Crystal Reflexology

April 9th, 2006

First select a Quartz crystal which has a very good polished/smooth single-terminated point.

Then remove socks, tights and/or footwear. Instructions below are for someone giving a crystal Reflexology treatment to a ‘client’ - but this method is just as easily administered and just as effective if you are treating yourself. Also keep in mind that stimulating reflexes on the hands will work just as well as using foot reflexes - it is really your preference!

Crystal Reflexology treatments may either be done lying on a massage couch or sitting in a comfortable chair. When using the latter method you yourself need to sit on a stool so that you can place your client’s feet upon your lap. Reflexology is basically a foot massage. Or, at least, that is the way that it is normally described!

The principles of Reflexology, of course, is that the feet consist of numerous reflex points; all of which relate to specific parts of the physical body.

An ordinary qualified Reflexologist will use his/her hands to press into every one of these reflex points and when a health problem is diagnosed the client will often feel a sharp pain and the therapist will detect a small pea-like lump just under the surface of the skin.

In crystal Reflexology, however, we do not need to be quite as precise. First, naturally, we must program our healing Quartz crystal to re-balance any imbalances which might be discovered in the client’s body as the treatment proceeds.

Using the single-terminated end of the Quartz crystal the crystal healer very gently - and without pressing too deep into the skin - starts to rotate the crystal in a clockwise direction just lightly pushing into the skin.

Starting with the soles of the left foot, the crystal is moved slowly around to the sides, lightly touching the skin all the time, and then on to the upper part of the foot. All movements should be both slow and deliberate. Make sure that you cover all the surface of the foot. Then on to the right foot……

Whenever the crystal healer obtains a reaction from the client he or she will spend a few moments directing crystalline healing energy into the appropriate reflex point.

As the crystal Reflexology treatment ends the therapist takes the Quartz crystal and lightly runs it over the entire surface of the foot; on the soles and on the upper part of both feet.

As a rough time-guide I would suggest that you spend around thirty minutes per foot but naturally this is completely flexible depending upon what you find and upon the needs of your client!

Dead Sea Key to Unlocking Skin’s Natural Beauty

April 9th, 2006

The Dead Sea is a cornucopia of ingredients for all natural Skin Care. Beneficial effects of the Dead Sea’s raw materials on the skin and their unique therapeutic, beautifying and age-proofing powers have been recognized since ancient times. Cleopatra, considered the most beautiful woman in the world during her day, went to great expense to obtain exclusive rights over the Dead Sea. She commanded pharmaceutical and cosmetic factories be built, the remains of which exist in Ein Bokek and Ein Gedi.

Dead Sea salts, mud and minerals have therapeutic properties that are beneficial for healthy skin as well as for skin that is problematic due to Psoriasis, Acne and Eczema.

These ingredients have been formed and refined through the natural bonding of salts over millions of years and are unlike those found in any other body of water on our planet. Natural ingredients from the Dead Sea nourish and heal your skin and hair and make you feel and look for absolute best.

Dead Sea cosmetics are unique in that their key ingredient is the black mineral filled mud. Dead Sea Black Mud is rich in minerals with similar content to that of the chemical composition of the Dead Sea. The mud can applied either to the entire body or just to parts of one’s body as needed or desired. Dead Sea Black Mud used on the body comes in a coarse grade for normal, dry and oily skin.

Dead Sea Black Mud in a finer grade is used for facial Mud Masks. Professor Zalmanovitch, a leading dermatologist, tested Dead Sea Mud Masks on thirty women of differing age groups and varying skin tones. He found that the facial Mud Masks stimulate, tighten, cleanse and invigorate as they leave the skin with a refreshing glow.

The clay’s remarkable absorbency penetrates deeply into the pores, thoroughly cleansing and removing grime that impeded the nourishing process. Through reverse osmosis, minerals from the mud nourish the skin and restore its Vitality. The mineral action also works to tighten pores, helping skin to look and feel its best. Very fine grains allow for smooth, easy application, even coverage and easy removal. Facial Mud Masks from the Dead Sea come in various strengths of mud and salinity; making them suitable for different skin types; including normal, dry, and oily.

Dead Sea Black Mud can be used in the privacy of one’s home for the relief of various Aches and Pains, especially in the joints. This kind of natural therapy is called paleotherapy. It alleviates Joint Pain by reducing the swelling. Apply the mud heated to relieve pain caused by joint inflammation to ease morning stiffness. Dead Sea Black Mud is excellent for softening scaly, dry parts of your body; such as knees and elbows. Research has shown Dead Sea Black Mud to be highly effective for various skin and scalp problems.

Used on the scalp, Dead Sea Black Mud helps thicken roots and enhance renewed Hair Growth. Shampoos, conditioners and Hair Masks that contain Dead Sea ingredients contain a unique composition of active minerals to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Doctor developed products specially formulated to alleviate the itching and scaling of Psoriasis, Dandruff, Eczema, and seborrheic Psoriasis are available.

Thus, whether you want to maintain your youthful skin and hair or are looking to turn back the clock, health and Beauty products made from the Dead Sea are naturally age-defying.

(Adapted from the research files of Paloma Dead Sea, Ltd.)

Essential Oil Recipe For Colds and Flu

April 9th, 2006

10 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil 10 drops Pine Essential Oil

Add to the bath or put on section of paper towel so you can benefit by inhalation. Inhale frequently. Place on Pillow beside nose. This opens the sinuses and helps clear the head of congestion. Eucalyptus is also a natural antiseptic.

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