Eyes…How do you protect them from degeneration?

October 10th, 2007

by Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life

My father in law is 91 years of age. He has enjoyed good health most of his life up until he was about 80 and even since then it has been pretty good compared to most. No doubt a factor in his good health has been due to him being a keen gardener and up until recently grew all his own Organic vegetables.

BUT, about a year ago his eyesight started to fail, and he is now blind!

Pretty traumatic going into a world of darkness after 90 years of light! He can no longer read, watch TV and of course he cannot drive any more. As a result his quality of life has taken a dramatic downturn and he says he is now ready to ‘move on’ as he feels he has had a good life and has no regrets. It’s likely that this will not be to far away as once the will to live goes, the body starts shutting down and that is happening to him now.

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Juice Therapy

October 10th, 2007

As part of any whole food lifestyle such as the Wholefood Diet or Full Spectrum Diet, juice therapy, the eliminative and cleansing capacity of raw juice, is a great way to get in all your nutritional foods. Juices are extracted from fresh fruits and vegetables and are rich in their own medicinal properties.

Raw juices are extremely rich in Vitamins, Minerals, trace elements, enzymes and natural sugars. Juices extracted from raw fruits and vegetables require little digestion and almost all their vital nutrients are assimilated directly in the bloodstream.

Juice fasting or juice therapy is also a great way to detox your system. Accumulated metabolic waste and Toxins are quickly eliminated.

Anti-aging therapies utilize the power of nature’s bounty due to the fact that many fruits and vegetables are rich in alkaline elements. This is highly beneficial in normalizing the balance of acid-alkaline in the blood stream and tissue structures, as there is over-acidity in many conditions of dis-ease. As an anti-aging therapy fruits and vegetable juice have an extraordinary revitalizing and rejuvenating effect on all the organs and functions of the body. Healing Minerals in raw juices especially calcium, potassium and silicon help in restoring biochemical and mineral balance in cells and tissues, preventing premature aging.

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Chinese herbal remedies for weight loss

October 10th, 2007

Obesity has never been on the agenda of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as it has not been a social or medical problem in China. The ancient Chinese theory is based on the Yin-Yang philosophy and the Five Elements. According to TCM, weight gain or obesity is caused by unhealthy yin-yang interaction and disturbances in the balance of functions of the body organs. When you eat, the food is digested, the nutrients are absorbed and the waste material is excreted. An imbalance of these three functions causes retention of water, fat or food in the body, leading to weight gain.

Even though obesity control specifically has not been a major focus of TCM, there are many people who claim to have the formula for reducing weight naturally using Chinese obesity solutions.

However, with the ban on two herbal weight loss solutions manufactured in China and sold over the internet, there has been an extensive debate over the use of Chinese Herbal Remedies for weight loss. These two drugs were marketed as natural weight losssupplements but were actually found to contain a banned substance - N-nitroso-fenfluramine - associated with heart problems. The most commonly used Chinese herb, Ma Huang or Ephedra has also been known to cause heart valve conditions and is banned by the FDA.

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