Is There Any Merit in Colon Cleansing?

September 3rd, 2007

Question: from Eric

Detoxifying the colon seems to have become one of the most popular therapies recommended by natural health practitioners. What is your opinion or research-based conclusion regarding the merits of cleansing the colon?

If you have concluded that cleansing the colon has merit, does your organization plan to provide a colon cleansing product? I think that if you do, yours would be better than any product currently on the market.

Comment: from Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life

A few years ago we spent some time researching this subject because I thought that it might be a good idea to produce such a product as there were so many questionable ones on the market. However, after further investigations and discussions with Prof. Dr. A Munem we decided that we would not be doing out customers any favours if we produced such a product. It would be putting them to unnecessary expense. There are no doubt occasions in which colon cleansing is warranted and indeed desirable, but not for the general population. And it should only be done by a qualified professional and followed with a double dose of Total Balance for a month.

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Healthy foods to combat depression

September 3rd, 2007

It is only a healthy body that houses a healthy mind. Unhealthy diets like junk foods lead to lethargy and low levels of energy. Constant lowering of energy makes it harder to get up and get going and ailments like depression can set in. With the passage of time, cause and effect cease to be distinguishable from each other. This unhealthy connection is specifically evident in depression related eating.

Depression is associated with strong urges to eat. Monitoring and managing diet is therefore a significant part of Treating Depression. Those who have had any experience with depression would know that depression often leads to an increase in eating binges. Remember how you reached out for an ice cream or a grilled sandwich to drown your sorrow the last time your boyfriend ditched you?

Eating foods that alleviate depression is important. Maintaining constant energy level is essential to fighting the symptoms of depression. The idea is that if you must eat when you are depressed, you should opt for healthier foods that will help you increase your energy levels. Higher energy levels help you remain active so that you can combat symptoms of depression. Unhealthy diets make you sluggish and worsen the depression.

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