The Age-Old Problem of Motion Sickness - What Will Help?

January 9th, 2006

Travel or Motion Sickness can have a debilitating effect on your life and is a handicap that may be difficult to overcome.

Whether you suffer from Car Sickness, air sickness or Sea Sickness, CanTravel is the natural solution that works quickly and safely every time!

What causes travel or Motion Sickness?

Travel or Motion Sickness is caused by movement in different directions, particularly when the individual is sitting or standing still in a moving vehicle, boat or plane.

It can also happen when there is a loss of visual contact with the outside horizon or due to pressure changes in the inner ear during air travel.

These events may cause confusion in the balance center of the inner ear, leading to fatigue, Nausea, dizziness and even Vomiting. It is not known why some people are more prone to Motion Sickness than others. While children may eventually outgrow Motion Sickness as their perceptual abilities mature, some people suffer the symptoms throughout their lives.

What is CanTravel?

CanTravel is a unique formula containing a combination of selected Herbs, biochemic tissue salts and homeopathic ingredients to treat all the major symptoms of Travel or Motion Sickness.

Presented in pleasant and fresh tasting dissolvable granules that are sprinkled on the tongue, CanTravel is easy and convenient to administer to adults and small children alike.

CanTravel is an effective Natural Remedy which does not cause side effects associated with prescription drugs for Motion Sickness.

What are the Ingredients of CanTravel?

CanTravel contains the following ingredients in our unique herbal/homeopathic formula:

Zingiber officinalis (Ginger) has a long history of medicinal use in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic (Indian) medicine. Modern research confirms its effectiveness in relieving the symptoms of Nausea, Vomiting, Indigestion, flatulence and dizziness. Working mainly in the digestive tract, Zingiber boosts digestive fluids and neutralizes acids, making it an effective alternative to anti-Nausea medication, but without the usual unpleasant side effects. Zingiber has strong Anti-Inflammatory and pain relieving properties and is also used to treat Arthritis and other inflammatory diseases .

Mentha piperita (Mint) one of the most effective of the mint Herbs, has been used for centuries to relieve Indigestion, Nausea and Heartburn. Modern research has demonstrated its effectiveness in soothing the symptoms of Diverticulosis, IBS and other Digestive Disorders. Mentha piperita is widely cultivated for medicinal uses and also has Anti-Inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties. It relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract and stimulates the flow of natural digestive juices and bile, thereby assisting healthy digestion.

Kalium phosphate (Kali. phos.) is a biochemic tissue salt which is very effective in the treatment of Anxiety and Stress and is often referred to as a natural tranquilizer. It has many benefits, among them the relief of a ‘Nervous stomach’.

Cocculus C30 is a homeopathic remedy well known for its ability to relieve Travel Sickness, vertigo, Nausea and Vomiting.

Pulsatilla vulgaris C30 is used homeopathically in the treatment of Nausea and Vomiting and also helps to calm and soothe the sufferer of Travel Sickness, particularly when there is an aversion to the enclosed space and a need for fresh air.

Lactose (inactive ingredient): CanTravel is presented in small tasty lactose granules that dissolve easily in the mouth. The amount of lactose used is very small and is generally well tolerated even by people who are lactose intolerant.

CanTravel contains no gluten, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives

How do I use CanTravel?

Children and Adults:Fill inner circle of cap with granules (level, not heaped) and sprinkle on the tongue in a clean mouth 15 minutes before journey.

Thereafter repeat every 20 minutes if necessary. Improvement should be noted within a few minutes.

Babies and Small Children: Half fill inner circle of cap with granules (level not heaped) and sprinkle on the tongue in a clean mouth 15 minutes before journey.

Thereafter repeat every 20 minutes if necessary.

Note: Although the ingredients in CanTravel have a high safety profile, safety during Pregnancy has not yet been established. The ingredients of CanTravel are not known to interact with any other prescription medication.

Use CanTravel to:

How has CanTravel helped others?

“I wanted you to know that we have used your CanTravel granules for my little girl with great success. It was always difficult to travel anywhere in the car except for very short journeys and I didnt like the Nausea medication we always had to give her. CanTravel is wonderful because it prevents her from feeling sick and she is much calmer during the journey. I can highly recommend this product. ” - Fiona J.

“Thank you for a very successful treatment of my motion illness. I can recommend this remedy to anyone who has it because it has really worked for me! What a pleasure to be able to go on a boat trip with my friends without throwing up!!!!!!!!” - Sidney

“As a mother, I really can’t believe that I have finally found a solution to my son’s Travel Sickness! He is 10 years old and we have tried so many things - he hates taking any kind of medicine and is usually upset and Anxious before we even leave. All our vacations needed to be planned around his problem. These granules are tasty - after some initial refusal, he now loves taking them and they work so well that our son is now able to enjoy a car journey for the first time in his life. His father and I were amazed at how we could all sing along in the car the other day (including him!) It is also a great relief that he can accompany his class on school outings without feeling ill and Nervous. Thank you for recommending this product to me!” - Jess (grateful mother)

How long until I see results?

Improvement should be noted within a few minutes. CanTravel may be repeated if necessary, especially during longer journeys.

How long does one bottle last?

This depends on frequency of travel, but CanTravel can last for a number of journeys.

Natural Eyelash Conditioner

January 9th, 2006

This treatment conditions and thickens the eyelashes. Brush your lashes nightly with a clean mascara brush dipped in almond or Castor Oil.

This really works, I use this recipe every day, and my eyelashes are really long and thick.

Herbal Skin Booster

January 9th, 2006

4 tablespoons dried Dandelion 4 tablespoons Chamomile 5 tablespoons Rosemary 1 (12-inch) square muslin or cotton

Place Herbs in center of fabric. Bunch edges of fabric together. Secure with rubber band or string to form a scrubber. Place in a pot of boiling water. Remove from stove. Steep 10 minutes.

Remove scrubber and save the water as it contains herbal juices. Place scrubber in a glass dish until it cools to room temperature. Sweep over entire body, one area at a time, with long strokes, continually moistening scrubber in the herbal water.

First stroke in an up-and-down direction, then in a circular motion. Leave herbal residue on for 20 minutes; rinse with tepid water.

Essential Oil Blend For Athlete’s Foot or Ringworm

January 9th, 2006

Add 1 drop Lavender and 2 drops Tea Tree oil to 1 teaspoon of any plain base/carrier oil. Stir gently to mix and apply with cotton swab at least once daily.

Herbal Blood Purifier For Treating a Cold

January 9th, 2006

Powder Herbs and mix together. Put into size 00 capsules and take 2 capsules 3 times a day for 10 days.

This combination is good for just about any illness.

FloraFlu and Oral Flu Homeopathic Remedies are also very effective in the treatment and prevention of Colds and Flu.

Arthritis Relief Hand Bath

January 9th, 2006

o 2 drops Rosemary o 2 drops Chamomile in Jojoba o 2 drops Juniper o 1ml Evening Primrose Oil

Add 4-6 drops of mixture to warm water and soak for 15 minutes.

If skin needs nourishment, mix the Essential Oils in 5ml Sweet Almond Oil before adding to water.

Follow the hand bath with a soothing hand massage, to nourish and protect the skin.

Also check out JointEase to use with this hand bath for effective relief from Arthritis pain.

Essential Oil Blend For Nerve Pain

January 9th, 2006

o 15 ml Hypericum (St. John’s Wort) o 4 drops German Chamomile in Jojoba o 2 drops Eucalyptus Radiata o 2 drops Marjoram o 2 drops Rosemary

Apply mixture to affected area as needed.

Dry Skin Remedy

January 8th, 2006

If you are looking for a Dry Skin remedy, look no farther than your kitchen pantry. You can make a Dry Skin Natural Remedy just by combining common foods and applying them to the skin. Some foods act as an internal remedy for Dry Skin as well. Some of the ingredients that can be used in a home remedy for extremely Dry Skin are honey, yogurt, Olive Oil, and oatmeal. Some herb Teas are useful, too, as are a variety of other fruits and seeds.

Honey, a Dry Skin Natural Remedy, is a substance that is healing to the skin. When applied to the skin it is healing and moisturizing. It helps Dead Skin Cells move from the surface and stimulates renewal and regrowth of skin tissues. It is also antibacterial. In severe cases, you can put honey on skin that needs a bandage. It will keep the bandage from sticking to the wounded skin. Yogurt can be used as a skin Cleanser, acting as a natural Moisturizer. Oatmeal heals and soothes Dry Skin, and helps the skin to slough off Dead Skin Cells.

Cold-pressed Olive Oil works as an emollient, which means it soothes and softens. It helps the itching of Eczema, which is a itchy Skin Condition characterized by oozing lesions. Eczema is sometimes associated with Dry Skin but not always. Olive Oil can also be used on the scalp as a remedy for extremely Dry Skin and hair. Not only can Olive Oil be used externally, it is also an internal remedy for Dry Skin, along with other healthy oils. If you suffer from Dry Skin, try adding some heathful oils to your diet. It doesn’t take a lot, as oils are very high in calories. Nuts are full of beneficial oil, as are fatty fish, such as salmon and mackeral.

Certain herb Teas work as an internal remedy for Dry Skin. Use one teaspoon of the dried herb to one cup of boiling water. Remove from heat and let steep for 5 minutes. Covering the cup with a saucer while it is steeping will keep the medicinal properties of the herb from evaporating away. Some Herbs that are beneficial as an internal remedy for Dry Skin problems are Marshmallow, Dandelion, Peppermint, Calendula, Borage, and Chamomile.

Soap and body wash are drying to the skin. You can make an alternative to a bar of Soap by tying oatmeal flour or in a cloth tea bag can be used instead of Soap. For extra moisturizing, add a little almond meal and Aloe Vera gel.

The following home remedy for Dry Skin is a soothing Facial Mask that can be made from ingredients in your kitchen. Combine an egg yolk with a tablespoon of mayonnaise or yogurt and and another tablespoon of honey. If you use yogurt, add a 1/2 tsp. of Almond Oil. Apply to skin lightly and let it dry. Wash off gently with warm water. Another healing Facial Mask that is a remedy for extremely Dry Skin is to beat an egg and add oat flour to it. You can make oat flour by whizzing oatmeal around in the blender. Spread the mixture on your face and Relax for 10 minutes before gently washing it away. Always treat your delicate Dry Skin with the utmost of care.

Here is an alphabetical list of Botanicals (plant products) that have been found beneficial in creating a Dry Skin Natural Remedy (to be used on the surface of the skin): Aloe Vera, apple, apricot pulp, banana pulp, Chamomile, Comfrey root, Coriander seed, elderflower, Fennel seed, grape pulp, green tea leaf, honey, kefir, Lavender flower, Licorice root, mango pulp, Marshmallow root, whole milk, oatmeal, Rose Petals, and yogurt. Add to these whole milk, either cow’s or goat’s, and the cultured milk products yogurt and kefir. Honey and egg yolk round out the kitchen pharmacy for Dry Skin solutions. If you wish to try creating your own Dry Skin solutions using these ingredients, please choose plant products that have not been sprayed with pesticides. Furthermore, don’t gather wild Herbs that grow near a busy highway. The plants will absorb the exhaust fumes from the traffic and might do more harm than good. If you use seeds, make a strong tea of them by boiling them gently for 10 minutes and then letting them steep for an hour.

About the author:

Jerrick Foo has been researching and developing all Dry Skin care the purpose of offering men and women safe, Dry Skin care tips. He have created Dry Skin Care Guide to share his 10 years of combined expertise with you. Visit for essential Skin Care tips.

Natural Help For OCD

January 7th, 2006

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

What are the Symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and how is it diagnosed?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an Anxiety Disorder which has as its main characteristics obsessive thoughts and ideas, which are sometimes accompanied by compulsive behaviors and actions, often designed to ward off the obsessive thoughts.

There are currently no medical tests which can diagnose OCD. Diagnosis is usually based on information about symptoms as well as clinical observation. Diagnosis of OCD can be made by Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, medical Doctors, Pediatricians or by a multi-disciplinary team .

In order to make a formal diagnosis of OCD, the following symptoms must be present (DSM lV-TR)


  • Recurring and persistent ideas, thoughts or images that are often experienced as senseless, intrusive and difficult to control
  • Attempts to ignore or suppress these thoughts or to neutralize them with another thought or action
  • The person realizes that these thoughts, images or ideas are the product of his or her own mind, yet finds them almost impossible to resist.


  • Repetitive, intentional and often stereotyped behavior performed in response to an obsession or according to certain rules
  • Although the behavior is intended to neutralize or prevent some dreaded event or situation, it is clearly not connected in a realistic way with what it is designed to prevent or is excessive. (e.g. repetitive hand washing in order to prevent death)
  • The obsessions or compulsions cause a great deal of distress and Anxiety, are time consuming (take more than an hour a day) or significantly interfere with the person’s health, social or occupational functioning. The person is often secretive and may attempt to conceal the compulsive thoughts and behaviors.

While the above symptoms are necessary to make a formal diagnosis of OCD, they can be present in a less severe form. In this case, the person would not be diagnosed as suffering from a psychiatric disorder, but is rather said to have obsessive thoughts or compulsive behaviors.

This sometimes happens with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression. Most people experience some obsessive thoughts and behaviors. at some time in their lives, especially under Stress.

In small children it is very common and quite normal (e.g. don’t step on the cracks or the bears will get you!) to have some compulsive behaviors. In both adults and children, it is only when the above criteria are fulfilled and there is a great deal of Anxiety and distress associated with the thoughts and behaviors. that a formal diagnosis can be made.

What causes OCD?

There are various theories or explanations for OCD.

Psychoanalytical and psychodynamic theorists often see the obsessive thoughts and compulsions as a defense against Anxiety or repressed subconscious impulses. Other theorists believe that the symptoms of OCD may be learned through various mechanisms during childhood or adulthood.

There is also strong evidence that some people have an inherited tendency to develop OCD and that OCD is linked to problems in brain chemistry, neurotransmission or receptor functioning.

Research suggests, for example, that people with OCD frequently have abnormalities or deficiencies in serotonin levels and that their symptoms improve when this serotonin imbalance is addressed with medication.

It is likely that there is no one single explanatory cause for the development of OCD and a combination of factors may often be responsible.

Are Psychiatric drugs the only alternative for OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)?

Many psychiatrists feel that the only effective treatment for OCD involves medication with psychiatric drugs like clomipramine, Prozac or other SSRI’s (drugs which prevent the uptake of serotonin).

While psychiatric drug therapy can often relieve the symptoms of OCD, there are associated risks of side effects as well as an effect on overall health. This often results in the individual having to take a variety of different prescription drugs, which is both expensive and not ideal from a health point of view.

It is important to realize that treatment with psychiatric drugs is not the only answer. Counseling and psychotherapy, especially cognitive therapy, has been shown to be very beneficial and can make a marked improvement in the symptom picture of people with OCD. The earlier that counseling or therapy is begun, the less chance symptoms have of becoming entrenched, although therapy can be beneficial at any stage.

Therapy should be carried out by a Licensed Counselor or Clinical Psychologist who is experienced in the the field of OCD.

There are also natural alternatives to the psychiatric drugs which will help to balance serotonin levels and therefore reduce or eliminate the symptoms of OCD.

Michele Carelse, our Clinical Psychologist, has had many years of experience treating people with Depression. Together with experts in the field of natural medicine, she has developed MindSoothe - a combination of St John’s Wort and Passiflora - two highly effective Herbs in therapeutic medicinal dosage.

MindSoothe contains two potent remedies in one treatment and offers immediate as well as long term relief to people suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Panic Attacks, OCD and even those with eating disorders.

MindSoothe is a specially formulated Herbal Remedy that has been successfully used in the treatment of OCD, Depression, Insomnia, and Anxiety

MindSoothe can help with the following symptoms:

MindSoothe is formulated for adults, for children between the ages of 3 and 15 years please see our MindSootheJR formula.

How does MindSoothe work?

MindSoothe works in two ways:

  1. St John’s Wort prevents the body from using too much serotonin and allows serotonin levels to build up naturally to optimum levels. Serotonin levels are important for many things, including mood, sleep, concentration, appetite, energy and Sex Drive.

An improvement in serotonin levels has been clinically proven to be associated with a reduction in the symptoms of OCD. Like most SSRI’s, this can take from 3 - 5 weeks to take effect and regular use is important.

There have been many clinical studies which show the effectiveness of St John’s Wort in the treatment of Depression. A review published in the British Medical Journal quotes up to twenty-three clinical trials which demonstrate that St John’s Wort works as well as many prescription anti-depressants, without the major side effects. Millions of people around the world have been helped by treatment with St John’s Wort.

  1. The St John’s Wort in MindSoothe is combined with Passiflora - a calming herb that reduces Anxiety and soothes frayed nerves. According to Dr Earl Mindell (The New Herb Bible), Passiflora is one of nature’s best tranquilizers. It works quickly and effectively and is an excellent addition to any treatment for Anxiety and Depression.

Symptoms of OCD are known to increase during periods of Stress and Anxiety. The Passiflora in MindSoothe helps to reduce the Anxiety and Stress associated with OCD, thereby also contributing to the reduction of symptoms.

What is the difference between MindSoothe and other remedies with St John’s Wort or Passiflora?

It is very important that Herbal Remedies are correctly prepared and that they are pharmaceutically manufactured according to acknowledged therapeutic dosage. Because there is no standardization in Herbal Medicine, it is unfortunately true that many herbal preparations are substandard or do not contain therapeutic dosages. This has not been good for the reputation of Natural Remedies.

Like all Native Remedies products, MindSoothe has been prepared according to the highest pharmaceutical standards and personally supervised by our Clinical Psychologist, who has been able to observe the results on real people in her private practice.

All ingredients are in accordance with correct therapeutic dosage and the combinations of Herbs chosen ensure maximum effectiveness with minimum side effects. This means that you can be sure that you are getting the remedy that you need.

How has MindSoothe Helped others?

“Thank you so much for your compassionate response in regard to the loss of my parents, the health problems of my brother and sister, and answering my questions about MindSoothe and PureCalm. I honestly thought, at best, I would probably receive only a form letter promoting your product that might or might not help me find a Herbal Remedy to help me in my recent struggle with Depression and OCD. I will never forget your kindness and I will be placing my order in the next few days. Respectfully and in warmest regards.” - Randy D., USA

“Due to the endless intrusion of violent images and thoughts, I walked around counting everything - to try and control them. I counted my steps, I counted how many times I chewed my food, stirred my coffee, you name it! If I ended on an even number it was OK, if the number was ever odd, I had to start again. I can’t tell you that my life was worth living. Forever the skeptic, I hardly believed that a tablet could help, but I thought that if there was a remote possibility, I had to try. I took MindSoothe and the Triple Complex Nerve Tonic and with each passing day I felt more at ease and even relaxed at times! Three months later I am beating the counting habit, which is now more of a habit than a necessity. It feels pretty weird sometimes to be ‘normal’, but now I know just how scrambled my brain was. Thank you for your amazing products and sympathetic help. You have truly changed my life!!” GGW, Milnerton.

“One psychiatrist after another and all I got was worse. OCD is not anything I would wish on my worst enemy. In fact I never realized that such a disorder existed until I consulted Michele - all I did was swallow tablets that were prescribed to me. What a relief to find out that I was not going mad, which I was convinced of! Your MindSoothe capsules have brought my Anxiety levels down and the thoughts and other behaviors that used to drive me mad have really disappeared completely. I can’t say how grateful I am.” Gillian S.

“Since I started using MindSoothe I have felt much better. I have been sleeping better and wake up feeling refreshed. I have an all around sense of well-being now. Thank you!” - Michael, FL, USA

“After taking Zoloft for years, I began to feel that I wanted to change to something more natural and better for me. With the guidelines you gave me, I made the transition with very few problems and can truly say that your MindSoothe is helping me even more than the Zoloft did - and I feel much better about it! I can recommend MindSoothe anytime!” - Joe, USA

‘Your MindSoothe remedy helped my Depression so much! It felt like the black cloud had been lifted from my head to let the sun through again!’ - Fran, USA, married, 32 years old.

Your MindSoothe really helped me. I have been going through some bad times in a relationship and I felt as though I had hit rock bottom. After only three weeks, I could feel myself returning to normal again. You will be glad to know that I felt so good after six weeks that I dumped the guy who was causing all the trouble and I am having a great time now! MindSoothe helped me believe in myself again!! - Linda Solomons, USA

“Dear Native Remedies, The products you recommended (MindSoothe and PureCalm) have more than lived up to their billings. Josh is doing better now than he has been in the past 6 years and after numerous attempts with medications and supplements. My wife and I have noted a tremendous positive change in him and it is wonderful. Josh has not done the stalling behaviors which he always has done since diagnosed and he seems happy and content. I am grateful beyond words to Native Remedies and its team. We have reordered the product and will keep him on it for now. I assure you that I will recommend your products to anyone I talk with. I would like to ask if Native Remedies or you have a recommendation for severe Bipolar disorder. My brother’s son has it and is doing quite poorly. I would appreciate any direction that you might give. AGAIN, A MILLION THANKS FOR THE HELP YOU HAVE BEEN! Best Wishes”, - Jay Bryan, U.S.A.

“Having suffered with Anxiety and Panic Attacks on and off over the last twelve years, I became fed up taking Doctor prescribed drugs such as Temazapam,Diazapan etc and all the after affects these drugs came with. By chance I came across the Native Remedies website and decided to purchase three canisters of MindSoothe Depression CAPSULES. Within four days the tablets were working, by taking as advised, two in the morning and two at night, I felt more at ease,more confident and nowhere near as Anxious as previously. On top of this I was and still am sleeping a lot better and the big advantage is that the tablets do not leave you feeling Drowsy or sleepy. MindSoothe definitely works for me and I have tried all sorts of drugs and Herbal Remedies to counter my Anxiety/depression,I will categorically recommend these tablets to anyone who has Anxiety/depression. Without doubt I will be reordering when my supplies run out. Normality has returned!! Thanks.” - A. Derrick, Devon, England

“I think I had postnatal Depression after my baby was born, although everyone said that I just had the blues. I understand that, but almost two years later, I felt even worse! I could hardly get up in the morning to face each day, which was soooo unlike me! MindSoothe has made such a difference. Now I have the energy to play with my little boy and my husband says he has the old me back again!” - Vanessa Muller, USA

“I used to be so Anxious about everything! Every time I had to go out I had a Panic Attack. I avoided people because I felt like they all thought I was stupid. All I could do was to talk to strangers online and pretend to be Mr. Confident! Talk about low Self Esteem! I started on a combination of MindSoothe and PureCalm. After a month, I began to feel more confident. I have made some real friends now and can go out at last. I still sometimes feel Nervous, but it is getting better all the time. At least I can work on my problems now and not hide away all the time. I just know that I’m getting better now!” - Peter, single, 24 years old.

How do I use MindSoothe?

Adults: Take two capsules in the morning and two at night.

Ages 3-15 yrs: Please see our MindSoothe Jr. formula for children

Caution: Safety in Pregnancy has not yet been established. Do not take MindSoothe together with other anti-depressants. If you suffer from High Blood Pressure, only use MindSoothe under medical supervision.

If necessary, MindSoothe can be taken together with PureCalm for maximum effectiveness against Anxiety and Depression.

How long do I need to take MindSoothe?

This all depends on the nature and severity of your problem. Although many people feel an effect almost from day one, MindSoothe takes approximately 3-5 weeks before the full effect is reached.

Thereafter it is recommended that MindSoothe be continued for at least 6 months to prevent relapse. Some people who have chronically low serotonin levels (e.g. OCD, chronic Depression, Anxiety disorders) may have to use MindSoothe indefinitely.

How long will a bottle last?

One bottle of MindSoothe contains 60 capsules and will last 15 days.

Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Can Lead to Kidney Failure

January 7th, 2006

Anyone who has Diabetes or High Blood Pressure should be aware that these conditions can lead to chronic Kidney Disease, and even to kidney failure. In fact, Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, and High Blood Pressure is the second leading cause. Diabetes and High Blood Pressure account for 70 percent of all cases of kidney failure in African Americans, and African Americans are four times more likely than whites to experience kidney failure.

The good news is that kidney failure doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it usually occurs only after Kidney Damage has taken place over years, or even decades. By taking some precautions and monitoring your health, you can greatly reduce your risk of kidney failure.

Your Kidneys

Most people don’t stop to think about their kidneys, yet life depends on them. These fist-sized organs are located on either side of the spine at about waist height, and they play a crucial role in maintaining health.

One vital function of the kidneys is to filter waste products from the blood. Every two minutes, the body’s entire blood supply circulates through the kidneys, where the blood is filtered. Cleansed blood flows back to the heart, and waste products are filtered out into the urine.

In addition to filtering waste, the kidneys control the amount of fluid in the body, help regulate blood pressure, and aid in production of red blood cells and healthy bones.

Chronic Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure

Both Diabetes and High Blood Pressure can damage the kidneys, which can lead to chronic Kidney Disease. Chronic Kidney Disease is a condition in which a person’s kidneys are not working as well as they should.

Eventually, the damage from chronic Kidney Disease can lead to kidney failure. When a person has kidney failure, it means their kidneys are not working well enough to keep the person alive, and the only options are dialysis treatment or a kidney transplant.

More than 7.4 million adults in the United States over age 20 have chronic Kidney Disease. That’s 4.5 percent of the population. There are currently 400,000 Americans who have progressed to kidney failure and are being kept alive through dialysis or kidney transplants.

More than 75,000 people die from kidney failure each year. Kidney Disease is America’s ninth leading cause of death. With early diagnosis and treatment, chronic Kidney Disease can be slowed and kidney failure may be avoided. Without treatment, chronic Kidney Disease can become kidney failure with little or no warning.

Symptoms and Screenings

Early chronic Kidney Disease usually has no symptoms. Chronic Kidney Disease sometimes develops so slowly that many patients don’t realize they are sick until the disease is advanced and they are rushed to the hospital for life-saving dialysis. The only way to find out if you have chronic Kidney Disease is to have some simple medical tests.

Sometimes there are warning signs of chronic Kidney Disease, especially when you are approaching kidney failure. The warning signs include:

• Swelling of parts of the body like the ankles, feet or face • Burning or unusual sensation during urination • Foamy, bloody or coffee-colored urine • Urinating more often, especially at night • Easy Bruising or bleeding • Listless or tired feeling

You should be tested for chronic Kidney Disease if you have experienced any of the above symptoms, or if you are Diabetic, have High Blood Pressure, or have a family member who has experienced Kidney Disease. Remember, you can feel perfectly fine and still have chronic Kidney Disease.

The simple tests for chronic Kidney Disease include a urine test for protein and a blood test for creatinine. Your doctor will use these tests to figure out a number called your GFR (glomerular filtration rate). The GFR number measures how well your kidneys work. Your doctor should be able to explain exactly what your GFR number means.


The treatment goal for a person with chronic Kidney Disease is to slow down or stop the damage to the kidneys. It is very important for a person with chronic Kidney Disease to control their blood pressure, control their blood sugar if they are Diabetic, avoid certain medicines, and follow a special diet that a doctor or dietitian can explain.


You can lower your risk of chronic Kidney Disease and kidney failure by living a healthy lifestyle: eat low-fat, low-salt foods, Exercise regularly, limit alcohol intake and don’t smoke.

Another aspect of prevention is to get regular medical check-ups, which include screening for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and chronic Kidney Disease – even if you feel fine!

If you have High Blood Pressure, take your medicine faithfully and see your doctor often.

If you have Diabetes, follow your diet, take your medication and test your blood sugar regularly.


The American Kidney Fund provides direct financial assistance to kidney patients in need and Education for those with and at risk for Kidney Disease.. For more information, visit, call our nationwide toll-free “Help Line” at 800-638-8299 or e-mail

About the author

Tamara Ruggiero is Director of Communications for the American Kidney Fund.

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