circulation, digestion
Lemon Oil

-Heart Chakra
Chest at heart level.
Rose Quartz – comfort for the soul, improves circulation
Green Aventurine – gives courage, improves patience
Rose Geranium Oil

-Throat Chakra
Hollow area of throat, just above the rib cage.
Blue Tiger Eye – heals the throat area, helps align the spinal column
Blue Lace Agate – anchors spirit to body, assists with clear communication
Ylang Ylang Oil

-Third Eye Chakra
Top of nose area, between the natural eyes.
Sodalite – increases self-awareness
Lapis – stimulates emotional, mental & physical clarity & purity
Camphor Oil

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What is sarcoidosisAn inflammatory condition of the tissues, most noted for originating in the lymph nodes or the lungs, is known as the disease, sarcoidosis.

Sometimes this disease appears unexpectedly and then disappears. Sometimes a gradual onset of symptoms is noted that teeter back and forth in severity.

As the disease worsens, sarcoidosis can cause heavy particles to form in the tissues. These particles are known as granulomas. In most cases they do disappear, but at times, they do not. This invasion of the tissues from the granulomas leaves the tissues scarred and inflamed. The cause of sarcoidosis is not known.

The symptoms of sarcoidosis are a notable cough and difficulty breathing. A rash may also appear on the skin with recognizable red bumps. Inflammation of the eyes is another symptom caused by sarcoidosis. Additional symptoms of sarcoidosis include fatigue, nighttime sweating, fever, and/or weight loss.

Sarcoidosis knows no boundaries among its victims, affecting all races and both sexes equally. Due to the difficulty in determining sarcoidosis, as it mimics many other diseases, it is difficult to estimate how many people are affected with it. Sarcoidosis generally strikes the 20- to 40-year old age bracket.

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