Color Helper - Blue

June 4th, 2006

Wear or invite this color into your life for greater balance and good fortune.

BLUE is the color of spaciousness, like the clear skies that seem to expand forever or the seemingly endless oceans that cover so much of this planet. Blue reminds us that we are small, but that we are capable of being inspired by and connected to the larger whole.

The tranquility of BLUE invites peaceful calm. Spend some time today gazing at the sky, or at photographs of sky or sea. We can wear blue to give ourselves a little serene oasis in a busy day, to help us keep the larger picture in mind, or to announce our willingness to be inspired.

When our eyes rest on the color blue, we can take a moment to honor the immensity and mystery of life, so much bigger than our own momentary problems and concerns. When we wear blue with consciousness, we align with a desire to protect the quality of air and water, and we place ourselves in service to the larger picture.

The 10 Levels of Healing

June 4th, 2006

Healing is usually a gradual, gentle process that brings about changes on many levels: spirit, body, emotions, mind, relationships with other people, and relationships with the environment. Healing is not always about curing symptoms or diseases.

The process may just help you understand how to live with your problems and deal with them better.

Become familiar with the 10 levels of healing to gauge your progress:

The 10 Levels of Healing

  1. Awareness: Identifying with victim behavior.

  2. Commitment to change old patterns and begin to practice healing tools.

  3. Step by step, you begin to see results of using the tools.

  4. You are now processing and integrating new insights while releasing old patterns.

  5. The determination becomes stronger to create more balance in your life.

  6. Increased awareness of your ability to manifest the life you deserve.

  7. Self-worth expands and grows significantly.

  8. You have stopped creating dramas and have drawn in mentors.

  9. Confidence in handling life’s lessons.

  10. Experience more pleasure, happiness, delight, clarity, and peace, in your daily life now.

Healing Salt Crystals

June 4th, 2006

The easy-to-find ingredients for this wonderful bathing mixture help to relieve soreness and aching joints and muscles. Soothing and relaxing, Healing Salt Crystals draw out impurities from your body and deoderize, too!

With many of the healing properties of a seaside spa, this formula is perfect for the day after a strenuous workout, or for any time you need a little healing time-out. If you can’t get away to the beach, you can at least Relax in a tub with these lovely Crystals.


1.) In a large bowl, mix together the Borax, salts, baking soda, and clay, then mix in the dried Lavender, stirring with a wire whisk.

2.) Scent the mixture with the oil, mixing well with the whisk. Cover the bowl with a towel and leave overnight to fix the scent.

3.) In the morning, thoroughly mix again and package in jars, zip-seal or muslin bags, or envelopes.

To Use:

Add ¼ to ½ cup healing salt Crystals to a tubful of warm water.

Moldavite - The Seer’s Stone

June 4th, 2006

Excellent stone for channelling also good for the brain and central Nervous system. This very high frequency meteorite is a stone of great transformation.

It catalyzes change, bringing catharsis, growth and changes. Be aware that if these things are not what you desire, you may wish to find a gentler teacher. Moldavite stimulates connection to the stars and opens the heart to the Universal All. It powerfully stimulates the psychic senses, providing expanded mental vision, It assists in Meditation, and in aligning self to Higher Purpose.

This stone is especially enhanced by setting it in gold. Moldavite can cause some wearers to feel a bit spacey. Green translucent meteorites that fell to earth over 15 million years ago in the Moldau River region of the former Czechoslovakia, AIDS in astral projection, protection for travelers, martial harmony, happiness.

Helps to quiet ones emotions & reach a deeper level of consciousness. This is a seer’s stone to be used by the initiated and the adept. It will cause electrical impulse / frequency alterations on a temporary or semipermanent basis depending on the frequency of use.

The green ray applied to the third eye automatically provides healing knowledge to be available to the user and promotes healing of the brain / Nervous system network especially by consciously drawing white light through the chakras while having it on the third eye. It will aid in healing coma induced by intense body Trauma. It should not be used by people in shock as the blood chemistry will become confused by the application while the person is in this state.

It will aid all disorders stemming from improperly firing brain connections. It can be used to create bridges between synapses which no longer function, but it is not a permanent remedy.

Synapse dysfunction healing would require the knowledge of a skilled practitioner as the laser like healing beams can also create other damage if not properly concentrated or positioned.

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