Flower Wisdom

July 2nd, 2007

Since the dawn of time flowers and Herbs have been a precious part of our lives, many years ago in ancient times flowers were used not just for their decorative beauty and delicate perfumes, but they were also used to make remedies to heal and protect against illness.

Although many of the remedies and ointments were not written down and recorded. The traditional uses of flowers and Herbs have survived through stories and knowledge passed down through family and friends. Now with the wide interest in natural health and the interest by many in connecting with the goddess within and the mother Earth. The flower and herb wisdom is yet again growing in popularity.

Through the next few pages Empathy Online will endeavour to research and record our findings on flower and herb symbolism, we hope that this information will provide you with a greater understanding of flowers and Herbs.

Flower meanings:

Butter cup – wealth and happiness.

Carnation – admiration from someone.

Chamomile – healing energy.

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Alternative medicine treatment for Graves’ Disease

July 2nd, 2007

Graves Disease is an autoimmune disorder caused by an Overactive Thyroid. Among the various symptoms, skin and ophthalmic problems are fairly common. The conventional approach to treating Graves Disease attempts to suppress the Immune System for quick remittal of the condition.

Conventional therapies basically attempt to

  • Curtail thyroid hormone production with the aid of immunosuppressive drugs.
  • Erode some of the thyroid tissue with radioactive iodine therapy. This reduces the amount of thyroid tissue leading to lesser hormone production.
  • Remove a large part of the thyroid gland by invasive surgery.

In all the thyroid treatment procedures mentioned above the end goal is to inhibit thyroid function. The process involves arriving at the correct dose of the drug by trial and error. Sometimes when the treatment is not followed up properly with regular visits to the doctor even after the over active thyroid has been corrected, a condition called Hypothyroidism can occur. This occurs due to an over correction caused by the drugs leading to an under active thyroid.

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