Deal With Arthritis Pain and Stiffness Naturally

October 19th, 2007

Arthrit-Eze is the most advanced formula on the market today. It offers potential relief and rejuvenation for all forms of Arthritis, safely, naturally and without side effects.

We developed Arthrit-Eze in response to customer requests for an effective formula to help relieve arthritic pain and to target the underlying cause of the pain. Our aim with this product is to help address:

  • The root causes of Arthritis
  • Restoring cartilage and Glutathione depletion
  • Increasing mobility
  • Reduce joint inflammation, swelling and stiffness
  • Target the cause of pain and provide long-term relief
  • Protect and RESTORE affected joints
  • Increase immune support and even improve skin condition.

Arthritis is not a ‘natural part of aging’. Over 100 forms are preventable and potentially curable. Providing the body with the correct nutrients to help this process is a significant step in the right direction in achieving this objective.

Benefits of Arthrit-Eze

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Neck Wrap for Children

October 19th, 2007

The following formula may be used for swollen tonsils, mumps and other lymphatic swelling in the neck area:

  • 2 cups warm water
  • 8 drops Lavender essential oil

Mix the water with the essential oil. While the water is still warm, soak a soft cloth, preferably flannel, in the water and wring it out. Wrap the cloth around the neck. Cover with a towel to hold in the heat. Remove before it gets cold. Repeat as many times as you wish.


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Neat Oils or Undiluted Use?

October 19th, 2007

Because of the rapid growth of aromatherapy practices since the internet has arrived, the use of undiluted essentials oils has increased dramatically – especially amongst holistic therapists and lay people who use oils without any safety training. Uninformed people at trade shows, fairs, and hundreds of entrepreneurial single trader businesses on the internet sell concoctions of essential oils without a thought about any possible risks.

Natural perfumers (‘botanical formulators’) , untrained therapists, even consumers are using undiluted oils on the skin without knowing they could be setting up setting up the conditions for sensitization to occur. Sensitization is becoming the principle problem of this profession, and the aromatherapy profession is largely in denial over it.

Aromatherapists are reported as applying undiluted essential oils to the skin in certain ‘minor emergency’ situations – Tea Tree oil for small skin traumas, Lavender oil for very minor burn areas, cajuput or Niaouli oils for Insect Bites, stings etc. etc.

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How to cure insomnia naturally

October 19th, 2007

Insomnia by itself is not a disease. In most cases it is a symptom of an underlying condition. Insomnia can be treated in more ways than one. In patients where depression is the condition that is causing Insomnia, Treating Depression will cure Insomnia too.

Conventional treatment of Insomnia involves sedatives. But these sleep inducing drugs do not cure chronic Insomnia. Even short term use can have a psychological effect on the patient. Some patients start believing that they just cannot sleep without the pill. Long term use has its own repercussions and results in high levels of dependence.

Just as Treating Depression naturally is a highly recommended mode treating Insomnia naturally can also help you in avoiding the side effects that come with sleeping pills.

Stress is one of the major reasons behind most sleep disorders - oversleeping and Sleeplessness. Meditation and relaxing exercises can help in relieving stress. Meditation may seem like a process that is hard to learn but once you know the basics it becomes extremely easy. Meditation requires is a quiet environment, slow and deep breathing and some simple positive thoughts.

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