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It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing. ~Duke Ellington

sound therapy resonanceResonance comes from the Latin verb resonare, meaning to “return to sound”. It means to sound and resound, as in an echo. Usually we think of resonance in terms of objects such as bells which when struck continue to ring or resonate the original sound.

Another type of resonance is called sympathetic resonance. When we strike a tuning fork another tuning fork of the same pitch will begin to vibrate with the first fork. Resonance can be understood as a merging created when energy moves back and forth between two or more bodies.

The opposite of resonance is dissonance. Dissonance happens when energy moves back and forth between two or more bodies without merging into unified pulsation. The pulses beat against on another. Resolution happens when dissonance becomes resonance. Our personal sensations of dissonance, resolution, and resonance in our daily life serve as sonic guides. Learning to listen to, differentiate, and appreciate these sensations in daily life is fundamental to BioSonic RepatterningTM.

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bone building exercisesAs we age, we lose bone density. It mostly occurs in women (osteoporosis) but men are affected as well. To preserve your bone and overall general health, here are some ideas for exercise activities that build bone.

It bears being said that besides exercise, nutrition is also important. Getting the proper daily intake of calcium for your age group will help maintain your bone health.

When there is not enough calcium coming into the body, the cells will rob it from the bones to perform their daily maintenance. Combining both is probably the best way to combat bone loss.

Cardiovascular Exercise

To gain more bone, you have to use them. Weight-bearing exercises that have a high impact are actually good for building bone. As with any exercise, start slow and build up to a manageable level. Here are some suggestions:

* Walking – This is a good overall exercise that can be done at any age. You can start right now. Walking on a treadmill either flat or uphill programs build up the muscles of the legs as well as the bones.

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prevent heart diseaseHeart disease is the number one killer out there. We often hear about women and heart disease but what about men? It is number one for them too.

Heart disease affects not only the heart but the entire cardiovascular system. When someone has a heart attack it is because blood couldn’t reach a certain part of the heart through the coronary arteries. There can be congenital defects that affect the heart as well as stenosis in the aorta and other blood vessels of the body.

When it comes to your heart, there is no playing around. Heart disease doesn’t develop all at once but over time. But the risk can be reduced and many risk factors may be reversed with proper care of your heart and the rest of your body.

Here are a few ways that men can improve their chances of avoiding heart disease in their life:

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hypertension in menA few years ago, the American Medical Association announced that normal blood pressure should be 120/80. This was lowered from the previous systolic and diastolic pressure considered to be within normal range.

Hypertension in men is a serious and often fatal disease. High blood pressure can lead to heart failure; kidney failure; or stroke.

The combination of hypertension and being overweight increases the chances of developing one or more conditions. In fact, the older you are, the more likely you will develop hypertension unless you take steps to prevent it.

If you are overweight when you are young, you may develop hypertension at an older age. However, it has been suggested that hypertension is also inherited, which doesn’t help the situation either.

You may not even realize you have this condition, as the symptoms do not reveal themselves. However, you should assume you are a candidate for hypertension if you are over 40; if there is a history of this condition in your family; and you are overweight.

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What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Hypertension
A revolutionary, all- natural treatment program for reversing the ’silent killer’ affecting more than 50 million Americans. Hypertension is a dangerous and deadly disease. There are no symptoms, so most sufferers have no idea anything is wrong-making more than 45 million Americans ticking time bombs. And while there are many drugs on the market that combat this condition, the costs and side effects are often prohibitive. Now, a leading expert and researcher introdu… More >>

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About

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Video about the Crystal Healing properties of Amethyst. Amethyst has long been used for healing purposes. Ancient Romans used it to prevent drunkenness, Egyptians used it to speak with the Gods.

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