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migraine headachesMigraines and associated symptoms can be treated with prescription drugs. This of course requires a doctors signature and prior exam. When discussing migraines with your doctor, asking the right questions and more importantly offering the right information are crucial. It is a good idea to compile a list of facts to offer to the doctor.

These facts need to detail your daily activities, your food choices, and any observations you have made prior, during, and after the experience of a migraine headache and other migraine pains.

For example, your list of facts could include the following:

1. The number of migraine headaches of pains in a given month. Be specific, especially if you find that the number fluctuates significantly.

2. The duration of your headaches. Your doctor needs to know if they last a couple of hours or a couple of days.

3. The location of the actual migraine pain. Make sure to explain to your doctor where the pain starts, if subsequent pains is experienced in different bodily locales, and also if the same presentation of pain is experienced during each and every headache.

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Acid reflux factsWhether you call it acid reflux disease, heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux disease what we are talking about are the uncomfortable feelings that happen when the acid that is in the stomach spills up into the esophagus in a repeated fashion, causing discomfort and perhaps damage to the esophagus. There are many reasons why acid reflux occurs including the foods we eat, our lifestyles and the medications we take among other things.

Certain foods and beverages can cause the lower esophageal sphincter muscles to relax such as alcohol, chocolate, foods high in fat, caffeinated foods and beverages, licorice and peppermint.

Medications can also contribute to acid reflux. Medications like diazepam, sumitriptan, calcium-channel blockers, and barbiturates can cause acid reflux.

Many lifestyle habits can cause acid reflux to become a problem such as being obese, drinking alcohol, smoking and making a habit of eating large meals and then lying down afterwards to take a nap only to awaken with heartburn.

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