Ease Joint and Arthritis Pain With Essential Oils

July 6th, 2007


Joint Dr Essential Oil Blend (10ml) - (Companion Herbal Remedies - CholestoRite, Joint Ease, PureCalm)

Use This Blend to: This blend contains oils specifically for reducing pain, swelling and stiffness in joints due to arthritic conditions. Essential oils constitute some of the most effective treatments for combating Arthritis pain. Please do not substitute this blend for qualified medical care.

Ingredients: Synergistic blend of oils including Spruce, Douglas Fir, Helichrysum, German Chamomile, Elemi

Single Oil Profiles: Click here to read about the properties and actions of each of the single oils in our blends.

Application Methods: Apply 3-6 drops on location - repeat as needed. Apply 2-4 drops on corresponding foot reflex points.

How do I apply Oils?: Click here to learn the various methods of applying essential oils and blends.

What are the foot reflex points?: Click here for foot reflex charts and pressure techniques.

Companion Oil Blends: Pain Away , Muscle Relax, No Stress, Carpal Care, Swell Down, Gout B Gone , Backache Away, Circulate

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Misleading and Questionable Studies

July 6th, 2007

by Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life

We have had a number of emails over the last couple of weeks from concerned customers about a recent ‘news’ report that suggested that men who take a large number of Supplements are increasing their risk of contracting prostate Cancer. Here is one such report. http://www.medicaln...ews.php?newsid=71142

The following email from Jason is typical of these emails when he says:

“Wow, I am actually a little scared now, and am seriously considering unsubscribing from your program. I pop the Total Balance 7×6=42 times a week! On top of that I am also taking Male Rejuvenator, Neuro-Natural Serenity, Omega-3, Cholest-Natural, and Natural Energy — mostly in the hopes of avoiding prostate Cancer. Concerned, and curious of your thoughts”

Because I am sure that many men would feel the same as Jason I felt that it was appropriate to address this issue at length. So, here I go.

Firstly, here is a copy of a preliminary email that I sent to Jason before we researched this particular news item further.

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