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flu symptomsMany people get the flu and a common cold mixed up, but in actual fact they are both different ailments. They are both respiratory ailments, but they are caused by different types of viruses.

If you have a common cold, then even though you may feel quite ill, your symptoms (unless they increase into something worse) are usually relatively minor. However flu symptoms can make you feel really ill, especially if you go on to develop complications.

Cold symptoms will produce a runny nose, cough, sore throat, sneezing and quite often a cough. The symptoms also tend to come on over a couple of days.

The flu however will affect the whole body and will strike quickly. You’ll have a fever (raised temperature), body aches and pains, a very dry cough and feelings of extreme tiredness.

The effects of the flu can be very debilitating. Most people recover from a cold within 3-4 days, however the effects of the flu can last much longer (often up to several weeks before the sufferer returns to feeling normal)

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The Hold that Cancer Has On Our SocietyThe term cancer covers a wide range of diseases where cells begin to grow abnormally. The DNA of normal cells become damaged and they begin to divide into new cancerous cells.

As these cells grow and divide the normal and healthy tissue is replaced and the risk of it spreading to other parts of the body increases.

When cancer spreads to other parts of the body the doctors call this metastasis. Many times, a tumor or cancer riddled tissue develops. Leukemia is an example of a disease where there is no development of abnormal tissues or tumors.

When one goes to the doctor and hears the word cancer then there is no doubt that this is devastating news to both the individual and the family.

The good news is that today many people beat cancer even to the point that it can be 100% cured. Nevertheless, cancer is a growing concern in our society and should be prevented with all measures.

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holiday suicidesWell, this came as a surprise to me as I have always thought that the holidays brought on greater numbers of suicides due to higher levels of stress and deeper depression. But, it appears that this is a common misconception.

According to UNC School of Social Work professor Jodi Flick. Flick presented “Suicide in Adults and Children: Prevention, Intervention and Postvention,” Nov. 23 at a workshop titled “Depression and Suicide: What You Need to Know” at Catawba Valley Community College.

According to statistics, the highest rates of suicide have always been in the months of May and June, Flick said. Although, some experts put the highest months in January and April.

“Severe depression and suicide have more to do with a body’s reaction to … biorhythms than what’s going on in our lives,” Flick said. “This is a real medical problem. It isn’t something a person is doing because they feel bad.”

Depression and other illnesses

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visualize healthy body mindScientists have always speculated about the mind/body connection. It is a real phenomenon and has helped people achieve some amazing things. Through visualization, you can change the way to think and your life in general.

What is visualization? It is the process of seeing yourself achieving your goals. Through the technique, what seemed impossible before becomes a possibility worth pursuing.

What often happens in life is that we set goals and don’t achieve them. This doesn’t mean that every goal we set will be unmet. But, sometimes, when the deadline we set approaches, instead of being filled with delight we are anxious because we are nowhere near the goal. That can lead to discouragement and abandonment of the goal altogether.

Visualization has helped many people to achieve their goals for fitness and weight loss, not to mention life in general. The technique begins with mental imagery. It is easier to do something when you can see yourself doing it.

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history of diabetesThe American Diabetes Association reports that the number of people who suffer from diabetes continues to grow each year.  Today, 5% of the world’s population has diabetes, a metabolic disorder that affects the control of blood glucose.

Are there really more people developing the disorder or more people diagnosed?  The question is difficult to answer.

Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle illness that is often brought on by environmental factors that trigger genetic predispositions.

Nutrition, environment and genetics all play a role in the development and treatment of the disease.  But diabetes isn’t a disease of just the 20th century.  In fact, written history exists as far back as 1552 B.C. when physician Hesy-ra, an Egyptian, first wrote about polyuria as a symptom.

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back pain causesBack pain is a common problem affecting literally millions of people. It can range from minor, temporary pain, to sustained pain in different parts of the back, neck or shoulders or involve the pinching of nerves, affecting the legs or arms.

The causes of back pain vary and can often be a combination of factors. Some of the factors identified by practitioners are set out below.

Sprains and strains An out-of-condition back or one with pre-existing problems is more vulnerable to soft tissue injuries like sprains and strains. A sprain isa joint injury that involves stretching or tearing of the ligaments.

A strainisan injury to muscle or tendons. Stretching a ligament or muscle too quickly can result in a tear. Excessive force and certain repetitive use may also damage muscles.

Disc problems The intervertebral discs are the cushions between our vertebrae. These discs dry out and harden with age, making them susceptible to injury. Common disc complaints involve the disc bulging (prolapse), herniating or even rupturing.

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How hypertension affects your body.

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