Yoga Beginner - Getting It Right

December 21st, 2005

When it comes to promoting Relaxation and reducing Stress, nothing beats Yoga. Unfortunately this isn’t the case for everyone. Most people who quit Yoga think they fail because they are unable to get the positions and technique right. In fact, the reason they fail is that they put too much importance on getting the positions and technique right.

I do not profess to be a master of Yoga. In fact, I am a beginner, with very little skill. However I have taught drumming for many years, and the pitfalls are similar. Here is my advice for Yoga beginners.

Week 1 - Enjoy the activity:

Grab a beginner Yoga video and set up your mat in a place that you can be comfortable and alone (there’s no room for self-consciousness in this step). Go through the exercises, but act as though you are a six year old having fun, rather than an adult worrying about technique. Try all of the positions, don’t worry if there are some you can’t perform right away, modify as necessary.

Week 2 - Examine the sensations:

By this time your body has probably memorized the routine (if you have been having fun and not obsessing about technique, your body will have learnt the movements quickly). Try to Concentrate on your Breathing. Be aware of how oxygen and energy are flowing to, from, and through the various body parts. Feel the release of Tension and sensations in your muscles.

Week 3 and beyond - Observe the instructor

Most likely you have been improving your technique throughout, without even trying. You have probably figured out which Yoga exercises are the easiest for you, and which are more difficult. Concentrate on the position you are most comfortable with. You are most likely so at ease with this position that you don’t even have to think about it anymore. The Breathing and motions should be second nature by now, so you can begin to observe and emulate details in the instructor’s technique. Continue this step for each Exercise.

Many people will try to learn Yoga, and other activities, by only using the method I explained in week three. Many instructors are guilty of teaching this way. Unfortunately, beginners who start by obsessing about their technique may never enjoy what is described in week 1 or week 2.

About the Author

Mark Altman is the webmaster of, a web page containing free relaxing music, sleep-AIDS, Relaxation advice, Stress reducing tips and an active discussion.

Arthritis and Gout Oil

December 21st, 2005

1 Tablespoon fresh crushed Rosemary 3 teaspoons Celery seeds crushed 1 large Chilli crushed 250 ml oil any Carrier Oil but canola

Sterilize jar, place oil and other ingredients close, shake place in sunny spot for 10 days shaking every day strain into dark sterilized jars.

FANTASTIC for Gout, Arthritis or Aches and Pains

Teething Gel

December 21st, 2005

1 ounce pure vegetable Glycerin 2 drops Essential Oil of Clove

Add one drop of Clove to your Glycerin and shake it until it is well blended. Test it on yourself to make sure it is not too strong before adding another drop. For a young baby I use 2 drops.

You could use vegetable oil instead of Glycerin if you want. Glycerin is very sweet so it makes the remedy a bit more appealing.

All About Tinctures

December 21st, 2005

Herbal tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts of the medicinal properties of Herbs. Tinctures represent one of many different ways to prepare and use Herbs. The terms tincture and extract are often used interchangeably. Technically these terms are an indication of strength used by manufactures.


In most cases you should choose to make alcohol tinctures because of its superior qualities. Alcohol will extract volatile oils and most alkaloids from your Herbs and will preserve your tinctures longer. Most herb tinctures will maintain their potency for many years. A selection of dried Herbs in your medicine cabinet has a shelf life of approximately one year. Alcohol also acts as a carrier for your Herbs causing them to be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream when you take them.

If you don’t wish to consume alcohol it is possible to put the required dosage into a cup of boiled water. The heat will cause the alcohol to evaporate leaving the therapeutic qualities of the herb in the water. For recovering alcoholics, liver problems, children or sensitivity to alcohol it is possible to make your tinctures using vegetable Glycerin or raw vinegar. Both Glycerin and vinegar tinctures will be less potent and have shorter shelf lives.

To make an alcohol tincture you will need the herb, 100 proof alcohol and a labeled glass jar. An alcohol tincture is most often 50% alcohol and 50% water. 100 proof vodka naturally contains the appropriate ratios of water to alcohol. You can use gin, brandy or rum if you prefer. Do not use isopropyl rubbing alcohol which is very toxic when ingested!

Choose fresh plants for making your tinctures whenever possible. Fresh plants may contain properties that are lost or altered when the plant is dried. Dried Herbs may be used when they are of good quality. Do not harvest plants that have been exposed to pesticides, herbicides, car emissions and other toxic substances.

Manually remove any dirt from your plants. Chop the plants up into small pieces so that the alcohol will be able to contact a lot of surface. Sometimes a blender is useful for the chopping hard roots. Use 100 proof vodka if you need liquid in the your blender to chop the Herbs effectively.

Place the chopped Herbs in a glass jar and cover with alcohol plus another inch of alcohol above the level of the Herbs. Shake the mixture well to expose all the surfaces to the alcohol. Label the jar with the contents and the date.

If you make your tincture using dried Herbs they may absorb a lot of alcohol in the first couple days. If this happens simply add enough alcohol to cover the Herbs again. Shake your tincture everyday throughout the next six weeks.

If necessary, you may begin to use your tincture after two weeks but allow at least six weeks extraction time before straining. I often leave my Herbs in the alcohol much longer than six weeks and strain it only when I’ve taken out enough tincture to expose some of the Herbs to air. It is convenient if you have small amber dropper bottles to put your finished tinctures in so you can easily carry them with you and measure dosages.

The method that was used to determine the amount of alcohol to use in our tinctures is called the Simpler’s Method.


Glycerin is very sweet and will dissolve mucilage, Vitamins and minerals. It will not dissolve the resinous or oily properties of Herbs very well. Because Glycerin is sweet it is an excellent choice for children’s remedies. Make Glycerin tinctures in small amounts because it will not last as long as an alcohol tincture, about 1 to 3 years. Be sure to use 100 % vegetable Glycerin.

Follow the same basic instructions for making the alcohol tincture substituting Glycerin for alcohol. To make a Glycerin tincture you can cover your Herbs with 100 % Glycerin alone or combine 3/4 part Glycerin with 1/4 part water. Water also dissolves some properties of Herbs into solution so I recommend using it in your Glycerin tinctures when you are tincturing dried Herbs.


Vinegar primarily dissolves alkaloids. It does not draw all the medicinal properties from your Herbs. Use vinegar for people sensitive to alcohol or for tonic Herbs that you will be taking over long periods of time. Vinegar tinctures have a short shelf life, 6 months to a year if stored in a cool dark place.

Make your vinegar tincture in the same manner as you do using alcohol. Make sure the Herbs are completely submerged in the vinegar. If you are using fresh Herbs, spread them out in an airy place to wilt them first. This reduces the water content and reduces the chances of spoilage.


Dosages for herbal tinctures are best determined individually based upon the power of the herb & the reason for its use. A couple of good reference books is the most reliable way of choosing the correct dose. The dosage is dependent upon the illness you are treating and the power of the Herbs you are using.

For most purposes, herbalist use gentle Herbs that can be safely used in large dosages. Commercial tinctures are labeled with the recommended dosage, usually 10-30 drops three times per day. Sometimes ten to thirty drops of tincture is sufficient for a therapeutic dose, other times you may need a teaspoon every hour.


60 drops = 1 teaspoon 4 ml. = 1 teaspoon 1 ounce = 28.4 grams (solid) 1 fluid ounce = 29.57 ml. 1 teaspoon tincture = 2 “OO” capsules

Dosages for children are not provided in most herbals. To determine the correct dose you need to consider the size of the child, the ailment, the power of the herb you intend to use, and the adult dosage.

Young’s Rule for determining dosage uses the child’s age divided by twelve plus the age.

The dosage for a 4 year old:

4/12+4 = 4/16 = 1/4 of the adult dose.

Clark’s Rule for determining dosages divides the weight of the child by 150 to give the approximate fraction of the adult dose.

Dosage for a 40 lb. child: . 40 /150 = .26 or approx. 1/4 the adult dose.

Eliminate Insomnia and Maximize the Restorative Powers of Sleep

December 21st, 2005

If you suffer from Insomnia then it is time for you to try a new approach in obtaining a restful night’s sleep. Combining research from the world’s most esteemed sleep labs with powerful Hypnosis techniques, this program will help you with all three types of insomnia:

  • Inability to Fall Asleep
  • Difficulty Staying Asleep
  • Awakening Too Early

If you are tired of staring at the ceiling night after night or watching the clock’s hands tick closer to what is supposed to be “waking time” then it’s time you tried a new approach. If you’ve tried counting sheep, sleeping pills, or “Relaxation” CDs – you know that these are not long-term solutions. What you need is a proven and long-term resolution to your Sleep Problems.

This Hypnosis-based program will help you get the amount of sleep that is optimal for you. Sleep deprivation has many negative effects, such as Drowsiness during waking hours, Aches and Pains, crankiness, oversleeping, and even weight gain. If you’re reading this, you’re probably experiencing these symptoms.

Sleep Mastery was created by Roberta Temes, Ph.D., author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Hypnosis and the editor of Medical Hypnosis, the first medical school textbook about Hypnosis. Dr. Temes has helped hundreds of people from all over the world experience a good night’s sleep. Sleep Mastery can help you eliminate Insomnia and consistently get a good night’s sleep.

Once you experience the regenerative effects of getting a good night’s sleep, you’ll wish you had this program much sooner.

We are still going to offer you our unconditional 1-year money back guarantee. We hope that by eliminating all risk, you will give yourself the best tools and resources currently available to achieve a restful night’s sleep.

Sleep Mastery is a 2-CD Program:

Program Introduction
Sleep Hygiene
Trouble Falling Asleep
Fall Asleep with Music

Problems Waking Up Too Early
Waking Up in the Middle of the Night
Power Nap

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Yogic Gaze - Trataka

December 19th, 2005

Trataka means steady gazing. It is a very simple and beautiful Meditation technique.


In this a regular Candle is used, however any other object of choice can be used. The Candle is set up at an arm’s distance, level with eyes, and steady gazing is first done with the eyes open. After some time, the eyes are closed, and the after image inside the mind is used for gazing. Try not to move through out the practice. Relax your breath , let it lengthen, deepen.


*It improves the optic function, both external and internal, such as poor eyesight and visualization abilities. *It helps develop concentration and mental resolve. *Develops the ability to maintain one-pointedness in amongst the noise and distractions of daily life. * Develops the psychic eye, that is the ability to “see” or understand what is inside and beyond the obvious

Enhance Your Immune System With Herbal Medicine

December 19th, 2005

What is ImmunityPlus?

ImmunityPlus is a blend of African, Asian and other Herbs specifically formulated to optimize Immune Functioning.

ImmunityPlus is a potent, complex remedy that contains ingredients to provide a wide range of benefits to those suffering from Depressed immune systems or wish to boost their optimal functioning.

This includes a liver tonic; Immune System strengthening; improved body functioning; Detoxification; and enhanced convalescence.

ImmunityPlus can be used to tone and strengthen the Immune System during and after illness and is a useful overall tonic for the body.

Use ImmunityPlus regularly to:

  • Assist recovery and convalescence from illness
  • Boost energy when feeling run-down and Listless
  • Attain optimal Immune Functioning to fight against disease
  • Prevent illness and premature degeneration of body cells

How has ImmunityPlus helped others?

I will be ordering Immune Booster from you for the rest of my life…every 3 months…it is the cheapest insurance a Senior Citizen can $$$ Buy $$$ !!!!!!

The older we get..the more baggage we have to carry with us… ache’s and Pains and disorders….Native Remedies is liken to having your own in house Doctor at a fraction of the fees and high costs in this 21st Century. You might give it some thought to have a ” Fan Club Room”..a place where we can post our success stories and a piece of cake for a Web Master to do. You have my permission to post this email….keep up the great work!! - R.J., Stuart Florida

“I have been on antibiotics almost constantly for the last two years…since using this product, I have been antibiotic-free for nearly three months.”

“For years I suffered, with a digestion fault. After many hours of research, I finally found out that this was due to a deficiency in my Immune System. So I started to browse the internet to boost it. A lot of products are to be found, I lost count of the number of different one’s I tried. One day while looking for yet another product to try I came upon this site. Unlike a lot of other sites it did not base its help through a vitamin C base. As it was probably the cheapest product I tried, I did not hold to much faith in its results. But to my utter surprise, after 17 days of use I started to feel more alive than I had felt for a long time. I have continued using ImmunityPlus for a few months now and the effect as been good health. As this was the cheapest product it was the one I expected the least from, but as a result it is the one I have gained the most from. I strongly recommend using this site. My latest order came today 5 days after order. Which is good as I live in the UK.” - Garry, UK

“I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for two years with all the classic symptoms. I have a shelf full of Vitamins and still felt half dead most of the time. This formula has boosted my energy levels to the point where I am beginning to consider going back to work. I feel so different in the morning that life has begun to feel worthwhile again.” - Gail, USA, single, 34 years old.

“As a Clinical Psychologist, I often counsel people who are suffering from illnesses like AIDS, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Viral Hepatitis, Tuberculosis and other conditions. Many people who are Depressed also find themselves constantly ill and run down due to malfunctioning immune systems. In order to assist in recovery and boost immune systems, I have developed ImmunityPlus - a powerful combination of African, Asian and other Herbs. Taken regularly, ImmunityPlus can improve quality of life and strengthen body and Immune Functioning.” - Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist.

ImmunityPlus contains the following ingredients:

Hypoxis Rooperi (extract of African Potato). Hypoxis contains phytosterols and Sterolins, which help to modulate the effect of the Immune System and enhance its performance. It is traditionally used as a convalescent and as a strengthening tonic in the treatment of ‘wasting diseases’ like TB, AIDS and cancer.

Agothosma betulina (buchu) is a urinary antiseptic and possesses Diuretic properties. Buchu has been used by the natives of the Western Cape of South Africa for many centuries. and assists the body to rid itself of toxins by stimulating the secretion of retained water.

Mentha piperita, also known as ‘inxina’, is a calmative and analgesic herb which AIDS digestion, prevents Nausea and Vomiting and promotes the flow of bile.

Solidago virgaurea acts as an Anti-Inflammatory and prevents the build-up of mucous.

Viscum album enhances the immune stimulating properties of the other ingredients in this remedy and also acts as Diuretic, stimulant and vasodilator, strengthening capillary walls, reducing inflammation and encouraging repair of damaged cells.

Crataegus oxycanthoides, sometimes known as ‘Doringappel’ in Afrikaans (Dutch), has powerful antioxidant properties and improves circulation.

Schizandra sinesis is a powerful native remedy of China. Scientific research supports its effectiveness in the treatment of Hepatitis and in the regeneration of liver tissue damaged by Viral Hepatitis and alcohol. Schizandra is also used during chemotherapy to boost energy levels and to protect against toxins and cell damage.

Astralagus membranaceus is another potent Chinese remedy, also called ‘huang qi’, and has a variety of benefits as a convalescent and rejuvenating tonic and is also useful in the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Olea europea (extract of olive leaf) contains a compound called oleuropein acid, which is effective against numerous Viruses, bacteria and fungi. It has been used in the treatment of people with viral illnesses such as Epstein-Barr disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Herpes and AIDS.

Caution: ImmunityPlus should not be used if there is any known Allergy to bees or to substances containing honey or bee products.

How do I use ImmunityPlus?

Take 10 to 15 drops in a little water three times daily

How long will a bottle last?

One bottle of ImmunityPlus will last 25-30 days.

Aromatherapy Blends To Reduce Irritability

December 19th, 2005

The blends below can help reduce Irritability. When selecting and using oils, be sure to follow all safety precautions and remember that aromatherapy should not be used as a substitute for proper medical treatment.

Blend #1

Blend #2

Blend #3

Blend #4

Blend #5


Select one of the blends shown above. Then, choose which method you’d like to use the blend - Diffuser, bath oil, massage oil or air freshener

Sleepless Night Tea

December 19th, 2005

1 part Chamomile flowers 1 part Catnip herb 1 part Lemon Balm herb 1 part Passion Flower

Use a heaping teaspoon and steep 10 minutes in boiling water. Sweeten with honey or molasses to taste.

Heel Balm

December 19th, 2005

Very good for dry Cracked Skin - especially handy for cracked heels.


300 mls water 30 mls sago or tapioca

Boil together for approximately 20 minutes then strain and allow to cool. It will form a gel.

Use 150mls of this gel and add the following:

25mls wheatgerm oil 25mls Avocado oil 4 drops Rose oil 4 drops Tea Tree oil 4 drops Roman Chamomile oil

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