Natural Flower Essences for a Centered and Confident Pregnancy

It’s normal to be anxious in the third trimester!

The third trimester can be extremely exciting as the time of birth rapidly approaches. Many parents are looking forward to meeting their baby for the first time and are kept busy preparing for the new arrival by choosing names, buying and making clothes and preparing the nursery.

At the same time, as the baby grows bigger, Mom often becomes more tired. Feet become sore, heartburn and urinary tract problems are common and sleep is more difficult.

As in the first trimester, fears may surface about your ability to care for and protect your child and there may also be concerns and anxiety around the process of birth itself - especially if you are a first time mother!

NaturalEco LastStage Essence contains pure undiluted flower essences of Hyacinth, Jacaranda, Clivia, Wattle and Morning Glory to allay anxiety and fear, improve sleeping and facilitate a quiet confidence and inner peace about the future.

What is LastStage Essence and how can it help you?

NaturalEco LastStage Essence is made from pure undiluted flower essences in a natural formula specially chosen for the third trimester of pregnancy.

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The Skinny on Cholesterol

When it comes to cholesterol, most people think lower is better. But it isn’t so simple. While all the cholesterol you eat is the same, cholesterol in the blood travels in different types of packages. The two basic kinds are LDL (low-density lipoprotein, the “bad” type), which promotes atherosclerosis, and HDL (high-density lipoprotein, the “good” type), which helps protect against this. So while you want to keep your LDL and total cholesterol low, you want to keep your HDL high.

HDL is turning out to be even more cardio-protective than previously thought. Not only does it help remove cholesterol from artery walls, but recent research indicates that it also acts as an antioxidant, reduces inflammation and blood clotting, and helps blood vessels to dilate and stay flexible. Low HDL is a part of the metabolic syndrome, a cluster of conditions that greatly increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes.

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Discover the secret to improved fertility and healthy conception

How can NaturalEco Conception Essence help you?

The pure flower and gem essences in this unique conception formula have all been chosen according to their valuable properties for women who are planning to conceive.

From flowers come seeds and flowers are therefore strongly linked with fertility. This combination of flower and gem essences will balance the emotions by creating inner serenity and grounding in preparation for conception and pregnancy.

Stress, anxiety and unspoken fears may all impact on the ability to conceive as well as to carry a healthy pregnancy. Both pregnancy and parenthood bring many emotional changes and may sometimes prove difficult and frustrating.

Conception Essence will allow you to balance your emotional well-being, remove negative energies, open up your creative life force and prepare you with a calm yet joyful anticipation of what lies ahead.

What is NaturalEco Conception Essence?

Conception Essence is a unique combination of flower and gem essences in pure, undiluted stock strength. Created to facilitate conception and release the creative life force, Creation Essence contains the following carefully chosen essences in our 100% natural formula:

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Adult ADHD Diagnosis

It is not surprising to find out that more and more adults are being diagnosed with ADHD than ever before. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is increasing awareness of this condition among medical fraternity and general public. ADHD had certainly moved away from being a condition that afflicts children alone. It is postulated that this condition develops in people during the childhood and since most of the times it goes undiagnosed, it continues through the adult years.

Having said that, it is not easy to accurately identify this condition in adults. This condition is characterized by impulsivity, hyperactivity and inattentiveness. However, in adults, these conditions are exhibited differently. Experts suggest that with increase in the age, the level of maturity increases and hence the symptoms related to hyperactivity are modified. The symptoms of ADHD may appear in the form of problem with proper planning, persistence to achieve a particular target as well as problem with time management. This makes the task of the medical experts even more difficult because the correct diagnosis becomes even more challenging due to behavior modification.

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Cradle-Cap Salve

Naturally & Gently Heal Your Baby’s Cradle Cap

What is Cradle Cap?

Cradle cap is a very common condition among infants. It usually appears on the scalp and occurs mostly between the ages of two and six months. You may have noticed thick yellow, oily or scaly patches on your little one’s scalp or in some cases just dry, flaking skin.

This condition does not seem to bother babies much. When it becomes severe it may cause itching, but it generally is not painful.

Left untreated, cradle cap often clears on its own over several months though these patches may persist or recur in some infants. In severe cases, cradle cap may spread to the face, armpits and diaper area and it is therefore a good idea to address cradle cap from a preventative point of view and also to prevent the unsightly appearance often associated with the condition - even though this may worry mothers more than their babies!

What is Cradle-Cap Salve?

Cradle-Cap Salve is a conditioning and healing cream for the prevention and treatment of cradle cap. This natural remedy will clear cradle cap, preventing spread and infection and includes specially chosen all-natural ingredients which are gentle, effective, yet safe to use on baby skin.

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ADHD and Nutrition

There are many reasons that can lead to the occurrence of ADHD in children. Most of these factors have been studied in detail. One of the causative factors that have been postulated to have a profound impact on ADHD is lack of proper nutrition. A growing number of scientific studies have linked nutritional deficiencies like deficiency of essential fatty acids and amino acids has been linked to ADHD. Also, intake of some ingredients found in foods has been linked with the onset of ADHD.

If this does not convince you let us look at the results of some of the studies conducted in different parts of the world. The first study that linked ADHD with lower levels of essential fatty acids was conducted in 1981. A similar study conducted in 1983 found lower levels of essential fatty acids in children with ADHD. In an independent study conducted in Oxford, researchers reported that ADHD symptoms improved in children who received essential fatty acids in their diet. In 1996, researchers at Purdue University reported that boys with low levels of omega 3 fatty acids had higher incidence of ADHD. It is postulated that consumption of a diet that is high in protein content helps in alleviating symptoms of ADHD.

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Natural remedies for anxiety

Anxiety is a condition that is soon gaining prominence since it can result from extreme stress. The changing scenario and a fast paced life almost forces most people to get caught in the rat race and undergo various high stress and tension periods during a week.

Significant stress and that too for long periods of time can have a damaging effect on the physiology of the person and can lead to many brain imbalances in the long term. Balance needs to be restored if frequent bouts of panic attacks or anxiety occur.

There is no need to start to take harmful medications with side effects if you feel that you are susceptible to anxiety and stress. There are many natural panic attack treatments that you can choose to adopt and these natural treatments for anxiety do not have any of the ill effects that some strong allopathic medicines have.

But it is prudent to be cautious and not wait till the stress goes to dizzying heights and is difficult to control. Taking preventive measures is a good idea and therefore, when you sense that your body is giving you warning signs, you should start taking corrective action. Some of the steps that can provide anxiety relief are

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Emotional Sickness

What this means is that through emotional pain, fear and depression, you have created dis-ease within your body. Your charkas, aura and physical energy fields have become out - of - balance, causing conflict and imbalances to your physical body.

How you feel and think makes a difference on your body as well as your state of mind. Negative thoughts and feelings create negative energy that flows through the body sending mixed messages. These messages attack weakened parts of your body either through hereditary illnesses or old injuries. New illnesses can also be created through our thoughts and emotions.

When you have let go of and dealt with the emotional issues and learnt to balance your charka’s, energy fields and aura, then you can remove the sickness. Positive thoughts, affirmations, meditation, inner healing therapy using Reiki Seichim and Ki Manna massage and self realisations can help you to find balance. It is as simple as stating each day to yourself and to others, how healthy, happy and alive you feel.

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Chronic UTI

UTI or Urinary tract Infection is a bacterial infection of the urinary tract. In most cases, the infection occurs in the lower part of the urinary tract that includes the bladder and the urethra. The bacterial infection may cause inflammation and this is also called cystitis.

UTI is fairly common in women and the symptoms generally vanish within a day or two after the medication has begun. But repeated incidents of urinary tract infections need special attention and require different and special treatments. Recurrent incidents can classified as chronic if they occur more than two times in six months or last for more than two weeks at a stretch. This kind of infection does not generally react positively to regular treatment.

The causes of chronic urinary tract infection can be due to hygiene habits, issues in the urinary tract, hormonal changes or a weak immune system that is susceptible to bacterial attacks. Hormonal imbalances due to pregnancy, menopause and breastfeeding are a major cause of recurrent urinary tract infections. Poor hygiene can cause the eColi to travel from the rectum to the urinary tract, causing harm.

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Homeopathy - Attention deficit disorder treatment

Attention deficit disorder seems to be one of the conditions that seem to be affecting our children a lot these days. The reasons behind this have yet not been established unequivocally but experts say that it could b due to pollution, inadequate nutrition, allergies or genetic predisposition.

An even more alarming fact is that parents and medical practitioners are too eager to medicate and feel that the problem will just go away. In fact it is known that allopathic treatments only reduce or cure symptoms and not the core issue. This means that irrespective of the ADD treatment that one is being administered the same or similar symptoms are bound to reoccur. Moreover, allopathic medication is known to have abundant side effects and these side effects are numerous when it comes to the stimulants and other medications that are generally prescribed for child ADHD treatment. Peter R. Breggin, M.D. Director, International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology says �The drugging of children has gotten so out of hand that America is waking up to this. This is a national catastrophe. I�m seeing children who are normal who are on five psychiatric drugs�.

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