Are You SAD ? Help for Your Seasonal Affective Disorder

November 6th, 2007

While autumn can be a beautiful and anticipated time of year for some, for many it can be somewhat melancholy, bringing about a change in mood as the season shifts. As daylight hours shorten, as many as 1 in 3 Americans notice increased feelings of lethargy and sadness, as well as a decreased number of bright and happy thoughts, as if their emotions are echoing the change in seasons.

This common condition, known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD, is a type of depression brought about by the change in seasons. Although anyone can be affected regardless of age, gender or location, SAD generally tends to be more prevalent in populations that live in more northern regions, where the changes in seasons are more drastic and noticeable.

While there are some cases in which SAD occurs during the transition period between winter and spring, it is most commonly experienced during the shift from summer into the colder seasons. Usually, symptoms of the disorder begin to set in around October or November, and last through the winter months until the weather begins to improve during April or May.

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Tips for Lowering Cholesterol

November 6th, 2007
  1. Substitute 2 egg whites for 1 whole egg in baking
  2. Try lean ham, Canadian bacon, turkey bacon and reduced fat sausage and bacon instead of regular sausage and bacon.
  3. Season vegetables with Lemon, Garlic, onion, chives or pepperinstead of animal fat.
  4. Have cooked dry beans and peas instead of meat occasionally; or substitute for part of the meat in casseroles.
  5. Bake, broil or boil with liquid vegetable oils in place of animal fat.
  6. Eat moderate portions (3* 4 ounces) rather then large servings of lean meats and poultry.
  7. Select lean cuts of meat and trim visible fat; remove skin from poultry.
  8. Try reduced fat or fat free varieties of milk, cheese, ice cream, sour cream and yogurt.
  9. Enjoy all types of seafood, including shellfish and canned fish packed in water.
  10. Make an egg omelet using egg whites and either one or no egg yolk.

The Beef on Cholesterol

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Spicy Gifts for Yule

November 6th, 2007

Start now making special herbal gifts and decorations with your own hands expressing holiday sentiments from your heart. We’ve searched far and wide and come up with a fine assortment of herbal ideas, recipes and crafts for you to select from.

Yule Time/Christmas Scent

Combine ingredients and simmer in a teakettle or saucepan throughout the holidays!

Cinnamon Treasures By Brenda Hyde

Cinnamon is not only easy to craft with, but it’s a smell that reflects the warmth and charm of a cozy winter home more than any other. These gifts can be used as additions to baskets filled with homemade breads, muffins or cookies. You can also package them alone for small gifts to give teachers, friends and house guests.

Mulled Tea Bags


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