Chamomile Hair Rinse Recipe

January 16th, 2006

4 ounces distilled water 1 ounce Glycerin 8 ounces Chamomile tea (let tea steep, then remove liquid from the dregs) 1 ounce Coconut Oil 1 ounce powdered Orris Root 3 drops tincture of Violet or Rose

Combine ingredients, use to rinse hair after shampooing.

Best Shampoo Bar Recipe

January 16th, 2006



Measure Oils and put in crock. Turn on low. Measure water and lye. Mix outside. Put lye water mix in crock, bring to trace and let cook 30 minutes, stirring a couple times. Then stir down, cook another 15-30 minutes (Coconut Oil makes this thing cook faster than I thought before)and constantly stir.

Make sure your molds are ready and when at mashed potatoe stage, add your fo. Depending on fo or eo, use 1 tbsp at a time til you get what you want. Mold, unmold, cut and let cure 3-7 days. Its ready to go after that. I used it the day after just to see how it worked…awsome!

Falling Stars Perfume Blend

January 16th, 2006

Easy to make and truly inspired, our Falling Star Perfume recipe is soon to become your favorite. Catch your falling star.



Mix all the ingredients together, shake well. Place in a dark color bottle. Then allow the perfume to settle for at least 12 hours. Store in a cool dry area.

High Blood Pressure - Ways to Help

January 16th, 2006

What is Hypertension?

Hypertension, or High Blood Pressure, can be defined as the force that the blood exerts on the veins and arteries while it circulates around the body.

Blood pressure is controlled by a variety of organs and body systems, including the heart, the blood vessels, the kidneys, the brain and the Adrenal Glands, as well as the complex interaction between the body systems.

We measure blood pressure by using two different numbers - Systolic pressure (the top number) over Diastolic pressure (the bottom number). Systolic pressure measures blood pressure as the heart contracts and pushes blood through the arteries. Diastolic pressure is taken when the heart relaxes.

Normal blood pressure is around 120/80 or lower. It is important to note that blood pressure varies from person to person and can fluctuate from moment to moment. One or two high readings does not necessarily mean that you have Hypertension or High Blood Pressure.

If your blood pressure has measured 140/90 or higher on at least two separate occasions, your doctor should recommend a 24 hour BP (blood pressure) monitor, which will show whether your BP remains chronically high. This will help to measure whether you have Hypertension or High Blood Pressure.

How do I know whether I have Hypertension or High Blood Pressure?

Hypertension is sometimes known as the Silent Killer, because it often has no symptoms at all.

Sometimes people with High Blood Pressure experience Headaches, dizziness or a ringing sound in their ears, but these symptoms may also be due to other causes.

The best way to find out whether you have High Blood Pressure is to visit your doctor, homeopath, naturopath or other health care provider.

What causes Hypertension or High Blood Pressure?

Although the causes are not always known, High Blood Pressure can often run in families, indicating a strong genetic component.

Risk factors for High Blood Pressure include smoking, alcohol abuse, obesity, a high salt intake, lack of Exercise and Stress - and a family history of Hypertension and stroke.

Arteriosclerosis, or a thickening, hardening and narrowing of the walls of the arteries is also often associated with High Blood Pressure.

How is Hypertension or High Blood Pressure usually treated?

It is very important to take steps to control High Blood Pressure. If it is left untreated, it can result in Heart Disease or even stroke.

The good news is that High Blood Pressure can be well controlled by combining a healthy lifestyle with the correct medical treatment.

This can include synthetic prescription medication, Natural Remedies or a combination of both. If you are already taking prescription blood pressure medication, it is important to consult your doctor before making any changes.

There are many different prescription drugs for High Blood Pressure including vasodilators, alpha-blockers, beta-blockers, diuretics, etc. Each has a different way of working and different drugs may work for different people.

You may need to try a variety before you find the right drug or combination of drugs suitable for you.

Like many synthetic drugs, anti-hypertensive medication has a risk of causing side effects, which depend on the person as well as the type of drug being taken.

These can include, dizziness, Nausea, stomach problems, fatigue, Impotence, Insomnia, loss of appetite and others. Always speak to your doctor if you are having problems.

What about Natural Remedies?

There are many well known Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure or Hypertension.

Conventional medicines usually treat the symptoms of High Blood Pressure, but seldom address the underlying causes.

Naturopaths recognize that High Blood Pressure may be a sign or symptom of imbalance in the body and know that the best way to treat it is by a combination of lifestyle changes and Natural Remedies to remove the causes of the High Blood Pressure, rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Can Herbal Remedies and dietary supplements really help?

There is a great deal of scientific evidence to suggest that the use of carefully chosen Herbal Remedies and dietary supplements can help to lower blood pressure, as well as to improve the overall functioning of the heart, arteries and the entire Cardiovascular System.

What herbalists have known for centuries has now been clinically proven to be a potentially effective alternative to synthetic blood pressure medication, especially if combined with a healthy diet and regular Exercise.

What is High-Rite?

High-Rite comes in capsule form and contains Herbs which have been carefully selected to balance and regulate blood pressure and also to address some of the contributory factors which may be causing it.

While some of the ingredients in High-Rite specifically target blood vessels which have become constricted, others improve the heart’s ability to pump blood effectively, while also treating and preventing Plaque build up in the arteries.

In addition to these properties, High-Rite also helps to reduce Stress and boost the body’s ability to fight illness. Each herb is in therapeutic dosage for maximum effect.

High-Rite contains the following carefully selected herbs:

Crataegus oxyacantha (Hawthorn) is one of the most highly respected Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure and has well-known cardio-protective properties. Hawthorn works by dilating blood vessels, thereby increasing the heart’s energy supply and improving its pumping ability and does this by blocking the action of a blood constricting enzyme called ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme). Hawthorn therefore reduces blood pressure in cases where there are chronically constricted arteries. The anti-oxidant properties of hawthorn also help to protect against damage caused by Plaque build up in the coronary arteries.

Passiflora incarnata is a well known calmative herb which also relaxes blood vessels and reduces blood pressure.

Viburnum opulus (Guelder Rose bark) is a very effective cardiac tonic and muscle relaxant. It is known to Relax the Cardiovascular System and also to relieve Nervous Tension, often associated with High Blood Pressure.

Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest trees on the planet, dating back about 200 million years. It has survived mainly in Oriental temple gardens, where it is highly prized for its medicinal properties in Chinese Traditional Medicine. Modern studies have demonstrated the significant effect that Ginkgo Biloba has on the Cardiovascular System, relaxing blood vessels, acting as a circulatory stimulant and Anti-Inflammatory. One of the most important active ingredients, ginkgolide, has been clinically shown to be just as effective as standard pharmaceutical drugs in treating irregular heart beats. Improving blood flow throughout the body, Ginkgo Biloba can also reduce blood ’stickiness’, which lowers the risk of blood clots.

What is Aqua-Rite?

Aqua-Rite comes in concentrated tincture form and is especially formulated as a companion remedy for High-Rite, especially in cases where Water Retention is associated with High Blood Pressure.

Acting as a natural Diuretic,Aqua-Rite also helps to balance blood pressure, assist liver and Gall Bladder Functioning and Improve Circulation.

Diuretics cause the kidneys to remove more sodium and water from the body, which helps to Relax the blood vessel walls, thereby lowering blood pressure.

Aqua-Rite contains the following carefully selected herbs:

Agathosma betulina (buchu) is one of South Africa’s best known Medicinal Plants and has been used by the indigenous peoples of the area for centuries to treat a wide range of ailments. It is an effective Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory. Early Dutch settlers used buchu to make a brandy tincture and Boegoebrandewyn (buchu brandy) is still used today to treat many disorders.

Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion) is a rich source of Vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A, D, C, various B Vitamins, iron, lecithin, silicon, potassium, magnesium, zinc and manganese. It enhances liver and Gall Bladder Functioning and may decrease High Blood Pressure due to its Diuretic properties.

Olea europea is well known for its ability to lower blood pressure, improve circulatory functioning and balance blood Sugar Levels.

Caution: Safety in Pregnancy has not yet been established. Use only under medical supervision if you are also using prescription medication for Hypertension. Because these Herbs are very effective in controlling blood pressure levels, the dosage of your prescription drugs may need to be reduced or even stopped altogether.

Use High-Rite and Aqua-Rite regularly to:

How have High-Rite and Aqua-Rite helped others?

“Your High Rite Herbal Remedy has meant that my prescription medicine has been cut in half - after only 10 weeks! My doctor is just as pleased as I am, thank you so much” Douglas, PE.

“Finally a product that works! My blood pressure is completely under control. Why don’t the doctors prescribe these products?” Harold M.

“I developed High Blood Pressure during my Menopause. My doctor recommended that I use prescription drugs but this has never been my style. He wasn’t very pleased when I said I was going to research natural alternatives, but has had to eat his words because all his dire predictions did not come true! After my recent check up, he could not believe that my blood pressure was normal again! I can recommend these products without reservation. ” Hilary

“I don’t know what I would have done without High-Rite to reduce my blood pressure, which runs in the family. I only wish that I had known about it sooner because it really works! ” Gillian

“I am only taking half the dose of my normal medicine after using your products for just 12 weeks. I hope that this will continue until I can stop altogether. My doctor has been very encouraging” Gregory

Can I use High-Rite and Aqua-Rite togetherwith my prescription medication for High Blood Pressure?

Yes, you can - but NOT without first consulting your doctor. These remedies are very effective in normalizing blood pressure and improving heart functioning.

Your doctor should monitor your blood pressure regularly while you are taking our remedies as it is possible that your prescription medication may have to be reduced or even stopped altogether.

If your doctor is not familiar with Natural Remedies or is unsympathetic towards your quest for a healthier alternative, seek a second opinion.

NOTE: Do not stop using your prescription medication without first consulting your doctor.

If I have High Blood Pressure but I am not on any prescription drugs can I take High-Rite and Aqua-Rite?

Yes, of course! Using High-Rite and Aqua-Rite, while following a healthy diet and lifestyle may completely normalize your blood pressure and remove the need for prescription drugs.

If you have mild Hypertension, these remedies can also prevent problems in the future by acting as cardiac and circulatory tonics.

How do I use High-Rite and Aqua-Rite?

High-Rite Dosage: Take one to two capsules two or three times daily. Use together with Aqua-Rite for maximum effect.

Caution: Blood pressure levels should be monitored by your doctor, especially when prescription medication is being taken concurrently, as dosages may need to be reduced or reviewed. Safety during Pregnancy and breastfeeding has not yet been established.

Aqua-Rite Dosage: Aqua-Rite comes in concentrated and convenient drop form and only 10 - 15 drops are needed in a little water or juice - two to three times daily.

Caution: Do not use together with other Diuretic medication.

How long until I see results?

Regular use of High Rite and Aqua-Rite usually results in improvement within a period of 3 - 6 weeks

How long does a bottle last?

High-Rite: The higher recommended dosage of High-Rite is usually taken at the beginning of treatment (in which case a bottle will last about 10 days).

The lower dosage is taken as a maintenance program once symptoms have stabilized. At the maintenance dosage, one bottle of High-Rite lasts about a month.

Aqua-Rite: One bottle of Aqua-Rite lasts approximately a month.

Daytime Cold and Flu Fighter Recipe

January 16th, 2006

2 drops Eucalyptus Oil 2 drops Lavender Oil 2 drops Peppermint Oil 2 drops Tea Tree Oil

Add 2 drops Eucalyptus, 2 drops Lavender, 2 drops Peppermint and 2 drops Tea Tree to a steaming bowl of water - let stand so that the steam diffuses into the room (or add same Essential Oils to an oil Diffuser).

You can also drape a towel over your head and inhale the vapors for 5-10 minutes.

If you want an ‘on the go’ way to use this, place the mixture on a cotton pad and place in a plastic baggie. Throughout the day, hold the cotton pad in your cupped hands, place over nose and mouth, and inhale deeply 3 or 4 times. Place pad back in baggie for use later.

Cold Sore Oil Recipe

January 16th, 2006


1 drop Bergamot Oil 1 drop Eucalyptus Oil 1 Drop Tea Tree Oil

Apply 1 drop of mixture to cold sore several times a day.

Calendula Oil Recipe

January 16th, 2006

Here’s How:

  1. Bruise fresh Calendula flowers by scrunching them or rolling them in your hands.
  2. Pack a glass jar full with the bruised flowers.
  3. Cover packed flowers with olive or Sesame oil.
  4. Cover with a tight lid.
  5. Store jar in a dark cupboard and shake the jar well every day for 2 weeks.
  6. After 2 weeks, strain oil through a cheese cloth into a clean glass jar or bottle.
  7. Add tincture of Benzoin or vitamin E to help preserve your oil.


  1. Do not use metal or plastic containers.
  2. Dark glass would work best for your final bottling.
  3. You may use dried Calendula flowers if fresh are not available.

What You Need:

Calendula flowers Olive or Sesame oil Glass jar with lid Cheese cloth Benzoin or vitamin E Clean glass bottle

Super Sleepy Time Tea Recipe

January 16th, 2006

2 parts Chamomile 2 parts Passion Flower 1 part St. Johns Wort 1 part Hops flower 1 part Valerian root 1 part Catnip 1 part Lemon Balm

2 teaspoons per cup of water before bed time will help you sleep soundly all through the night! Really!

Liquid Laundry Soap Recipe

January 16th, 2006


  • 1 Quart Hot Water
  • 1/2 Cup Washing soda/Sodium Carbonate ( I find it at Publix)
  • 3 Pints Water
  • 1/3 Bar Fels Naptha Soap or any other bar Soap, Grated
  • 1/2 to 1 Cup Borax
  • Hot Water


Mix Fels Naptha Soap in a saucepan with 3 Pints water and heat on low until dissolved. Stir in washing soda and Borax. Stir until thickened (it doesn’t get real thick) and remove from heat. Add 1 quart hot water to 2 gallon bucket. Add Soap mixture and mix well. Fill bucket with hot water and mix well.

Set aside for 24 hours or until mixture thickens. Use 1/2 cup per load I love this stuff! My husband has had jeans that were so dirty I thought that i would have to throw them away. This stuff cleaned them! It doesn’t get as thick as store bought liquid Soap and it doesn’t suds in the washer, but boy does it clean well!

You can scent it by adding any hydrosol that you choose, to the strength that you want.

Boo Boo Juice Recipe For Children’s Owies

January 16th, 2006

Sometimes our little ones get a boo boo, and the fear from their injury is far greater than the boo boo itself. For these times when your little precious one is crying hard but the boo boo is minor, have him/her help you make this easy recipe. It gets them involved in learning first aid, helps take their mind off the boo boo, and the Lavender blend helps calm them and kill a few germs. Note: This recipe isn’t intended for serious cuts/scrapes or Injuries.


* 1 Cotton Ball
* Witch Hazel - enough to saturate the cotton ball
* 1-2 drops Lavender


Depending on the age and abilities of your little one, have him/her help you by saturating a cotton ball with witch hazel. Then, apply one drop of Lavender to the saturated cotton ball. Have your little one smell the “boo boo juice.” Since Lavender helps bring calm, the aroma can be soothing. Then, apply the boo boo juice to the minor cut/scrape or allow your little one to take charge and do it. Apply a band aid if necessary.

Alternative Method:

If you prefer, you can create a pre-blended bottle of boo-boo juice to have ready for those minor cuts and scrapes. Add 1 ounce of witch hazel to a clean glass bottle. Then, add 5-6 drops of Lavender. Be sure to shake well prior to each use. I prefered to use the directions above when my daughter got little cuts and scrapes, as the process of “making” the boo boo juice really helped take her mind off of her injury.

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