Benefits of Aromatherapy and Massage

May 2nd, 2006

Alzheimer’s and dementia

As well as using the therapeutic properties of the oils themselves, Aromatherapy and massage can be used to promote Relaxation, lower Anxiety and add to the quality of life for people suffering from dementia. Massage has been used successfully to help reduce the effects of Aggression (Snyder 1995), and disturbed behaviour in individuals with severe dementia (Brooker et al. 1997).

There is also much work being done into smell-memory to help with maintaining and reinforcing the short term memory process which is the most distressing symptoms of dementia-related illnesses.

People with dementia often feel confused and Anxious - a gentle hand massage can evoke feelings of comfort and safety, particularly if used with a favourite scent reminiscent of childhood or their favourite perfume.

Antifungal action

Tea Tree has been proven to be effective in the treatment of Acne, athletes foot, and onychomycosis nail infections (Bassett et al. 1990 and Duck et al. 1994).


Massage has an immediate effect on reducing cortisone levels (Stress-related hormone) in children with juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, and also lowered their self and parental assessed perceived pain levels over a 30 day massage programme (Field et al. 1997).


A 20 minute massage routine every day before bedtime has been found to improve the pulmonary function of children with asthma (Field et al. 1997 c)


Massage Therapy can help with touch sensitivity, attention to sounds and tasks, and with pupil-teacher interaction (Field et al. (a)1997).

Many people with severe learning disabilities have a dysfunctional sensory system (Hatch-Rasmussen 1995, p1).

Autistic individuals are more than likely to rely on only one style of learning (Edelson 1999, p1), either visually, auditory, hands-on, or tactile. The experience of massage stimulates all the senses to help reinforce the learning process through tactile (touch); auditory (background music); olfactory (smell) and the tactile experience (the Interactive Sequence). It helps make the recipient feel safe and comfortable, enables the building of a relationship, and can initiate the process of developing effective communication.

Cancer and palliative care

Previously it was thought that massage was inappropriate for cancer patients as it would ’spread’ the cancer. Nowadays, aromatherapy and massage are used alongside conventional medicine to help treat Nausea, promote Relaxation, and improve quality of life, particularly in palliative care.

The Marie Curie Cancer Care centre in London has conducted clinical trials showing statistically significant improvement in cancer patients receiving massage with an Essential Oil (Internet health library Cancer Research No date).

Complementary therapies including aromatherapy massage have a positive role to play in managing fatigue and Anxiety in cancer patients (Maguire 1995).

The Essential Oils Lavender, Marjoram and Roman Chamomile (no Botanical names available) have also been used with massage to significantly help Relaxation and Anxiety levels in palliative care among 69 individuals self-assessing the benefits of a trial in palliative care (Evans 1995, Wilkinson 1995).

Unspecified oils with massage have also been shown to help with short term Pain Relief in cancer patients (Weinrich et al. 1990).

Challenging behaviour

Some people with learning disabilities are very difficult to reach, particularly those with no verbal language skills, severe learning disabilities or an Autistic spectrum disorder. Aromatherapy and massage can be used to facilitate communication, help to build relationships, reduce difficult and self stimulating behaviour, and offer more meaningful communication. The lack of appropriate tactile stimulation can contribute towards excessive self-stimulating and challenging behaviour. (McCray 1978).

The Relaxation produced during a massage session can help to reduce challenging behaviour by reducing Anxiety and Stress levels (Bijou 1996). For clients with profound and multiple handicaps, massage and the use of aromatic oils can stimulate the senses and add to quality of life.


Due to their chemical make-up, Essential Oils have many natural antibiotic, antifungal, antiseptic and antiviral properties.

The use of appropriate oils applied with massage can help relieve aching joints and contribute towards mobility and skin integrity (Hitchen 1993).

Some Essential Oils and Carrier Oils are particularly suitable for use with dry or mature skin. Essential Oils and massage can also help Eliminate Toxins from the body by stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage (McGuinness 1998).


Aromatherapy and massage offer an ideal medium with which to achieve some of the intensive interaction sequences outlined in Hewett et al. (1993) ‘Access to Communication’. Hewett outlines a method of working with the severely disabled and withdrawn client by meeting them first on their terms, slowly bringing them out by interacting at an enjoyable level to encourage participation and communication. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The oral intake of Peppermint oil has been shown to help people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Dew et al. 1984).

Pain Relief

Research has shown that Lavender oil (Angustifolia) can reduce pain (Wollfson et al. 1992), and can also be used to reduce Stress and Anxiety (Buckle 1993).

A 20 minute foot massage using Lavender oil with intensive and coronary care patients showed a reduction in heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and perceived pain (Wollfson et al. 1992).

Lower back pain can also be immediately helped with lower back massage (Ernst 1999), and Lavender oil (unspecified) has been show to reduced perennial discomfort over a 5 day period of use after childbirth (Dale et al. 1994).


Through using EEG testing, the Essential Oils of Ylang Ylang and Rosemary have been shown to influence Alpha-wave activity (Alpha-waves are induced by Relaxation), Rosemary suppressing activity, while Ylang Ylang causing an increase - in line with the direction expected by their anticipated therapeutic properties (Jacob 2000).


The sedative effects of Lavender inhalation (non specified species) have been proven in work by Buchbauer et al. 1991, and 1993) when investigating the linalool content. Linalool is a terpenoid constituent that his lipophilic (interacts with cell membranes to suppress cell action (Teuscher et al. 1990), the effects being mildly sedative in nature.

Stress and Relaxation

Aromatherapy massage has long been used to help promote Relaxation and treat Stress - many illnesses of the mind and body are a result of inability to cope with Stress therefore aromatherapy has much to contribute in maintaining health both physically and psychologically.

Massage will Relax both the mind and body - massaging with Essential Oils enables Relaxation and a feeling of well-being inevitable leading to a reduction in Stress and Anxiety. Clients will also benefit from the therapeutic relationship with their therapist. Friction from massage on the skin can stimulate or Relax the body muscles (depending on the sort of massage and oils used), increase blood flow to peripheral areas, lower blood pressure and heart beat.

Massage with Neroli has been shown to have a significant psychological benefit when used over a 5-day period with post cardiac Surgery patients (Stevenson 1994).


Touch is a way of connecting, exchanging information, and building a relationship - this forms the basis of all communication and is central to our work with all people who have severe learning difficulties (Sanderson et al. 1997).

Touch and smell are vital in order to understand the environment. They are also a basic behavioural need. Touch contributes towards a multi-sensory approach to help those with sensory impairment. It is supportive and comforting; it can help develop trust and relationships, so adding to quality of life (Nind et al. 1998).

The RCCM gives dozens of abstracts and references for research on touch (


Massage can also be used as a way of building up a relationship and developing trust between a client with learning disabilities and a key worker. Sanderson et al. (1997) talks about ‘interactive massage’ with people who have learning disabilities (page 7, 74 and 77) where massage is used as a communication tool to share, learn to trust, and help release emotions.

Who Was Frederick Hahnemann?

May 2nd, 2006

The story of Frederick Hahnemann, son of Samuel Hahnemann, is one of mystery, madness, and genius.

Frederick Hahnemann was born in Dresden, Germany on November 30, 1786. He was always an Anxiety to his parents due to his poor health. As a child he suffered from a rickets-like disease that left him high-chested and with a curvature of the spine.

In 1799, the hostility of the apothecaries and physicians drove Hahnemann from Konigslutter. On the road, the Hahnemann family met with a terrible accident in which their large carriage overturned and the entire family was injured. One of the girls’ legs was broken. Frederick’s spine was possibly broken (Hering’s account 1) and his younger baby brother died from his Injuries.

It seems the combination of Frederick’s congenital weakness and possible spinal injury left him a hunchback. Although his frame was weak, he had a brilliant mind and mastered many languages and sciences.

He passed his degree in medicine in 1810 at the age of 24 and began the practice of the homeopathic healing arts. In the following year, he was chosen by his father to answer the bitter criticism by Hecker of the first edition of the Organon.

As time went on, Frederick became more and more eccentric in his appearance and behavior. He did not cut his hair nor beard, always wore Oriental clothes, did not mix with society, and often withdrew into his own world.

From 1818 onward, his letters began to show traces of temporary mental disturbance, causing his father to cry in 1819, “My poor son is certainly insane!”

[Editors Note: In his text on homeopathic history, Julian Winston gives the following account by Dudgeon, describing the growing rift between father and son.

“He contracted a matrimonial alliance with a widow…but according to what I have heard, was not well qualified to make his married life happy. This marriage gave great offense to his father, and led to an estrangement between them which was never removed.”]

Frederick eventually moved to a small town called Wolkenstein in the Erzgebrige where he bought the chemist’s shop. In no time he had such a large following that patients sometimes had to wait for days for their turn.

The mad genius was loved by his patients and despised by his critics. Humphreys gave the following account of Frederick:

“The son began to thrive, had a good run of customers from the better classes. The market-place, in front of his apothecary-shop, was regularly lined with carriages.

“He cured a girl who had been blind from birth. He asked the girl to look straight into the sun until she could see. She saw the sun and later the father.”

This incredible story of the homeopathic cure of a girl blind from birth with the blinding rays of the sun is most amazing! Frederick seems to have had powerful healing abilities and must have known of his father’s teachings on hydrotherapy, magnetism, mesmerism, etc.

He investigated the psychology of Homeopathic Remedies and performed heroic provings on the insane so that he could understand the treatment of madness. It is assumed that he also used this information to treat those suffering from psychological disorders. His own unique existence as an eccentric genius gave him insights into the disturbed state of those with mental illness.

Hartman gives the following description of the son of Samuel Hahnemann:

“His great intellect, which even his opponents had to acknowledge, he tried to surround with an even larger halo, by favoring a certain kind of charlatanism, which he wrapped round with a mantel of Student-boasting, and by means of which he gained an even greater number of followers.”

Frederick visited the village of Zschopau and its vicinity once or twice a week where he was besieged with patients. He would be seen racing down the mountain road in an open four-horse carriage, standing erect, with the reins in the hands of his small crooked body, dressed in his old Oriental coat with his long unkempt hair and beard blowing in the wind.

The people of the countryside loved their mad genius and stood by him no matter how he acted or what he said. As Humphreys said, “The multitude hurrahed and hosannahed. I know this from an eye witness.”

We have another account of Frederick Hahnemann from Bradford’s Pioneers of Homeopathy. In it, Humphreys describes the case of a little nine-year-old girl who had been treated by conventional physicians for some two years for dropsy:

“Upon an examination of her case Hahnemann decided that this dropsy was only symptomatic, and that the real affection was a disease of the heart; and that the former would disappear upon the cure of the latter.”

“The application of his first powder entirely relieved her of a pain in her left side which had existed from before the appearance of the dropsy, and which all the medicines she had taken utterly failed to reach.”

“He gave her very particular directions in reference to her diet, habits, etc. She was to have her own plate, spoon and knife, and on no account was she to use any other. She was not to sit or sleep with an aged person.”

“Her diet was rigidly prescribed in quantity and quality; she was to smell of no flowers, or perfumes, and neither camphor nor acids were to be used about her, and if anyone smoking or chewing tobacco came into the room he was instantly to be expelled.”

“The treatment appeared successful, as the child seemed to become healthier, but the swelling persisted. The child’s mother was very Anxious to see the ‘bloat go down,’ and to her continued entreaties Hahnemann only answered, ‘It will do no good.’”

“Finally he yielded to her solicitations, all the while protesting that no benefit would result. He gave a powder, and the old lady declares that while she yet looked the swollen edematous skin became corrugated and in a little time every vestige of it had disappeared.”

“At the next visit the child was worse. He began earnestly to question the mother in a passionate manner if the minute details of all his directions had been severally complied with.”

“The old lady, irritated by his manner beyond Endurance, pettishly replied that she thought it was high time that something more was done besides attending to his whims.”

“At the mention of this last word the doctor broke into a passion of ungovernable rage. His fury knew no bounds.” “‘Whim, whim!’ he yelled, ‘Hah! Hah! You call my doctrine whim! Hah! Hah! Whim! Whim! I will not doctor her more, hah! hah! She will go to the fools and asses, hah! hah! She will die! Whim! Hah! Hah!’ yelled he as he stalked back and forth with the language and manner of a lunatic.

When excited, as was often the case, he had a passion for throwing in this word ‘hah! hah!’ between his sentences, and with such violence as to resemble more the barking of a small dog than the voice of a human being.”

“Finally unable longer to contain himself he seized his hat and rushed from the house into darkness and storm, repeating his ‘hah, hah’ and ‘whim, whim’ until the sound was lost in the distance; he made his way to a neighboring house where he hired a person to convey him to the village, some miles distant, that night amid the rain and darkness.”

“The mother instituted a suit against him to reclaim her money, and Hahnemann boarded a boat, never to be seen again.” 3

When a patient did not follow Frederick’s advice, he was always very upset. In this case it is not exactly clear just what the ‘old lady’ had done or in what way she may have interfered with Dr. Hahnemann’s case.

Frederick was worried about giving a new remedy, but at the same time, he did not seem to think the remedy was solely responsible for the sudden decline. Had this woman already begun other treatments? The account is not clear, but it gives a most interesting view of one of Frederick’s more controversial cases.

The Allopathic Conspiracy Against Frederick

All of this fame caused great jealousy and hatred of Frederick among the orthodox doctors and pharmacists. They hatched a conspiracy to drive the son of Hahnemann out of town in the same manner they drove his father from Leipzig.

It was only a matter of time before the local apothecaries and the Royal College of Medicine pressed legal charges against Frederick for dispensing medicine, in spite of the fact that he held a legal medical degree in the state and owned a chemist shop (though he charged nothing for his remedies).

He would be seen racing down the mountain road in an open four-horse carriage, standing erect, with the reins in the hands of his small crooked body, dressed in his old Oriental coat with his long unkempt hair and beard blowing in the wind.

Like the legendary Johnny Appleseed, Frederick planted the seeds of Homeopathy wherever his driven spirit took him through the countryside. He lived alone as he did not like the company of people, yet he loved to serve humanity.

Frederick’s friends wrote Samuel Hahnemann and asked him to defend his son. A support group was formed. It seems that Frederick could have won the court case, as his actions were legal by the letter of the law.

But all of this commotion was too much for Frederick’s spirit, which revolted against the right of any authority to judge him. He told his supporters, “Let them go to the Devil!”

He refused to answer the court or have anything to do with the authorities. A fluent stream of colorful words describing the nature of such injustice was quickly followed by the gifting of all his personal property to his wife, his shop to the state, and his sudden disappearance from sight.

He had grown up witnessing the persecutions of his father and he was deeply suspicious of any dealings with the establishment.

An arrest warrant for contempt of court was issued against him. At first he fled to Holland but then he returned to Hamburg. Soon thereafter, Frederick left Germany for England and Scotland, never to return.

Constantine Hering was very interested in getting the books and writings of Frederick Hahnemann so that they could be studied. He asked a colleague who was going to Europe,

“If you can get me the books of Frederick Hahnemann when you go to Edinburgh, I will give a feast. Frederick was very talented, but a hunchback and a freak. Went about in Oriental costume, allowing his beard to grow untrimmed and was always spitting.”

Although the relationship between Samuel and Frederick was strained at times, Frederick kept in touch with his father until 1828.

Samuel received a letter from his son in England in 1827, which made him very happy. He loved his eccentric son, who he considered a great healer, and he wished to see him.

The Hofrath wrote, “Lately I have received a letter from my son in England and he says that he will certainly come to see me this year. I look forward to meeting him.”

Frederick Leaves for America

The above letter is the last time Samuel heard anything about his son. All traces of Frederick disappeared from Europe as he made his way across the Atlantic Ocean to America.

It is recorded that Frederick Hahnemann appeared in New York in 1828 in the town of Ludlowville.

Richard Haehl, M.D. recorded the following story

That this physician was a German by birth was evident from his accent. He often told people that he was the son of the founder of Homeopathy and that he had left his native country in order to avoid the eternal persecutions constantly turned on him.”

“The Ludlowville physician is moreover described as an extremely excitable man, who through his peculiar dress and extraordinary behavior involuntarily aroused the suspicion of being mentally deranged and consequentially many people were afraid of him.”

“In spite of that he soon acquired a large practice, as the cures he brought about bordered on the miraculous. Quite suddenly he disappeared again from the district and nobody knew whither he had gone.” 4

William Wesselhoeft, M.D. also recorded a story of Frederick Hahnemann’s appearance in the Atlantic coast states:

“He may have been here, in the East. A farmer, somewhere near the Jersey border, described him so accurately that there could scarcely have been left a doubt.”

“A small man, a hunchback, little pills, very precise in making his prescriptions, forbidding things that are injurious to Homeopathic Treatment, saying, ‘If you don’t do so and so, as I tell you, I will not come near you again.’

Gruffly spoken. It must have been Frederick Hahnemann.”

Thus, Frederick fled the persecutions of Europe to be one of the first homeopaths in the United States. It seems he left for the western frontier treating all those who were lucky enough to come his way.

Like the legendary Johnny Appleseed, Frederick planted the seeds of Homeopathy wherever his driven spirit took him through the countryside. He lived alone as he did not like the company of people, yet he loved to serve humanity.

Frederick was gruff, excitable, inspired, and proud, and did not want to be bothered with the ordinary things of this world. This did not stop him from serving humanity in the most mysterious of ways.

The Legendary Cholera Doctor of the Old West In the year 1832/33 there was a great cholera epidemic around St. Louis, Missouri that was spreading through the Mississippi valley. It was ravaging the towns and mining camps and many were dying.

During the chaos and death of the epidemic there appeared a mad healer of legendary proportions who led a campaign against the deadly disease.

William Wesselhoeft continues:

“Again, I read somewhere, that while the cholera was raging in the Mississippi valley, a man dressed in a long Turkish garment, such a Frederick was known to wear, came out of a lead-mine, put a few small globules from a small vial on people’s tongues, and cured many of the cholera.”

“He told those who offered to pay him not to give money but to follow him and help nurse and cure the afflicted. He was reported as being small, with a hump on his back.”

“He had a habit of spitting, almost continually, which, on account of his short stature, and by having to raise his face to people when speaking to them, made him a nuisance.”

In Bradford’s Pioneers, Humphreys confirms this story of Frederick Hahnemann.

“Sometime in 1832-3 when the cholera epidemic was raging in the Midwest, a strange individual came from the lead mines at Galena.”

“He was dark-complexioned, a hunchback, and attired in long-flowing robes. He cured several hundred people with medicine he gave them from a small vial.”

“It was the last he was seen. His fate is unknown.”

When Humphreys described this person to Hering, he was told that it was Hahnemann’s long lost son.

Although Frederick was called a misanthrope, he always served the greater good.

Can you imagine this event in your mind? A cholera epidemic is raging, with all the attending deaths, fears and anxieties, when a strange little hunchback eccentric appears with his box of little homeopathic pills. The cures begin and the people are given new hope.

Dr. Hahnemann organized all those who wished to follow him and they distributed remedies and nursed the sick without cost through the epidemic. Frederick was 49 years old at this time, and worked without rest or profit.

Once the epidemic was over, Frederick disappeared in his usual fashion, knowing he had carried out both his earthly and Heavenly Father’s work.

From 1828 on, Samuel Hahnemann feared that his only son had gone completely insane or had died a premature death. But he kept his pain to himself.

How happy Samuel would have been if he knew that, while he was fighting cholera in Europe, his son was saving the lives of the communities of the Mississippi valley and the frontier regions of America.

Although Frederick was weak in body and troubled in spirit, he was a master homeopathic healer.

The time and place of his death is not known, as we have no record of him after 1833. Most likely, somewhere in the remote West, the crooked bones of this early homeopathic genius found their final resting place.

Perhaps, the new frontier was the only place a wild spirit like Frederick had enough freedom to be himself and serve humanity as only he could.

Xtend Life’s Total Balance Womens Plus

May 2nd, 2006

The degeneration of our essential organs is why most of us will die from a viral infection, cancer, a stroke, or Heart Disease! This is why we MUST address the cause of organ degeneration and help prevent us from becoming a victim of these or other preventable illnesses!

Our family of Total Balance products was designed to help achieve this in conjunction with sensible lifestyle and dietary choices. Six years ago our Research & Development department, under the direction of Prof. Dr. A Munem Daoud PhD., MSc., ND, developed a ‘foundation’ supplement that is considered by many experts to be the best in the world.

Since 1999 we have revised the formula several times in line with the latest PROVEN scientific knowledge! We are now on our 4th generation version which is an advanced professional product containing around 80 nutrients, some of which are rarely found in ‘normal’ supplements because of cost and the need to use them with a sophisticated delivery system (L-Glutathione is an example of one of these nutrients as unless it is released in the upper intestine the stomach acids render it ineffective).

We solve the problem in Total Balance (and some of our other products) by utilizing a sophisticated delivery system called enteric coating. This releases all the nutrients in the upper intestine and ensures all are 100% bio-available.

The three Total Balance versions are called:

Total Balance Unisex…which is suitable for teenagers or young adults or older women (+ 70) Total Balance Womens Plus…which is suitable for Women 30+ Total Balance Mens Plus…which is suitable for Men 30+

Total Balance Womens Plus

Hormones play an important role in the overall health and wellbeing of a woman. Some women during middle age resort to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to help relieve symptoms associated with Menopause. But as the evidence now shows there are risks associated with this practice.

Quite apart from the general symptoms many women experience during Menopause…hot flushes, night time sweating etc, women of all ages can experience monthly menstrual discomfort.

We do not advocate the taking of hormones in an attempt to ‘balance’ hormones because by doing so it is likely you will upset the delicate nature of your body’s own ‘hormone factory’. A much safer way to avoid the discomfort and the risks of HRT is by providing your body with specialized nutrients in the form of hormonal precursors.

These nutrient precursors are a form of ‘fuel’ that steadily depletes as you get older. By incorporating those which have been scientifically proven in our Total Balance formula we are able to help you support your body’s own hormone balancing system. These in turn have been found to help minimize the symptoms of Menopause.

Some of these key precursors are:

All of these substances have been incorporated in Total Balance Womens Plus along with certain specialized enzymes which specifically assist in the bio-availability of the isoflavones.

Of course Total Balance Womens Plus also contains all the other key nutrients that are in our other two versions of Total Balance, namely a broad spectrum of:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Trace minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • Amino Acids
  • Neuronutrients
  • Bioflavonoids
  • Carotonoids
  • Herb extracts
  • Enzymes
  • Other specialty substances and co-factors.

Combined with the specific ‘female’ nutrients in Women’s Plus these have been found to help with PMS and other menstrual discomfort.

Each ingredient serves a specific individual purpose as well as complementing and enhancing each other. The interaction of then has been studied at molecular level and at the various metabolic pathways followed to ensure maximum effectiveness.

All ingredients have proven scientific profiles.

General Info

It is difficult to convey in a few short paragraphs just how unique Total Balance really is. However you can get a ‘feel’ of it if you examine the ingredients list carefully, which can be found by clicking on the Ingredients tab above.

You will find ingredients in it that you are unlikely to be familiar with. For example, we refer to L-Glutathione earlier which is essential for cell health and organ survival. As we get older we simply do not produce enough of it. It is rare to see it in a supplement because it costs more than 80 times as much as vitamin C.

Other ingredients that you may not have heard of are some of the specialized enzymes that we use which assist greatly in the your body’s uptake of many other nutrients. We have nutrients such as ATP and RNA, specialized Herbs and substances such as DIM, which is the active ingredient of broccoli, and so on. They all serve a specific purpose.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the ingredients being available to and assimilated by your body. Not only do we use our enteric coating process, but we also test and ensure every batch meets the British and US Pharmacopeia for disintegration.

Thousands of customers in more than 30 countries throughout the world have been using Total Balance for years with exceptional long term results. If you combine this product with our Omega 3 DHA/Esters you will have a sound supplement foundation.

Unless you are taking a statin drug there is no need for you to take a CoQ10 supplement with Total Balance as we have provided all the precursors of COQ10 in the formula to ensure your body produces a more than adequate amount.

Delivery System

Having all the potent ingredients and ensuring they interact correctly is of little use if they cannot reach the cells and organs they are destined for. To ensure that they do we utilize a delivery system, which is rare for nutritional supplements but fairly common with some expensive pharmaceutical drugs. This delivery system is called enteric coating…

This system ensures the integrity of the Total Balance ingredients (in particular the active enzymes and specialized nutrients such as L-Glutathione) as they pass through the stomach. The special acid resistance enteric coating protects all the ingredients as they pass through into the small intestine where they are absorbed into the lymphatic system and dispersed throughout the body to nourish the cells and organs.

When most conventional tablets or capsules are released in the stomach there is the possibility of epithelial damage which can cause discomfort in some people. The new Total Balance tablets avoid this problem.

The net result of this delivery system is:

  • Greater potency of most ingredients due to the elimination of acid damage.
  • The potency of some ingredients can be enhanced as much as five fold!
  • Greater convenience as they do not have to be taken with a meal.


Because of our quality control systems we are able to make the following unequivocal guarantee!

Potency & Content

  • All ingredients used have a Certificate of Analysis on file confirming their potency.
  • All ingredients are tested prior to manufacture for microbiological contamination.
  • All ingredients, as stated on the Xtend-Life label are present in the stated quantities.
  • A paper trail, which documents the above three points, is on file for each batch of product manufactured.


We have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Policy. If you are unhappy with your products for any reason you may return any unopened bottles to us for a full refund any time within 12 months of your purchase, LESS shipping charges in some cases. We do not charge a restocking fee to cover the credit card processing fees.

FAQ on Womens Plus

What is the Total Balance range? The Xtend-Life Total Balance range enables you to take benefit of the most comprehensive and extensive range of nutrients available – Vitamins, minerals, Amino Acids, enzymes, co-enzymes, herbal extracts, co-factors and speciality ingredients enable overall health and longevity to be experienced at it’s best. Total Balance Unisex is available for everyone, young and old alike. Total Balance Men’s Plus has additional herbal extracts specifically formulated for a man’s needs and Total Balance Womens Plus has additional herbal extracts specifically formulate for a women’s health requirements. All of this, without side effects and with complete natural ingredients, offers a range of products to suit your particular needs and to cover your overall health requirements for life!

What is Total Balance Womens Plus? Like Total Balance Unisex, Total Balance Womens Plus is an overall complex of pure, natural ingredients that will help to improve brain function and development, digestive health and processing, overall energy levels and cellular level strength and essential organ function. However, because Total Balance Womens Plus also contains specific female-enhancing extracts, it is particularly useful to help support the female hormones, combat symptoms of PMS and Menopause and increase general female energy.

What are the benefits of taking Total Balance Womens Plus? Total Balance Womens Plus addresses those specific needs of the female reproductive system, helping to boost Vitality, balance the female hormones and contribute to the prevention of female-specific conditions and symptoms.

Total Balance Womens Plus helps you to cover all major areas of female health, integrating quality ingredients but remains at unbeatable price, enabling optimum health to be an affordable commodity.

Xtend-Life’s manufacturing system guarantees all ingredients are of the freshest and best quality before processing. Because we supply direct to our customers and do frequent production runs the finished product is never older than 60 days when shipped. This is quite unique in the supplement industry.

Prior to manufacturing any sensitive raw ingredients are held in our chillers at 4 degrees Celsius to ensure full potency is maintained. After these ingredients are incorporated into the tablets they are no longer heat sensitive.

Additionally, this formula incorporates the unique enteric coated delivery system to ensure better bio-availability and 100% effective use of each ingredient.

What does Total Balance Womens Plus do that the other 2 versions do not? Total Balance Womens Plus concentrates on a woman’s health requirements more specifically than Unisex, which provides an overall nutritional protective environment, and of course Men’s Plus, which concentrates on requirements from a male perspective. It contains ingredients such as Red Clover, helpful for Menopausal relief including Hot Flashes, breast pain and tenderness; Black Cohosh, with it’s relaxing and balancing actions on the female reproductive system, helping to ease painful menstruation, s well as ovarian and other Cramps; and Wild Yam, as a potential alternative to estrogen replacement therapy, helping to relieve and/or prevent vaginal dryness, as well as PMS and Osteoporosis.

What difference will I feel? Total Balance Womens Plus is about protecting and relieving female hormonal, reproductive and other common health complaints. These systems will become stronger and less prone to disease and relief may well be experienced from current ocurrances. Prevention from reoccurance is also often accounted. Just read some of our customer comments for further confirmation of what Total Balance Womens Plus can achieve.

Is Total Balance Womens Plus safe to use? Yes. Total Balance Womens Plus is made of 100% natural ingredients. It contains no pharmaceutical ingredients and does not therefore require a prescription. Each ingredient has undergone vigorous clinical studies at molecular level to prove their benefit to the human body and ensure their compatibility and abilities to enhance each other’s effects.

How many bottles do I need to purchase to see a difference and how long will it take Total Balance Womens Plus to work? To see the best and most rapid results we suggest that you follow our ‘recommended protocol’ suggestion of 6 tablets per day, which equates to 2 bottles per month.

Total Balance Womens Plus can also offer immense additional support and health improvement in combination with any other Xtend-Life product to boost the effectiveness of that product.

Are there any discounts for Bulk purchases? Our policy is to keep our selling price at the lowest possible level to ensure customers get maximum value for money. However, we do offer a genuine customer loyalty program for those customers who order regularly. This program provides product discounts and shipping subsidies.

Can you tell me more about the ingredients in Total Balance Womens Plus? Total Balance Womens Plus is unique because Xtend-Life’s R & D team have spent time researching the most important ingredients and their individual and compatible clinical trials to formulate the best possible results.

It is important to note that although each ingredient has it’s individual benefits, it is only when formulated together in specific quantities and ratios that it is possible to achieve worthwhile results at an optimal level. Studies have shown that many nutrients when combined synergistically can increase their effectiveness by as much as fifteen times.

Why is the Vitamin E Dosage in the Total Balance only 100 IU instead of the general recommended dosage by experts of 400IU? Most long-term human supplementation studies show benefits at daily vitamin E intakes between 100 and 400 IU.

Because vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin it is important not to ingest high levels of it on a regular basis. The amounts of Vitamin E that we use are still within the clinically proven beneficial range. This protocol removes the risk of overdosing in this nutrient for our customers who are using multiple Xtend-Life products which also contain small amounts of Vitamin E.

We also only use the natural form of Vitamin E which is considered to have greater efficacy than the synthetic type.

Bear in mind also that in Total Balance we use a broad spectrum Tocotrienol which significantly improves the potency of Vitamin E.

Why is there so little Vitamin C in your Total Balance formula? Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid in a dose of over 400 mg daily (when taken orally) can do more harm than good because of its ability to generate free radicals, due to the reaction of hydrochloric acid in the stomach with the ascorbic acid. The levels contained in Total Balance are sufficient, even if you are on a less than optimal diet. The manner in which we combine this and other ingredients within the formula enables smaller doses to be much more effective than those found in a typical ‘multi’.

We have added Vitamin C to Total Balance as a co-factor, i.e. to help the body get the maximum benefits of all the other ingredients. Many other Antioxidants in Total Balance - Vitamins A & E, the Amino Acids and others - act in this way also.

If you feel you need to take high doses of vitamin C orally then it is best not use ascorbic acid, but rather the salt form of vitamin C, calcium ascorbate, also called Ester C. Ascorbic acid ‘mops up’ free radicals when taken in amounts of up to 400 mg per day. In excess of that amount, it generates free radicals. The only exception to this is when a person is diseased (for example from an inflammatory condition, or a virus such as a cold or Flu). This free radical generating effect can be avoided by using calcium ascorbate, for example, which avoids that type of reaction in the stomach.

A further alternative is intravenous vitamin C, which bypasses the stomach. Most doctors and practitioners are unaware of this as it is a bio-chemical matter rather than a medical one.

I notice that Total Balance does not include CoEnzymeQ10, why is that? CoEnzymeQ10 does not need to be included because the ingredients in the formula stimulate your body to produce its own CoQ10. If you take the full dose of Total Balance (6 tablets per day) your body will produce at least as much CoQ10 as if you had taken a 100mg tablet of CoQ10. CoQ10 is a synthetic supplement although it is a natural substance that is produced by your body. It is very unstable and only a very small percentage of CoQ10 supplements ever get into the blood stream…example, about 5mgs of a 100mgs tablet…which is normally enough.

If various ingredients can combine to make CoQ10 can they also combine to make other perhaps dangerous substances? Yes, they can. This is why you should never take a multi-nutrient supplement unless you are confident that it has been professionally designed and is manufactured under strict conditions. Synergy when combining ingredients is crucial, which is why formulas such as this must be prepared by a highly qualified professional team. Our research team headed by Prof. Dr A. Munem Daoud spent thousands of hours researching all the interactions of the ingredients prior to finalizing the new generation formula. There are only a handful of scientists in the world with this level of expertise.

What effect should I feel after I begin taking Total Balance? This varies from person to person. Some people will notice a marked improvement in their energy levels within days and an increased feeling of well being. On the other hand some people may take some months before they feel any direct effects.

If I don’t feel any effects does that mean that I am not getting the benefits? Not at all! Your cells and organs are getting the benefits even if you can’t directly feel it in the short term. Just as an example. Bilberry extract, lutein, rutin, and Zeaxanthin are nutrients that are well proven in playing a significant role in the prevention of age related Macular Degeneration. These nutrients will still be quietly working away at cellular level to provide your eyes with the protection that they need. Macular Degeneration can have a devastating effect on your eyesight as you get older! It can sometimes take 12 months to ’see’ these benefits.

Other nutrients are doing similar jobs in other parts of the body. This is going on at cellular level but you may be totally unaware of it.

Is it possible that I could feel any bad effects after I start taking Total Balance? Yes it is. Depending upon the state of your health you may experience symptoms such as Nausea even Headaches over the first few days. This can occur if you have high levels of toxins in your body. Total Balance helps activate your systems to help get rid of them, sometimes resulting in these mild temporary side effects. If you experience this reduce the dose rate until they pass and make sure that you drink plenty of pure water to help flush your system.

I have a problem with Depression. Is it likely that I will notice a difference? Yes, it is very likely that you will. The neuronutrients included in the formula have been shown in multiple clinical studies to be of considerable benefit to people suffering from Depression and Stress.

Will Total Balance Womens Plus interfere with other prescription medications? As with all supplements caution must be applied particularly if you are on medication of any sort. Total Balance contains ingredients such as gingko biloba which help thin the blood so if you are on blood thinning medication this has to be taken into account. However, we have kept the amount to within safety limits for most prescription drugs.

Nonetheless, if you are using prescription drugs please let your health professional know that you are using this product. It is very rare that they will object, but play it safe and let them know. The same cautions apply to Pregnant and lactating women.

I am taking Estraderm (estradiol) as prescribed by my GP. Is it safe to take Total Balance Womens Plus with this? As our Total Balance Womens Plus formula is an all-in-one natural product it should be safe to take with most other pharmaceutical medications. However, as with all medications you should discuss taking this supplement with your physician. We recommend leaving a 3–4 hour gap between taking any prescription medications and taking your supplementation.

I am suffering terribly from many Menopausal symptoms at the moment, will I notice a difference? Yes, it is very possible you will notice quite a difference. Total Balance Womens Plus contains ingredients such as Dong Quai, Red Clover extract, Wild Yam and Black Cohosh in specific dosages and combinations with other Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, Amino Acids, co-factors and other speciality elements to help reduce and alleviate such symptoms.

I am taking other nutritional supplements and natural medications. Is this ok? Generally yes, but it is usually unnecessary and doesn’t make economic sense unless you have been diagnosed with a specific deficiency. There are risks associated with taking high doses of certain Vitamins and minerals. For example, high doses of Vitamin C can actually contribute to the production of free radicals. The levels that are contained in Total Balance are sufficient even if you are on a less than optimal diet. The manner in which they are combined within the formula enables the smaller doses to be much more effective than those found in a typical ‘multi’.

Vitamins and minerals are the cheapest ingredients in the formula. If they were needed we would have increased the amounts with minimal impact on the cost.

The exception to this is calcium which some women need an additional amount of. This is why we formulated a separate stand alone calcium product.

What else can I do to help myself? To reach optimum health it is always important to ensure a generally healthy lifestyle with any supplement regime. Exercise, even moderate Exercise, has proven overall health benefits to strengthen your Immune System, heart, muscles, circulation and joints. A healthy and balanced diet of complete Vitamins, minerals, essential enzymes, Amino Acids and trace elements is also essential and will help to keep your heart healthy as well as your overall health.

Can I get ongoing advice and help from Xtend-Life? Yes. Xtend-Life experts are here to answer any questions you have regarding their products and their uses for your condition.

Aching Body Liniment Recipe

May 2nd, 2006

Add 2 ounces of powdered Goldenseal to 1 quart of rubbing alcohol.

Let set for 2 weeks, shaking daily. Use as a massage for aching muscles.

Sound and Psychedelics

May 2nd, 2006

By John Beaulieu, ND, PhD

Many experiences we have when listening to the music and the sound of Tuning Forks are similar to experiences described by those taking opiates and psychedelics. Recent research suggests that Tuning Forks and listening to different music can stimulate our body’s ability to produce opiate, cannaboid, and psychedelic molecules.

These molecules are somewhat different then those ingested in plant form and have a far more powerful action in our bodies. It is important we understand them within an energy medicine paradigm and how these molecules can enhance our healing abilities and our exploration of consciousness.

When we listen to Tuning Forks and music in the right setting the sounds will tune us to a specific vibrational field. Within that energy field our awareness will shift, the tone of our Nervous system will change, and the connective tissues throughout our body will vibrate to the sound.

This sets off a cascading Resonance of physiological events causing our cells to rhythmically puff nitric oxide, which then signals the release of the conscious altering molecules.

The environment we are in and our state of mind is very important when using sound and music for the healing and the exploration of consciousness.

The listening environment “sets the tone” of our experience before the Tuning Fork is sounded or the music is played. The right environment “sets” a foundation that gives us the ground from which we safely can release psychedelic molecules in order to learn from higher states of consciousness.

The art of creating an environment is just as important as the sound of the Tuning Forks and music.

In ancient Greece music and sounds were played in spiritual temples designed to musical proportions. People visited these temples for healing and for higher communication with gods and goddesses. They were supervised by initiated priests and priestesses who understood the art of guiding their experience in the right environment.

The great churches of Europe are spaces also built according to musical proportions. The intervals of Gregorian chants which were sung in the churches were designed to resonate with the physical proportions of the church. In this spiritual space the sounds of the Gregorian chants were like Tuning Forks leading people to higher states of consciousness and a greater understanding of the spiritual nature of daily life.

Shamans, healers from indigenous cultures around the world, understand the power of music and sound to alter consciousness and the importance of the right environment. This is fundamental to their healing practice. An accomplished shaman will spend hours and even days preparing the right environment for people to safely enter into altered states of consciousness. When everything is “in tune” they use the sounds and rhythms of their drums and rattles like Tuning Forks. Their “patients” enter a waking dream and journey to different worlds, talk with wise beings, meet power animals, and integrate disassociated parts of their souls.

Some shamans who use drugs such as marijuana, ayahuasca, or psyllicybin know that these drugs are far less effective then using the right sounds in the right environment. The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castanada illustrates this point very well. Carlos Castanada, an anthropologist Studying indigenous plant healing apprenticed with a Yacci shaman named Don Juan. In the beginning Don Juan used psychedelics in the right setting to initiate Don Juan into the sorcerers world.

Later Don Juan told Carlos that it was not necessary to take drugs. He had chosen to use the psychedelics with him because he was so dense he needed to shake up his world. Carlos Castanada never took another psychedelic yet his amazing experiences continued. He would listen to the wings of moths flapping like Tuning Forks and journey on their sound to places far beyond his psychedelic experiences.

When we take plant psychedelics we are learning about our own psychedelic molecules. Don Juan and other shamans believe that plants are living beings. They go to great lengths to nourish the right relationship with a plant and to treat it with honor and respect. The plant is our teacher and the psychedelic molecules are part of the lesson.

Once we have learned our lesson then it is time to thank our teacher and move on. We must find the inner strength to leave the Student teacher relationship and accept responsibility for our learning. We will soon discover that every psychedelic molecule we ingested from the plant can be found within our own body. When we treat ourselves correctly and honor higher consciousness then these molecules naturally appear as part of the larger energy field.

When we journey into higher states of consciousness with music and sound we naturally release psychedelic molecules. When the environment is safe and correctly aligned with our intentions then we are free to discover which Tuning Forks and which music can best be used to tune ourselves.

Historically, there are many types of instruments that alter our consciousness like Tuning Forks. The lyre is a very ancient Tuning Fork instrument. Each string of the lyre is like sounding a Tuning Fork which can heal and take us to different states of consciousness. In ancient Egypt, there is an image of a blind harpist playing his lyre symbolizing the ability of sound to bring us to higher states of knowledge. The harpist’s wisdom comes from an inner tuning which gives him “true” sight.

BioSonic Tuning Forks are like modern scientific lyres. The tones of the Tuning Forks are tuned exactly to the tones of sounds of the ancient lyres. Apollo, the Greek God of Music and Healing, played his seven stringed lyre to set in motion the higher knowledge of the Gods.

Apollo plays his lyre and inspires the oracle to channel divine knowledge. His sound resonates through the great ocean calling his Dolphin messengers. Singing they in swim to ancient Delphi and receive the wisdom of the Oracle through the tones of Apollo’s lyre. Inspired they swim to the four corners of the Earth sounding the knowledge of the Oracle in high-pitched overtones to all who will listen.

Peruvian Whistling Vessels, which were found in graves throughout Peru and into northern Mexico, are ancient tuning devices used by many shamans. Each whistling vessel has a different tuning much like that of a high-pitched Tuning Fork and is sounded by blowing into it. There are seven jars, like a seven stringed lyre, which can be played for fifteen minutes to an hour. The result is thousands of overtones that cause our bodies to produce psychedelic molecules. Listening in the right environment can open passageways into other worlds.

Tibetian Singing Bowls are ancient Tuning Forks made of seven Sacred metals. Each metal, like the strings of a lyre, brings out a different spiritual quality within us. When they are played in the right environment by devoted monks their vibration lifts us to a higher consciousness.

Crystal bowls are modern singing bowls. Their sounds are like sonic crystal ball which transport us to astral realms of greater knowledge. They are made from ground Crystals which are molded into sounding bowls. Crystals are rainbow channels of light and can be programmed for healing. The sounds produced by the bowls intensifies the seven rainbow lights of the Crystals.

Crystal bowls come in different sizes which produce higher and lower tones. When they are played properly in the right environment they resonate crystal energy. When we enter into the sound of the crystal bowls their seven rainbow tones like the strings of a lyre activate different states of consciousness.

In summary, Tuning Forks are very precise instruments of healing and consciousness. When used properly in the right environment they have precise effects that can be scientifically measured. They are proven to spike Nitric Oxide as well as release opiate, cannaboid, and psychedelic molecules. They are easy to use and do not require years of musical training.

Stress, Anxiety and Ear Reflexology

May 2nd, 2006

Ear Rubbing

The ears (just like the feet) contain Reflexology areas and points corresponding to major body parts and areas. Consequently, rubbing your ears is highly therapeutic and relaxing.

Sit somewhere quiet and comfortable. Keep your back straight.

Use your thumbs and the outside edge of your index fingers to rub and gently pull your ears from the top to bottom.

Ear rubbing can be done for 1-2 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

You can also use the tips of your index fingers to rub the inside surface of both ears. Start at the ear opening and work your way to the outside edge. Be sure to rub ALL the curves and folds of each ear, including behind your ears.

Do this for 1-2 minutes per ear.


  • Calms & relaxes you
  • Helps you sleep when done before bed

To enhance these Acupressure and Reflexology for Anxiety techniques, it is highly recommended that you also do Breathing exercises every day. Slow, deep Breathing plus Acupressure and Reflexology combine to form a highly effective self therapy for emotional Stress, Tension, Anxiety and nervousness.

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