Dealing With Menopause

December 28th, 2005

What is Menopause?

Menopause is the time at “mid-life” when a woman has her last period. It happens when the ovaries stop releasing eggs - usually a gradual process. Sometimes it happens all at once.

Perimenopause is the period of gradual changes that lead into Menopause. It affects a woman’s hormones, body, and feelings. It can be a stop-start process that may take months or years.

Climacteric”is another word for the time when a woman passes from the reproductive to the non-reproductive years of her life.

The ovaries’ production of estrogen slows down during Perimenopause. Hormone levels fluctuate, causing changes just as they did during adolescence.

The changes leading to Menopause may seem much more intense than those during puberty. The intensity may be affected by a woman’s feelings about aging, including her reactions to social judgments about aging.

Induced Menopause occurs if the ovaries are removed or damaged as in hysterectomy or chemotherapy. In this case, Menopause begins immediately, with no Perimenopause. The time after Menopause is called Postmenopause.

The average age for a woman’s final period is 51, but it can occur as early as age 40 and as late as age 60. Each woman’s experience with Menopause is unique. Some women experience very few changes during this time, while others report noticeable symptoms.

The more you know about Menopause, the better prepared you will be to manage any Menopause-related problems that might come your way.

Indications of Menopause

Achy joints - Hot Flashes - temporary and minor decrease in the ability to Concentrate or recall - changes in Sexual Desire - extreme sweating - Headaches - Frequent Urination - early wakening - vaginal dryness - mood changes - Insomnia - night sweats - conditions commonly associated with PMS ….More on the 32 Menopause symptoms

Treatment, diet and lifestyle

Dealing with Menopause is best accomplished via a combination of diet, healthy lifestyle and and alternative or natural treatments.

Many doctors are early in prescribing radical treatments such as HRT without fully educating their patients on the risks and side effects associated with the treatment.

Before embarking on so radical a treatment, consider first the proven, 100% safe, effective, Natural Remedy - MellowPause.

What is MellowPause?

Estrogen dominance is also a factor in some of the more troublesome symptoms of Menopause as well as PMS and complaints like PCOS.

Estrogen dominance is thought to occur when there is a drop in progesterone production during Menopause.

Black Cohosh is one of the more thoroughly researched Herbs which contains phytoestrogens and is approved by the German ‘Kommission E” - a body similar to the FDA.

Because Black Cohosh has mild estrogen-like effects it will bind to estrogen receptors, without raising estrogen levels in the body - thereby lowering the estrogenic activity of the body.

Phytoestrogens can compete with excess systemic estrogen and xeno-estrogens and therefore help to balance systemic estrogen production.

In addition, research suggests that Black Cohosh also suppresses Luteinizing Hormone (LH), high levels of which are responsible for Hot Flashes, among other things.

Black Cohosh is one of the principle ingredients in our MellowPause remedy, along with Pasque Flower which is a well known tonic for the female reproductive system.

In the case of severe Menopausal symptoms, we recommend that MellowPause be taken together with Don Quai, which has been used for many centuries in traditional Chinese medicine.

Don Quai is also well researched and apart from its phyto-estrogenic properties, it has also been shown to be effective in the induction of progesterone receptor activity, thereby further balancing the estrogen/progesterone ratios.

Use MellowPause for immediate relief from symptoms:

Why is MellowPause better than HRT and soy?

The risks and long term effects of HRT are well known, and MellowPause is a much more comprehensive solution than soy-based products.

While soy has been shown to have positive effect on hormone balancing, MellowPause’s combination of ingredients make it effective for not only hormone balancing, but helps with other Menopausal symptoms such as Irritability, Mood Swings and Insomnia.

How has MellowPause helped others?

“I started with ADDult and immediately felt better. Not trusting my feelings I went to my doctor to get a prescription for Strattera. Strattera not only didn’t work any better, but made me feel sick and drugged everyday. I immediately came off of it and started back on my ADDult. I will swear by this stuff! I feel more mentally alert and it is not my imagination. I have also recently purchased MellowPause and have immediately felt the difference. I highly recommend these products. They work!!!” - Sharon C., WV

I would like to let you know that this Menopause Treatment has done wonders for me!! Thank you. - Clare M., USA

“I have been taking your recommended Herbs, Dong Quai, MellowPause and Femalite for a couple of months. I do have to tell you that all of my symptoms have totally disappeared. I probably started your course about last week of May. My sister is actually a Homeopath practicing in London and I will be visiting her in September and I can’t wait to share my news with her! Thank you.”- Clare L. UK

“Your MellowPause remedy has made such a difference! My Hot Flashes have almost completely disappeared. Thank you for all your help.” Nelly, USA

“Thank you very much for recommending your MellowPause treatment. I honestly felt like I could climb the walls! My mother also struggled during her Menopause and I guess it must run in the family. I feel so much more calm and all the Hot Flashes have gone!” Sandra, SA.

I would like to let you know that this Menopause Treatment has done wonders for me!! Thank you. - Claire, Sydney, Australia,

“I used to wake up at night absolutely drenched in sweat! I’ve been taking Dong Quai and MellowPause for about two months now and I can really see the difference. I am not sweating at night anymore and I feel much calmer.” - Molly, SA

“I was very Depressed and my moods were up one day and down the next. When I went to my doctor she said that I was starting to go through the Menopause even though I was only 41 years old. She told me about this remedy and I tried it. I take it every day and I feel fine - not moody anymore, thank goodness!”- Belle, Canada

The Complete Menopause Program

Native Remedies has put together a trio of effective, natural remedies: MellowPause, Dong Quai, and Femalite. Each, on its own, has been shown to be highly effective.

Based on Michele’s experience over years of successfully helping women suffering from symptoms of Menopause and PMS, we have developed this comprehensive three-month treatment course at a specially reduced price.

MellowPause contains:

Cimicifuga Racemosa (Black Cohosh) is a relaxing Nerve Tonic and has been used over the ages as a remedy for female gynecological problems. Recent clinical studies done in Germany have confirmed that Cimicifuga is strongly estrogenic and that it is effective in relieving Menopausal symptoms. It has as its main constituents triterpene glycosides, cinnamic acid derivatives, chromone, isoflavones, tannins and salicylic acid.

Pulsatilla vulgaris (Pasque Flower) is an important nerve relaxant and mild sedative, which is also a soothing analgesic for the female reproductive organs. Pulsatilla has also been used by patients trying to recover from dependence on benzodiazepine tranquillizers.

MellowPause can also be taken with Dong Quai for long-term relief.

How do I use MellowPause?

Ten to fifteen drops in a 1/4 glass of water three times daily or as prescribed.

Caution: Safety during Pregnancy or breastfeeding has not yet been established.

How long will a bottle last?

One bottle of MellowPause will last 25-30 days.

A 90-120 day supply of 3 bottles is offered at a discount

Natural Fabric Softener

December 28th, 2005


  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 2 cups herbal vinegar or white vinegar
  • 4 cups water


Mix together. Use 1/4 cup to final rinse.

Scent For A Winter Fire

December 28th, 2005

Sprinkle mixture onto logs 15 minutes before starting fire.

Create The Perfect Smokey Eye

December 28th, 2005

Getting a smokey eye make up tip that doesn’t make you look like a raccoon can be difficult. There are many factors you have to consider. And you will have to practice a lot to get just the right smokey eyes.

You will have to experiment with holding your brush at just the right angle for the application you like best, which amount of pressure to use when applying the colors, what colors you prefer and make your eyes stand out, and how to blend the lighter colors into the darker.

Practice, practice, practice.

Basic Equipment

I’ll give you the basic smokey eye make up tip equipment and color choices, and you can experiment and pick and choose what you like and what works for you.

Eyeshadow Colors: Using a black or gray eyeshadow without proper application and blending can cause you to look a little “goth”, besides, it’s out this season. If you don’t think you want to look this way, I recommend using less intense colors.

Try Violet, chocolate, coffee, dark pink, copper, dark green or purple, etc.

Eyeliner Colors: A dark grey, charcoal or black.

Basic Technique

Here is the basic smokey eye make up tip technique. Like mentioned above, practice and play around until you get the feel and the look you like.

Step 1: Apply a crystalline or other highlighter shade just on your browbone. Applying it to the whole lid can cause your darker colors to look muddy when applied over it. Apply a little under your eye and right at the tear duct to keep eyes looking wide and “open”.

Step 2: Using a taupe, nude or sand color, apply just to your eyelid.

Step 3: Use a flat edge brush for this part. Rub the side of the bristles in your darker color. Then hold the brush almost vertically, with the flat edge touching your eyelashes. Sweep the color straight up to just above the crease. It’s all about technique here. You need to be able to see this color a little above your crease when your eyes are open.

Step 4: Finally, use your darkest color for this step. It can be a dark brown, metallic colors, darker purples and greens, whatever. Use the same technique and sweep the color from your eyelashes up to just below the crease. Too high and you’ll look like a raccoon.

Step 5: Using a soft pencil eyeliner in black or charcoal, line all the way around your top and bottom lids. Using your finger or a sponge tip, smudge the eyeliner, so it doesn’t have a distinct line. If you prefer, you might want to apply your mascara first, so you can blend any mistakes into the eyeliner. You can also use eyeshadow and an eyeshadow brush to line your eyes.

Step 6: Now use a very dark eyeshadow (black, dark grey, very dark purples or maroons, etc.) and smudge it into the pencil line and out and around your whole eye. (Don’t smudge over your tearduct!)

Step 7: Now apply (a lot of) mascara and curl your lashes. This will finish your smokey eyes look.

Using this smokey eye make up tip and a little practice, you’ll have gorgeous eyes in no time.

About the author

Lynn Starner is the proprietor of Beauty Bliss Mineral Cosmetics at

Cellulite Oil Blend

December 28th, 2005

This mixture stimulates circulation.


Combine ingredients and apply 2-3 times per day for 30 days.

Recipe For Bleaching Body Hair

December 28th, 2005

(To hide excess body hair)


  • Soap flakes
  • 1/2 cup peroxide
  • 2 teaspoons ammonia


Mix ingredients together until its a paste, spread on hair and let sit for 15 minutes then wash out. Repeat every few days until hair has no color. Do this on a monthly basis.

Contented Cologne Recipe For Men

December 28th, 2005

(enjoy feeling relaxed and refreshed)


  • 3 drops Peony essential/fragrance oil
  • 2 drops Sandalwood essential/fragrance oil
  • 3 drops Everlasting essential/fragrance oil
  • 1/2 pt (300ml) 70 percent alcohol or vodka


Pour the alcohol into a bottle or jar. Add the oils and shake well. Leave for 1 week. Time to feel relaxed!

Enchanted Perfume Recipe

December 28th, 2005


  • 2 cups distilled water
  • 3 tablespoons vodka
  • 5 drops Everlasting essential/fragrance oil
  • 10 drops Peony essential/fragrance oil
  • 10 drops Sandalwood essential/fragrance oil


Mix all the ingredients together, shake well. Place in a dark color bottle. Then allow the perfume to settle for at least 12 hours. Store in a cool dry area.

Dealing With Anxiety and Panic Attacks

December 27th, 2005

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety and Panic Disorders are becoming more and more common in modern life. Although exact figures are hard to come by, it is estimated that up to 6.5% of the population has suffered from a diagnosable Anxiety Disorder, while many more people struggle with uncomfortable and distressing symptoms of Stress and Anxiety.

Prescription drugs are too often the the treatment of choice for the vast majority of people suffering from Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

Some examples of prescription drugs used to treat Anxiety are Diazepam, Alprazolam, Clonazepam, Inderol, Clonidine, Imipramine or Wellbutrin. There are many others.

While all of the above psychiatric drugs have undergone clinical trials and have been found to be effective to varying degrees in controlling Anxiety and Panic Attacks, patients are not always properly educated as to the dangers of long term use.

What is PureCalm?

PureCalm combines the soothing properties of Melissa Officinalis, with those of Lavender and Passiflora Incarnata, bringing you relief from Anxiety, Stress, Irritability and Nervous Tension.

PureCalm can be used whenever necessary and is also useful in the treatment of shock. Just a few drops in a little water can bring almost instant relief!

PureCalm is non-addictive and can help you with:

Treating Anxiety with PureCalm

People are not all the same and treatment for Anxiety and Panic Attacks will vary according to the person and the length and severity of the problem. Here is a guideline that will help you to decide which treatment is best for you!

A) Anxiety - general nervousness, and a tendency to worry a lot. Stressful lifestyle.

Take PureCalm drops three times a day for three weeks and thereafter whenever you feel a little Anxious. Just a few drops of PureCalm in a little water will help to Soothe and Calm Anxious minds and induce a state of Relaxation and well-being.

B) Severe Anxiety - Nervousness, Panic Attacks and Phobias. May have multiple fears and health worries.

Severe Anxiety needs some extra help. Take MindSoothe together with PureCalm. MindSoothe is a unique combination of St John’s Wort and Passiflora in therapeutic dosage.

Regular use results in an increase in Self Confidence and well-being and a more relaxed state of mind. MindSoothe also has a positive effect on sleep patterns, concentration and memory, which are often affected in Anxiety disorders.

How has PureCalm helped others?

“I am 26 years old and have been having problems with Anxiety for a while now but as of late it has become increasingly strong. It has interfered with my job and with other things that I do. It has also been hard for me to leave the house at times because of the fear and nervousness I feel inside. I have been on prescription medications (Paxil, etc.) in the past and they did seem to help me but leave you with very bad Withdrawal Symptoms if you choose to stop taking them, which I eventually did. I have always been interested in more natural/herbal formulas and so I searched to find something that might help me and that is when I came across your website. I saw all the great testimonials and that the products were natural/herbal formulated and so I decided to give the PureCalm Anxiety/stress relief formula a try.

I have been on it for about 3 weeks now and I can’t believe how I feel! I feel really good and haven’t had much problems with the Anxiety (very small to almost none, if any) since I have been using this formula.

I take it about 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and just before I go to bed. I now feel much more calm than I ever have and that feels soooo unbelievably nice. I am truly amazed and I just came back again and ordered another order so I will be all set for the next several months.

I am really happy that I found this website and can’t give you enough applause and praise from me for finally being able to supply those of us who need it, a natural based formula that truly works. Thank you so very much.

Anyone who is looking for a more natural alternative or something instead all those prescription formulas then please give one of these formulas a try, you might be pleasantly surprised as maybe all of us were but you really have nothing to lose. This company is truly a godsend.” - Carly, MA

“My ten year old son suffered from severe Panic Attacks, i.e. shaking uncontrollably, crying being violently sick and finally a severe nosebleed. After taking PureCalm he instantly felt better and we haven’t had a Panic Attack for months. In fact my husband has been having a really stressful time at work and his patience have worn thin. He has been taking the drops and swears they help him stay calm and get through the day. I live in the UK and the doctors here prescribed strong medication for my son I really didn’t want him to take them so this product is my saving grace.” - Yvonne, UK

PureCalm has helped me remarkably I find myself wanting to be around my family and friends and I’m no longer afraid to be in large groups of people. I also find it a lot easier to engage in conversation with others. This is a great product!” - Michael, FL, USA

“This product is remarkable! My 9yr old daughter has been having Anxiety about going to school in the past few weeks. Within just a few days of taking this product, she is sleeping better, waking up with a better attitude and actually making it to school on time. Thank you! I will definitely be ordering more.” - MI, USA

“To all those out there who are dealing with Anxiety, and wondering if PureCalm really works. I have been using PureCalm now for about five months. I was really going through hard times with Anxiety attacks. I was finding myself wanting just to stay at home because I thought no one would understand the fears I was dealing with. When I went to the doctor they wanted to put me on paxil or some kind of other drug. I wanted something natural. One night when I couldn’t Fall Asleep, I went down stairs and prayed asking God please show me what to do. I felt that I was to get on the internet and look up under Panic Attacks and Anxiety disorders. I came to this sight and saw the ads for all natural products. This is what I have been looking for. I ordered the product and got it quickly from the company. I tried it right away. Praise God it worked!!! Now I am telling all my friends family members even my doctor. I don’t have to take drugs I can do the natural way. Since being on the product I can now go places I couldn’t before. I am truly grateful to your company for making PureCalm. I hope and pray that PureCalm helps others as it has done for me.” - Cheryl, MN, USA

Hello, PureCalm is working for me and I’m able to just jump up and go places now without thinking about the fear. I used to bite my finger nails, not any more they are soooo long. Thank you.- Anita, IL, USA

“I have found PureCalm extremely useful in my tapering off of a very addictive drug. It really works and I feel almost instant relief. The drops are easy to use in water or juice. I am so happy that I have found Native Remedies. I am doing very well on my taper and feel no ill effects whatsoever. I will continue to use PureCalm even after my taper ends. Thank you so much.” - Chris, UK

I found this product by browsing the internet and I was very relieved when I found you. I have Anxiety problems and my doctor gave me some pills which I did not take because I was scared of the side effects. I ordered PureCalm and it is great! All my symptoms are almost gone, no worries ever. Thanks, keep up the good work - Heidi, NC, USA

What are the ingredients?

Melissa Officinalis is indigenous to the Mediterranean, but is widespread throughout the world. It is often used as a general Nervous system restorative, digestive calmative and to reduce blood pressure. Its active ingredients include volatile oil, tannins, flavinoids, tocopherols and choline.

Lavandula Augustifolia is another well-known herb which has made its home in countries all over the world, including Europe and Africa and is also used in Arab medicine as an expectorant. It is best known for its calming properties and as a tonic for the Nervous system. Lavender contains the active ingredients tannins, coumarins, flavinoids, triterpenoids and volatile oil.

Passiflora Incarnata - also called Passion Flower - is used as a sedative and for Insomnia and can relieve Anxiety and nervousness. Active ingredients include flavinoids, cyanogenic glycosides, alkaloids and saparin. It helps to calm and soothe and is also thought to reduce High Blood Pressure and Nervous tremors.

How do I use PureCalm?

Adults: Take 10 – 20 drops in a little water or juice three times daily

If necessary, PureCalm can be taken together with MindSoothe for maximum effectiveness against Anxiety and Depression.

Children: Take 1 drop per age in a little water or juice three times daily

PureCalm can be taken together with Kiddie Calmer for maximum effectiveness against child Anxiety.

Caution: Not recommended during Pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, if you are Pregnant or nursing, our Triple Complex Nerve Tonic can quite safely be taken for effective control of Anxiety and Panic Attacks!

How long until I see results?

PureCalm comes in a concentrated tincture formula that facilitates rapid absorption into the blood stream, resulting in almost instant relief, and making PureCalm one of the most effective anti-Anxiety remedies on the market.

Because of its fast action, you should feel a calming effect within about 5 minutes.

How long will a bottle last?

One bottle of PureCalm will last 30 days.

Anti-Aging Cream Recipe

December 27th, 2005

1 ounce Glycerin 1 ounce witch hazel 1/2 ounce Rose water 3 tablespoons honey 3 tablespoons wheat germ oil

Combine ingredients in a glass or ceramic bowl and gently whisk until they are thoroughly combined. Store the emulsion in a tightly sealed container at room temperature. It should last for at least 1 month.

Massage the solution into the skin around your eyes and mouth, using a circular and upward motion. This motion will counteract the natural droop of gravity. If you have the time, it’s a good idea to hang your head over the edge of the bed and massage the cream in while you’re partially upside down.

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