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Monitoring Diabetes on a Daily BasisDiabetes is manageable and a high quality of life can be maintained if you stay on top of your health.  Once you are diagnosed with the disease you should start following a Diabetic plan for optimum health immediately.

One of the most important things that Diabetics can do is follow a meal plan.  Do not leave eating up to chance.  You must have a plan everyday and know what you are eating before the time to eat arrives.  Not eating when you have Diabetes can lead to hypoglycemia or a Diabetic coma which can be fatal. Constructing a low carb menu and sticking to it will help you from having Diabetic episodes.

Your meal plan will be a combination of breads, meats, dairy products, fats, fruits and vegetables just like everyone else’s.  When dining with friends and family you can feel free to make the same foods for them that you are eating.  You won’t be having special foods or anything different from anyone else.

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Emphysema: The Smokers DiseaseEmphysema is a respiratory disease that continues to get worse over time. It makes it hard to breathe and causes an individual to feel as if they are constantly short of breath.

The tiny air sacs and airways in the lungs lose their elastic qualities and this in turn makes it hard to completely exhale the air from the body.

Normal lungs work like a balloon and bring in vast amounts of fresh air and then release equal amounts of Co2. When emphysema is present some of this carbon dioxide is left in the lungs and each breath becomes more difficult. As this terrible medical condition becomes worse breathing starts to come at great effort and physical activities take a great amount of energy.

Emphysema usually develops over years and there are treatments that can slow it’s progress. Some symptoms that you should be on the lookout for include: consistent shortness of breath, headaches, constant coughing, fatigue, wheezing, difficulty concentrating, tightness in the chest, irritability and a distended chest.

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Belly Fat Equals Health HazardMen usually don’t consider it a big deal to carry a few extra pounds on their frame. However, if those extra pounds are around the middle, then you could be sporting a problem bigger than your waistline. Excess belly fat can affect the health of the rest of your body.

What do you know about belly fat? Well, for men, extra abdominal fat occurs as you age. In women, during child-bearing years, fat accumulates in the hips, thighs and also in the abdomen. For them too, extra belly fat is a concern.

With men, belly fat is usually a result of lifestyle and age. As a person ages, they lose muscle unless something is done to preserve it. After the age of forty, muscle is lost at a faster rate. What replaces that muscle is usually fat. Our lives grow more sedentary and the pounds begin to pack on.

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Lemon juice cleanses are a great way to detox, meet daily nutritional requirements, improve circulation and get rid of harmful waste products. Mix lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for a lemon juice cleanse with instructions from a nutrition consultant and clinical herbalist in this free video on nutritional cleanses.

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This video one explains the immune system.

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Meridian Therapy ExplainedMeridian therapy is an alternative procedure for reducing stress and freeing your body from toxins. It is similar to acupressure in its applications. Meridian therapy releases blocked energy for total body health.

The name of the therapy refers to the lines of energy that run throughout the body. There are twelve meridian lines that run along the body, six on each side.

There are also two unpaired meridian lines: one along the front midline and one along the back midline of the body.

According to ancient Oriental teachings of healing, energy runs along these lines. This energy flow or ki (pronounced chee) is the life force of the body.

The flow of ki must run unobstructed in the body for optimal health. When the flow is interrupted, then the person gets sick in the body. This sickness can manifest itself as headaches, intestinal trouble, tiredness, depression or any number of conditions that people experience every day. According to meridian therapy, their ki is blocked along a meridian and must be unblocked to restore balance.

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