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The Connection Between A Stressful Life And Your Hair LossThere are many things that are common in our lives but one thing that many of us have in common is that we go through life with stress as a companion. Another thing that children, men and women can have in common is hair loss. Have you ever thought that perhaps there may be a connection?

Have you noticed thinning hair or areas of your scalp that are more scalp than hair? If you suffer from hair loss there may be many reasons for it including poor diet, a side effect of a medication, heredity, a symptom of a condition or illness and stress. Yes, stress can cause hair loss.

We experience stress in a physical manner such as when our bodies are traumatized in an accident or we can experience emotional stress such as when a family member dies. Another stress is mental stress such as when we become stressed out over an out of balance checkbook.

The stress we encounter in our lives can result in two types of hair loss. One is classified as telogen effluvium and the other alopecia areata.

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Thyroid and hair lossThe large gland that lies in the neck region serves some very important duties in the regulation of your bodily functions. It helps to regulate metabolism, as well as other important duties.

One of the symptoms of a thyroid disturbance is either a decreased metabolism in hypothyroidism, or an increased metabolism in hyperthyroidism.

An overactive thyroid gland will enable you to have a great deal of energy, whereas an underactive thyroid gland will make you feel sluggish, fatigued, and experience weight gain.

In addition to weight gain, a person that is hypothyroid will most likely experience a loss of hair. Thyroid disturbances and hair loss are not an uncommon problem. These changes in the body all occur due to hormonal changes and medications.

Normal thinning of the hair after the age of 40 years old is not uncommon, but when the body is additionally upset your hair cells will reap the results. Hair cells, an amazingly fast growth area in the body, will be one of the first areas that distress will show up when there is a disturbance in the body. It does this in order to encourage the energy of the body to go where it is most needed. A person experiencing a thyroid problem will have an increased likelihood of hair loss.

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