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migraine headache preventingDue to the recent studies that showed a frightening connection between the potential for brain damage, strokes, heart attacks and migraine headaches, migraine sufferers desire more than ever before to avoid the symptoms of this neurological disorder from manifesting. Common medications in this fight include beta blockers, anti convulsion medications and also sedatives. Even as the latter are highly effective, they greatly impair the patient from leading a normal life and participating in all aspects of daily activities.

Avoiding sedatives but also migraine headaches appears to be difficult, but there are new studies which show that melatonin, long since known to insomniacs as a surefire sleep aid, can also help with the prevention of migraine headaches. In and of itself, melatonin is a natural compound created by the body throughout the day, but most copiously during the evening hours. It serves to help prepare the body for sleep and it is in part the failure to create sufficient amounts that accounts for the experience of jet lag and other sleep disorders.

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Five stages of griefWhen you experience a loss in your life, it is expected that you will grieve. Even those who say that they are alright will touch on the five stages of grief as they seek to move on and put their lives back together.

Grief is not a one-day or two-day thing. People who say that it is are still in the first stage of it. Do yourself a favor and be patient in your grief. Trying to rush the process doesn’t work. The five stages of grief are detailed below.


This is the first stage of grief. You might think that denial is your way of coping but it is how you survive in the first few days after a loss.

Denial keeps you moving to do the hard things like plan funerals and deal with financial issues. You may even shun the protective arms of relatives who are trying to comfort you because you are not yet ready to accept the loss.


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