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[27 Apr 2006 | No Comment | 235 views]

“Omega 3 fatty acids benefit the hearts of healthy people and those at high risk of, or who have cardiovascular disease.”
(American Heart Association)

Omega 3 essential fatty acids have long been recognized for their significant health benefits. Clinical studies have determined that the main benefits are derived from DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) and to a lesser extent EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid).

Although you will receive various health benefits from Omega 3s when taken from plant sources such as flax seed oil, you may miss out on the special benefits from DHA and EPA. …

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[10 Apr 2006 | No Comment | 193 views]

The degeneration of our essential organs is why most of us will die from a viral infection, cancer, a stroke, or heart disease! This is why we MUST address the cause of organ degeneration and help prevent us from becoming a victim of these or other preventable illnesses!

Our family of Total Balance products was designed to help achieve this in conjunction with sensible lifestyle and dietary choices. Six years ago our Research & Development department, under the direction of Prof. Dr A. Munem Daoud PhD., MSc., ND, developed a …