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Your Dental Health Care PlanYou should make an effort to have a dental health care plan for family members to follow. Dental health is not an accident, people plan to take good care of their teeth, tongue, mouth and gums and in turn they avoid dental disease and have natural teeth instead of dentures. Dental health care is important for children, teens, adults and seniors.

A good dental health care plan includes proper brushing, flossing, the proper toothbrush, and the best toothpaste for each family member and regular visits to the dentist for examinations and cleanings every six months.

A good dental health plan prevents gum disease, treats cold sores, canker sores and other mouth infections as soon as they start.

A good dental health plan includes regular visits to the dentist, which may include an examination, cleaning, and X-rays.

A good dental health care plan knows that fluoride is important for kids and adults and that those who drink bottled water need to take fluoride supplements.

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Using Evista to Treat OsteoporosisOsteoporosis is a chronic medical condition where the body loses bone mass faster than it can be dealt. Interestingly, there are two opposing forces which will lead to osteoporosis.

On the one hand, bone is built in response to stresses such as weight-bearing and muscle strength. On the other hand, bone is also lost in response to hormonal activity and lack of weight-bearing stress on the bones.

In young adults the difference between bone growth and loss is on the positive side. This means that up until an individual reaches age 30 they are laying down more bone van is being destroyed.

After 35 bone is lost progressively faster than it is being built. Over the past 15 years researchers have been on a quest to discover medications and therapies that will either hinder the loss of bone or increased bone building activity, all in an effort to decrease the negative effects for individuals who suffer from osteoporosis.

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