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Special Natural Bath RecipesOn occasion it is beneficial to take time to relax in a soothing special bath and smooth the skin.

Depending on what you put into the water, a bath can be:

a. Nourishing
b. Stimulating
c. Toning
d. Soothing
e. Relaxing

Easy additions to the bath water are as follows:

a. 1 cup of vinegar: Soften water / soothe dry and itching skin
b. 1 tablespoon of ground oatmeal: Soothe / soften skin
c. 1 cup of powdered milk: Nourish skin / combat dryness
d. 1 large spoon of honey: Relieve tiredness / sleeplessness
e. Orange or Lemon peel: For a pleasant odour
f. 2 tablespoons of laundry starch: Tighten / smooth skin
g. 2 handfuls of Epsom salts: Combat tiredness

Herbal Bath Treatments

Herbal baths have traditionally been incorporated into a beauty treatment regime. The more popular herbs for the bath include the following:

* Chamomile flowers, Elder flowers, Thyme – Softening / soothing skin
* Mint, Rosemary – Stimulating circulation
* Blackberry leaves – Clearing the skin
* Comfrey – Chapped, sore, spotty skin
* Lavender – For the pleasant odour/relaxing

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Preventing Acid Reflux Involves Lifestyle Changes and dietary ChangesIndividuals experiencing acid reflux should start out on the road to manage acid reflux by making lifestyle changes that would be healthier and prevent acid reflux. After making lifestyle changes it is then important to look at dietary changes that would benefit the individual with acid reflex.

Lifestyle changes include avoiding alcohol and smoking. We mainly smoke and drink while we are among friends. It therefore stands to reason that to cut out those two things we need to be serious about avoiding the pain or discomfort that the acid brings us enough to avoid parties or other situations in which drinking and smoking is very much a part of.

Regular sleep habits make it easier to know when to stop eating. You should stop eating 2 hours before your regular scheduled bedtime.

Relaxation techniques should become a part of the lifestyle you are embracing in order to make a reduction in the occurrence of acid reflux.

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