Depression treatment guidelines for old people

Old age brings a significant reduction in mental and physical abilities. This translates into an inability to fight disease and handle difficult situations. This sudden reduction in capabilities causes depression due to low self-esteem. Strength of character and previous achievements are no guarantee against depression as it can occur even without any visible precipitating factor. Certain drugs and medication can be used to treat depression. However, over-prescription of these very drugs can cause further depression if not ingested carefully.

Apart from the conventional medications, there are other methods of treating depression naturally like psychotherapy or ‘talk therapy’. There are also natural remedies for depression like herbs, homeopathy meditation, hot baths and other relaxation techniques.

For older people doctors normally choose antidepressants that work upon brain chemicals called neurotransmitters responsible for moods, thought and behaviors. One such category of antidepressants that is in use nowadays is SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). For psychotic depression that is accompanied by hallucinations and delusions, an antipsychotic drug is prescribed along with an antidepressant.

Factors that should be kept in mind once you start taking antidepressants include:

* Management of side effects.
* Interaction of other drugs that you might be taking.
* Dosage.
* Withdrawal symptoms on discontinuation.

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Treat depression with exercise

The benefits of exercise cannot be denied. Regular exercise can be a panacea for many conditions that do not seem to be otherwise linked with exercise. Exercise reduces stress, promotes self confidence and helps in getting a sound sleep. It enables the body to use oxygen effectively and therefore, strengthens the heart and lowers blood pressure. Some other physical benefits include healthy cholesterol levels, improved muscle tone and better weight management and increased energy levels.

Exercise has been one of the most recommended natural remedies for depression due to the effect that it has on the neurotransmitters in the brain. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that are responsible for mood, appetite, libido and sleep. Studies have shown that exercise therapy alone can be effective in treating depression in a majority of cases. In conjunction with other natural medicines and herbs it can show results faster. While choosing exercise as your option for treating depression naturally there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

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Depression medications without sexual side effects

Despite the fact that conventional treatments are effective, their use involves a fair amount of caution. This is mainly due to the side effects that accompany them. In cases where there is a pressing need for treatment, these side effects are often sidelined. The result is managing these side effects after they start appearing one by one.

One such side effect of using conventional medicine for treating depression pertains to sexual activity. Results of surveys conducted in this field do not match the claims made by most drug manufacturers. The fact remains that antidepressants inhibit sexual functioning.

Conventional depression treatment is based on the understanding that mood is controlled by brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Antidepressants are used to maintain a certain level of these neurotransmitters.

Depression has been known to reduce the desire for sex. Antidepressants used for treating depression exacerbate the condition by decreasing libido levels. They can also result in erectile and orgasmic problems.

However, there are certain practices that can adopt that can help you in avoiding or reducing the sexual side effect.

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Eat your Avocadoes to help avoid Cancers…

According to Researchers from Ohio State University the phytochemicals in avocados were able to kill some oral cancer cells and prevent pre-cancerous cells from developing into actual cancers.

As a result it is being proposed that avocados join the list of other vegetables and fruits that should be eaten as part of a ‘cancer prevention diet’.

Well, I am OK as I eat a lot of avocados. :) But, seriously you should make sure that you include as many cancer protective foods as possible in your diet. Most of the known phytochemicals in these foods we include in our Total Balance, but you still have to eat so why not make sure that you eat protective foods as well?

Nothing wrong with double insurance when it comes to protecting yourself against cancer! For a list of the common ‘cancer prevention’ foods click here: http://www.cancure....r_fighting_foods.htm

Avocados linked to cutting oral cancer

By Alex McNally

9/5/2007 - Nutrients found in avocados may help combat oral cancer, a study suggests.

Researchers from Ohio State University found avocado phytochemicals were able to kill some cancer cells and prevented pre-cancerous cells from developing into actual cancers.

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Depression MRI treatment - Still in infancy

MRI scans, as a method of treatment for depression was discovered accidentally. At some time, these scans were studied and led to serious research and finally a new cure for depression.

Brain scans are usually an unpleasant experience for most people. But this proved different for people who were suffering from bipolar disease. The story goes like this. Some researchers were trying to compare the brain chemistry of bipolar patients with normal people. While conducting a series of MRI scans, researchers noticed that those suffering from bipolar disease came out happier after coming out of the MRI scan machine. This caused them to change the course of their research and pursue a different hypothesis. They started to explore the affect that electromagnetic fields have on bipolar patients.

Bipolar patients tend to go in and out of depression without any logical or evident reason. The scientists therefore believed that it was possible that electromagnetic fields nudge a depressed brain back to normal. The primary results proved to be very encouraging with 77% of patients reporting that they felt better after scanning.

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Does Water flush out Supplements?

Question: from Terry

You may think this is silly, but if I daily drink all the water my Dr. says I should, won’t my supplements be flushed out of my system before they have an opportunity to be absorbed?

Answer: from Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life

It’s a reasonable question Terry. Even if you drink excess water, and I am sure your Doc is not suggesting that, it will not affect the bio-availability of the nutrients from our supplements. The tablet will still follow the same ‘course’…through the stomach and into the upper intestine where the nutrients are released and then pass through the intestinal wall into the blood stream.

If water impacted negatively to any extent on that process you would become very ill because it would also flush out other nutrients from your diet. When the nutrients pass into the blood stream and then go on to the liver for processing they are unaffected by the amount of water that you drink.

So, try and drink what your Doc suggests…provided he is not suggesting a gallon a day!! The important thing about water is that it is pure, and you drink a reasonable amount. If you want a bit of taste do what I do and make it hot and dunk a herbal tea bag in it for just a few seconds to give it some flavour.

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An overview of homeopathic treatment of insomnia

A homeopath’s approach to any particular symptom that the body shows is different from those who practice conventional medicine. Homeopathy perceives all symptoms as a manifestation of body’s struggle to self-heal. Homeopaths normally do not prescribe medication for individual symptoms. For a successful homeopathic treatment the professional must examine the patient and get answers to a lot of questions regarding lifestyle, eating and sleeping habits, fads, if any, family history and much more.

The basic principle of homeopathy is that a remedy in its diluted state will cure a condition that is caused by the same remedy in its undiluted state. Coffee is a classic example of this principle.

Coffee, as is widely accepted, stimulates and keeps people awake for long periods. One of the primary homeopathic remedies for treating insomnia is coffea that is prepared after coffee beans have been subjected to a vigorous dilution process. The homeopathic materia medica contains a comprehensive list of symptoms produced by natural substances and a homeopath matches them with all that is disclosed by the patient.

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Who can get insomnia and effective insomnia solutions

Sleep disorders can affect the amount of sleep, the quality of sleep and the timing of sleep. There are more than seventy types of sleep disorders that can cause various kinds of conditions. Some of these are:

* Transient Insomnia - a temporary condition that does not last for more than a week. Sometimes, it occurs for a couple of days and then fades away on its own.
* Acute Insomnia - a condition wherein the afflicted cannot sleep well for a long period. This could last from a couple of weeks to six months.
* Chronic Insomnia - a serious sleep disorder that persists every night.

Generally speaking, everyone suffers from some type of insomnia at some time or the other in a lifetime. Insomnia is not a disease but a symptom of an underlying condition. It can happen due to psychological disorders or physical conditions. The causes of insomnia can be varied and therefore the condition should be treated based on the underlying reason behind the cause.

Some conditions that can cause insomnia are:

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A Practical Protocol for Candida?

Question: from Lisa

Can you tell me what you would suggest for the relief of Candida, I have a friend who has a lot of problem getting rid of those Candida even though she was following the diet without fruits , and starch and taking supplements,

Is there something in your products that could be beneficial and what is your protocol?

Answer: from Joanna (Medical Nutritionist for Xtend-Life)

The most important thing is to try to get the body back into balance as Candida overgrowth is essentially an imbalance in the natural Candida fungus in the body. So I would suggest Total Balance (the version would depend on your friend’s age and sex) at 6 per day, and Omega 3/DHAs at 4 per day as an initial step to begin correcting this imbalance.

As an additional help, our Viral-Protec can provide a beneficial boost to the immune system to help deal with this and to help prevention at times of increased risk (such as stress, if on other medication, etc).

Total Balance will help provide balanced friendly bacteria, but an initial ingestion of acidophilus bifidus for a couple of weeks may be a good idea. As well as this, caprylic acid could be added to the recommended protocol below to help destroy the overgrowth.

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Preventing Lyme Disease

By Tai Takatani

They say that every rose has its thorn. That may or may not actually be true, but the saying seems to apply when considering the beauty of wooded and bushy areas. Though many of us enjoy the wonders of nature, being surrounded by trees, the fresh air and all the other beauty that comes with it, being outside does have its thorn ” a tick that carries disease.

A tick is a blood-sucking parasite (think of it as a mite) that normally lives on the blood of large animals such as deer. Unfortunately, ticks also attach to humans. Ticks transmit the widest variety of pathogens of any blood-sucking arthropod, including bacteria, rickettsiae, protozoa and viruses. Contracting Lyme disease is one of many threats of being bitten by a tick.

Lyme disease is more of a threat in the upper Midwest, northeastern coast and northern California. But, regardless of where you live, if there are ticks, then Lyme disease is a potential risk. The disease is not fatal, but it does pose serious health problems such as arthritis, muscle and joint pains, neurological problems, cognitive defects or fatigue if left untreated.

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