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The Prognosis for and Future of PMS

Basically the diagnosis of PMS is more widely accepted by the medical profession and the general public as a whole but the diagnosis is a little in the gray area as it is difficult to really diagnose with certainty. Women experience different symptoms and those symptoms can change from month to month. The intensity of [...]

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The History Yoga In Early India

Yoga found it’s roots in ancient India. To practice yoga is to focus on enhancing both physical and mental discipline. There are many different schools of yoga; some of which I will briefly describe in this article. A sage named Patanjali is believed to be the founder of Yoga by many people. He defines yoga [...]

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Monitoring Your Blood Glucose Level With Confidence

It is vital that diabetics learn how to monitor their glucose levels on a regular basis so that they will know if their blood sugar is low or high or if it is within normal range. The results of monitoring will tell them how much insulin to administer if they are taking insulin and will [...]

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How to Remove Plantar Warts

Did you know that the same virus that causes Planters warts is at the center of research being done on cervical cancer? It’s true, the human papillomavirus is the same virus which causes warts on the hand, anogenital warts, Planters warts and can be one causative factor for cervical cancer. Planters warts are contracted through [...]

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All About Reflexology

Image via Wikipedia Reflexology, also called zone therapy, comes under the heading of alternative medicine. It involves the practice of massaging, squeezing or pushing parts of the feet, hands, body or in the ears with the goals of affecting other parts of the body. Interestingly, although reflexology has been classified as an alternative medicine approach, [...]

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Confusional Arousals

A confusional arousal is an instance when a person awakens in a confused or “foggy” state. The person may act in a strange way and may even show signs of aggression to the people nearby, and the person will not remember his or her actions after the instance of confusional arousal passes. Although waking up [...]

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How Sleep Disorders Affect You

Sleep disorder are more than just annoying. You need sleep in order to function sufficiently throughout the day. Without a good night’s sleep you may not be able to perform whatever duties you are responsible for because your cognitive ability will be adversely affected. You may also be physically impaired, and lack of sleep is [...]

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An Overview of Premenstrual Syndrome

In the two weeks prior to the menses appearing each month a woman may experience a pattern of symptoms or group of symptoms known as Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS. There are more than 150 different symptoms in this group ranging from mild to severe. The symptoms can be of a physical nature, emotional or psychological. [...]

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Recurrent Hypersomnia

Recurrent Hypersomnia is an extremely rare sleep disorder that involves intensely long periods of sleep that cannot be avoided. People with this disorder may take to bed for up to eighteen hours a day, and they will sleep consistently during these times. This disorder is not a byproduct of depression or drug use, but instead [...]

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Staying Young And Healthy With Nuts

Believe it or not, the first created human beings who inhabited this planet, Adam and Eve, already had nuts in their diet. In the Genesis, God provided them fruits that bear seeds that we now know as nuts. After thousands of years, we now understand why God never failed to create this fruit and seed [...]

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