Essential Oils For Beauty

October 20th, 2005

When using Essential Oils to Moisturize the skin, simply add to a Carrier Oil such as Jojoba. Another good tip is to purchase fragrance and lanolin free creams or Lotions, from which you can create your own Skin Care products by adding a few drops of your favorite Essential Oil.

The key to developing your own products is to determine what you want them to do. Are you trying to fight cellulite? Then add some Lemon Oil to your cream. Are you trying to minimize the appearance of Scar Tissue? Patchouli is your answer here. See our for the body listings to find out more about the properties and effects of each Essential Oil.

Essential Oils and how they affect your skin


Sage : relaxes, improves blood circulation Peppermint: refreshes, cools Valerian : calms Clove : disinfects Camphor : Disinfects, sedating Cypress : Refreshing, relaxing


Cajeput : Improves perspiration Rosemary : Improves blood circulation Valerian : Calming Camphor : Disinfects, sedates


Oregano : Widens the blood vessels Melissa : Refreshes, tonic Geranium : Refreshing Linden blossom : Soothing


Juniper : Disinfects Lavender : Healing Cajeput : Improves perspiration Fir : Refreshes, regulates


Cypress : Relaxes, refreshes Pine : Balances, refreshes Melissa : Against Cramps Chamomile : Sedating Therebinth : Softening


Lavender : Detoxifying Eucalyptus : Vitalizing Cajeput : Improves perspiration Verbena : Calming Lemongrass : Improves blood circulation


Oregano : Strengthening Thyme : Disinfecting Mint : Tonic Geranium : Refreshing

Stress Management Tip: Stretching

October 20th, 2005

When we feel Stressed, our muscles tense up and Relaxation becomes difficult. One way to combat Muscle Tension and become more relaxed is by stretching. Stretching exercises loosen up stiff, tense muscles and help get the knots out of muscles. The Beauty of stretching is that you don’t need equipment or a large space.

A good stretching routine is one that can be done in five minutes regularly once or twice a day. While a comprehensive routine may cover most parts of your body a basic stretch routine should include at minimum your arms, legs, and back. Here are some basic stretches to try:

Arm Stretch - Raise your arms above your head, fingers interlaced, palms facing up. Push up as far as you can. Hold for 15 seconds. Relax. Repeat 3 times.

Back Stretch 1 - Lying on the floor, pull your knees into your chest and clasp your hands under your knees. Gently press your hips to the floor. Hold for 15 seconds. Relax. Repeat 3 times.

Back Stretch 2 - Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Keeping your back flat on the floor, rotate your hips to the left, lowering your legs down to the floor until a gentle stretch is felt. Hold for 15 seconds. Return to the starting position and repeat on other side

Leg Stretch 1 Ham String: Sit down with your legs straight out in front of you. Reach forward with your hands as far as is comfortable (touch your toes if you can) and hold the stretch for 15 seconds.

Leg Stretch 2 Quad: Do this stretch standing up, using a chair or the wall for balance. Lift one leg behind you and grasp it with your hand. Pull the leg up toward your butt, keeping your knees even with each other and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat for each leg.

Leg Stretch 3 Calf: Put your arms on a wall like you’re about to get frisked. Place one leg forward and the other leg back. Shift your weight to the back leg and press against the wall until you feel the stretch in your calf and hold for 15 seconds. Switch legs and stretch again.

We all lead busy lives and may find it difficult to make time for stretching so it is important to stick with a routine that doesn’t take a long time to do. By stretching regularly, you’ll increase the flow of blood and nutrients to the cells of your body. It reduces mental and physical Stress, Tension and Anxiety, promotes good sleep, lowers blood pressure and slows down your heart rate. When you do manage to have a little bit of time for yourself, try some stretching!

NOTE - If you have a medical condition, please check with your doctor before doing any type of Exercise.

About the author

David Tomaselli is the creator of the Wholistic Development Exchange. The Wholistic Development Exchange is a web site focusing on Stress Management. Here you can access frequently updated tips, news and resources on how to reduce Stress and manage Stress.

Naturally Delicious Lip Gloss Recipes

October 19th, 2005

Need Pure, Organic Bulk Herbs and Essential Oils?

Mountain Rose Herbs is the Leading Organic Supplier in not only the finest Organic Botanical products, but the freshest as well. From our Bulk Organic Herbs and Spices, to our Essential Oils and herbal Teas, the quality and integrity of what we offer is unparalleled.

Chocolate Lip Gloss

1 1/2 teaspoons grated cocoa butter 1/2 teaspoon Coconut Oil 1/8 teaspoon Vitamin E Oil 1/4 teaspoon grated milk chocolate

In a double boiler warm the cocoa butter, Coconut Oil, chocolate and Vitamin E Oil until melted. Pour into lip gloss container and allow to cool.

Aloe Vera Lip Gloss

1 tsp. Aloe Vera gel 1/2 tsp. Coconut Oil 1 tsp. petroleum jelly

Mix together in glass bowl and heat for 1 to 2 minutes on high in the microwave will yield about 1/2 ounce.

Coconut Lip Gloss

1 tsp. Coconut Oil 1 tsp. petroleum jelly

Same mixing and heating instructions as for the Aloe Vera Lip Gloss.

Coconut-Almond Lip Gloss

1 tsp. Coconut Oil 1 tsp. Almond Oil 1/2 grated beeswax

Same mixing and heating instructions apply as for the Aloe Vera Lip Gloss.


This is an excellent way to use up lipstick that is too dark.

1 teaspoon grated beeswax 1/2 teaspoon lipstick 1/2 teaspoon petroleum jelly

Melt the ingredients in a small can placed in boiling water. Stir it well and pour it into a small jar.

Apricot-Orange Lip Gloss

1 tsp beeswax 1 tsp Apricot Kernel oil 1 tsp Calendula oil 3-4 drops of Essential Oil of Orange Beet juice

Melt beeswax in top of double boiler. Add Apricot Kernel and Calendula oils, stirring constantly. Remove from heat, add beet juice if desired, for color. When partially cooled, add oil of Orange. Store in jar. Transfer a small portion to a purse sized container for use when away from home.


1 tablespoon grated beeswax 1 tablespoon Coconut Oil 1/8 teaspoon Vitamin E Oil 1/8 teaspoon Vanilla extract

Place the beeswax, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E Oil in an ovenproof container. Heat gently until the wax and oils are melted. Stir in the Vanilla extract and mix well. Pour the mixture into a clean container and allow to cool completely.

Lip Gloss

2 tsp beeswax 1 tsp honey 7 tsp Castor Oil or Jojoba or sweet Almond Oil 1/8 tsp. Flavor oil

Melt the oil and beeswax together in pan over low heat until beeswax is melted. Remove from stove, add honey and whisk. When the mixture is nearly cool add flavour oil, mix it up again and then pour into lip balm container. Since this comes out to be more like a gloss you can always add more beeswax to it so that it is a little harder (about 1/2 tsp).

Cranberry LIP GLOSS

1 tablespoon Almond Oil 10 fresh cranberries 1 teaspoon honey 1 teaspoon petroleum jelly (optional - for more shine)

Mix together all ingredients and place in a microwave or heat-resistant container. Heat in the microwave or a water bath until the mixture just begins to boil (1-2 minutes in the microwave). Stir well and gently mash the berries. Let sit for 5 minutes.

Strain the mixture through a fine sieve to remove all pieces of cranberry. Stir and allow to cool completely. When cool, spoon into a clean container.

To use: Spread a small amount onto your lips.

Lava Lamp Lip Gloss


  • 6 Tablespoons Glycerin
  • 50 Drops Lip Balm Flavoring
  • 10 Drops Liquid Food Coloring


Mix together Glycerin, flavoring (I use green apple) and ordinary food coloring (I used red) in a small cup with a pour spout. Fill a roll-on lip gloss bottle about 1/4 with this mixture. Fill remaining space in bottle with light oil such as sweet Almond Oil. Be sure to leave a little room at the top to insert the roller ball assembly. I’ve heard that you can add a little mica or glitter, but I’ve also heard that it may clog the roller.

Need Pure, Organic Bulk Herbs and Essential Oils?

Mountain Rose Herbs is the Leading Organic Supplier in not only the finest Organic Botanical products, but the freshest as well. From our Bulk Organic Herbs and Spices, to our Essential Oils and herbal Teas, the quality and integrity of what we offer is unparalleled.

What Is Asthma?

October 18th, 2005

What is asthma?

One in 10 children and one in three adults suffer from Chronic Asthma.

An acute Asthma Attack is caused by inflammation in the airways of the lungs, causing contraction and narrowing of the airways (bronchioles), restricting airflow and making Breathing very difficult.

Chronic Asthma is a lung condition characterized by frequent Asthma Attacks and requiring medical management to prevent and minimize acute attacks.

This can take the form of conventional Western medicine, homeopathic or naturopathic treatment. While many Asthma Attacks are relatively mild and can be treated and controlled at home, some are more severe and may even require hospitalization.

Symptoms of asthma

  • Tightness in the chest
  • Characteristic ‘Wheezing’ sound, especially when exhaling
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Persistent cough, especially at night
  • May have increased pulse, Anxiety or fear

What causes asthma?

Asthma is strongly associated with pollution. The incidence of asthma has risen sharply in the last 30 years along with a rise in industrialization and higher levels of environmental pollution.

Other possible causes of asthma in vulnerable individuals include Allergic reactions to dietary substances like wheat, dairy products, chocolate, nuts, preservatives and other chemical food and beverage additives.

Asthma Attacks may also be brought on by pollen, house dust mites, tobacco smoke, feathers and other Allergens. Even a temperature change, or the cold morning air, can cause Broncho Spasm and increase the likelihood of an attack.

In some individuals, Anxiety can precipitate an Asthma Attack and Stress and are therefore a contributory factor.

There is a strong hereditary link and asthma can often be seen to ‘run in families’.

Naturopaths and homeopaths recognize that Immune System functioning can play a vital role in helping to control the symptoms of asthma and strengthen the body’s defenses against environmental Allergens.

How is asthma usually treated?

Conventional Western medicine deals with Asthma Treatment via a combination of inhalers, Anti-Inflammatory medication, bronchodilators and even steroids.

While conventional medical treatment may sometimes be necessary, there are some definite limitations, including side effects, as well as negative effects on Immune System functioning - thereby leading to more Asthma Attacks and reduced resistance to Allergens.

While conventional medicine can sometimes control asthma, this is often a temporary measure only.

Note: You should not stop your Asthma Medication without first consulting your doctor, a trained naturopath or homeopath for guidance.

How can herbal and Homeopathic Remedies help?

Herbal and homeopathic Asthma Treatment can be extremely effective. Depending on the severity of the asthma, they can reduce or eliminate the need for the synthetic drugs and inhalers and can also be safely used to complement conventional treatment of asthma.

Used as part of a wider, holistic lifestyle management, herbal and homeopathic medicines can bring significant relief to sufferers of asthma - without the side effects or other complications of the conventional drugs.

What is BioVent?

BioVent asthma remedy is a unique combination of herbal and homeopathic ingredients to assist with the management of Chronic Asthma and the control and prevention of Asthma Attacks.

Used daily, it can improve Respiratory Functioning and health, reduce the incidence and severity of Asthma Attacks and strengthen the Immune System.

May be combined with our Triple Complex BronchoSoothe Asthma Attack Remedy

Use BioVent Drops every day to :

BioVent ingredients

Matricaria recutita: The ancient Anglo Saxons believed that this herb was one of nine sacred Herbs given to the world by the god Woden. It is widely used in Holistic Medicine as an antispasmodic, Anti-Inflammatory and calmative herb and is particularly useful for Allergic asthma.

Astragalus membranaceus: Clinical research has confirmed the effectiveness of this Chinese tonic herb in strengthening Immune System functioning. It also has antispasmodic and antibacterial properties.

Arsen alb. (C6) is a homeopathic remedy often used to prevent bronchospasm caused by cold air and in the early morning.

Phosphorus (C6) is used homeopathically to treat and prevent Respiratory Problems linked to Anxiety.

How do I use BioVent?

BioVent comes in easy to administer drop form and is diluted in about 1/4 glass of water or juice.

Adults: Use 15 - 20 drops two to three times a day every day.

Children: Use one drop per age year of the child two to three times daily .

Caution: Safety during Pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been clinically established. Pregnant or nursing mothers may use Native Remedies Triple Complex BronchoSoothe Asthma Attack Remedy

Can this natural asthma remedy be used together with prescription drugs for asthma?

Yes - BioVent can safely be used together with your prescription medication and will not interact negatively with synthetic drugs.

How long does one bottle last?

Depending on age and frequency of attacks, one bottle of BioVent can last a month or longer.

How has BioVent helped others?

“This is a magic formula, that’s all I can say! Nothing has helped my five year old like this combination of BioVent and BronchoSoothe and I can tell you that I have been from doctor to doctor. He has suffered from asthma all his life and this is the first time he has gone for more than one month without an attack. I felt that I had to write and encourage other mothers to try the natural way like I have. Thanks so much!” Julia, NJ

“My daughter is 16 and she has always had asthma, especially when she becomes Anxious. Anything can bring on an attack! She has asthma when she has to take a test, when she is asked out on a date, when her father phones, when she is worried about anything. I have found your combination most effective and fully believe in natural ways of health. I was particularly impressed that you have combined herbal and homeopathic ingredients so effectively - which I have not seen elsewhere. This means that there is a big saving for people like me who prefer the natural way but end up with dozens of little bottles of herbal and Homeopathic Medicine! This time just two do the trick!” Greta, UK

“I had pneumonia as a child and have suffered from chest complaints since then. Every year in winter I develop Respiratory Problems and have been on antibiotics more times than I care to count. The older I get, the worse it seems to become. This year I have been taking your BioVent Drops along with ImmunityPlus and feel compelled to write and tell you how much better I have felt this winter. Apart from one minor chest infection, which cleared up quickly, I have hardly been ill at all.” Steve, NSW

What else can I do to help?

  • Use Triple Complex BronchoSoothe at the very first symptoms of an Asthma Attack to quickly open up the chest, reduce bronchospasm, and restore normal Breathing
  • Add Vitamin C, B6 and magnesium to your daily supplements
  • Avoid products treated with sulphur dioxide and other preservatives
  • Use ImmunityPlus Immune System Booster regularly to attain optimal Immune Functioning
  • Keep an ‘asthma diary’ to help you to identify triggers
  • Avoid tobacco smoke and keep your home free from dust, pollen, air fresheners
  • Wear a scarf over your nose and mouth if you have to go out in cold air
  • Treat Colds and Flu in the early stages to reduce the likelihood of an attack
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily
  • Keep calm and practice Relaxation techniques like Meditation and Yoga Regular Exercise can help to strengthen lung functioning. First consult your doctor before beginning an Exercise program, especially if you are unfit.

The Power of Crystals & Pyramids

October 17th, 2005

Abundant evidence exists to show that “energy of form” is attracted by, stored in, and emanated from model representations of the Great Pyramid. Years of investigation reveal that we are dealing with a multitude of energies, even though various researches tend to give the phenomenon a single name.

The Egyptians are perhaps best known for their use of pyramid energy to protect the dead. However, for centuries pyramid energy has also been used for healing purposes.

Pyramid vibrations affect our own auras, and it has been shown using Kirlian photography that the aura is brighter and larger after exposure to the pyramids and also Quartz crystal. The Quartz crystal can produce a force field of healing negative ions while clearing the surrounding atmosphere of positive ions.

It also tends to eliminate or cancel out the effect of radiation and radioactivity. You can surround yourself with the pyramid energy by placing the Quartz pyramid on your desk or holding it whilst Meditating.

As a Meditation aid place a pyramid at your feet if you are sitting in a chair. They call this the pivot point. This will engulf you in a vortex of energy. If you use the lotus position (cross legged) place the pyramid in front of you. When you go to bed place it on your bed stand.

Feng Shui is the science of balancing or the modification of the energy in your environment. When you place a Quartz Pyramid in each corner of a room, you create a balanced energy condition. This raises the energy in your environment and helps to remove negativity thus improving the quality of life.

Placing a pyramid on your desk raise the energy around you allowing you to receive more energy thus increasing productivity. Placing a pyramid in the refrigerator keeps your food in a high energy environment and will charge your drinking liquids also. These are just a few of the different uses for Quartz pyramids. Use your creative ability and expand their use.

Why use Quartz Crystals? What is it about them above all other stones that makes them so special?

Quartz Crystals have been used since ancient times as powerful healing objects and Meditation tools, and to make medicinal elixirs. Wise adepts have long known about their qualities and have used Crystals for powerful talismans and amulets. Throughout history people have valued the Beauty of Quartz Crystals and have used them for ornamental decoration. References to Crystals are found in both the Old and New Testament, and in many other sacred teachings throughout the world.

How can minerals or stones have any influence or value? It is because there is a consciousness inherent in all forms of matter. Even rocks have their own consciousness! We use these Crystals of the mineral kingdom to aid us in Attunement with different aspects of ourselves.

Crystals have their own particular vibration of a precise and measurable intensity. This vibration attunes itself to human vibration better than any other gem or mineral. Quartz crystal is used to amplify, clarify and store energy. When you create a thought, you can amplify and clarify it by using a crystal. Quartz has long been recognized for its ability to produce electrical impulses. (Pressure on Quartz crystal generates a minute electrical charge called piezoelectricity.)

You can learn how to handle and work with Crystals to heal yourself, others, and the Earth. Crystals have long been revered for use in magick, for psychic development, and to see into the “hidden dimensions” that permeate physical reality. It is said that crystal has the ability to rebroadcast energy from the Universal Mind so your “inner self” can pick it up, granting you heightened perception. A crystal is a Focus for this knowledge and help, and it magnifies and transmits psychic energies and healing powers.

Crystals have a hexagonal, symmetrical shape. This is a basic form in geometry, physics and atomic theory, and is a universal, perfect form in the structure of matter. The energy that radiates from clear Quartz, the piezoelectric effect, amplifies healing abilities.

As a Rose has been called the most perfect representation of Beauty in the plant kingdom, the Quartz crystal is the essence of perfection in the mineral kingdom.

The use of any form of Quartz crystal will benefit you. What can you do with these Gemstones and Crystals to help yourself? Meditate with them. Place them on a part of your body that needs healing. Carry them around in your pocket. Wear them as jewelry or use them as a keychain. Sleep with them under your Pillow. Put them on your desk, kitchen table, coffee table, anywhere that you will be near them and enjoy the benefits of their vibrations. They are just like a good friend—one whose companionship you delight in. Love them. Look at them. Enjoy them. They help you by their very presence. It’s a gift they freely and lovingly give to you.

Historical Uses for Crystals

Stories of the powers and uses of Crystals and Gems have come down to us from the beginning of time. Legends have it that crystal forces “set” the electromagnetic field of the Earth so that human souls could incarnate. The most popular stories dealing with the use of Crystals date back to Atlantis. There, it is said, large Crystals were used to generate power for cities, and it was the abuse of these energies that eventually caused the destruction of this great civilization. Edgar Cayce stated that the largest crystal generator is buried under the Atlantic Ocean near the Devil’s Triangle, and this massive shift of unfocused electromagnetic energy is what causes ships and planes to go astray.

It is said that Crystals were harnessed in Atlantis for power and Surgery. In ancient Egypt they were the force that enabled the huge sandstone blocks to be positioned in building the pyramids. Built atop granite, the immense pressure of these stones activated the Crystals found naturally in this granite, creating a gigantic generator.

Crystals were used to light the inner tunnels and chambers while the pyramids and Mystery Temples were under construction. Ancient civilizations, particularly Atlantis, used giant Crystals to Focus laser light. Crystals were used to fly aircraft, light homes, heal, for agriculture, and to Focus beams of energy between pyramids, obelisks, temples, stone monuments and all grid points. Each pyramid amplified the energies to “light” Earth. Crystals were used to control weather, to attune initiates, and in radio waves for communicating with home bases in space (the orbiting Mother ships).

Crystals were used to generate energy, which was focused in various ways, not all of which were positive. The Atlanteans used an advanced form of Hypnosis in which complex detailed visuals were projected into a person’s brain, either knowingly or not. By doing this, thoughts could be influenced, as could memory banks. Near the decline of Atlantis, the dark priesthood was involved in control over others. They used crystal power to create pestilences and diseases to kill people by projecting holographically the images, fears, concepts, etc., they wanted to impress on people.

They experimented on the populace. Scientists manipulated embryos to create subhuman forms to be used as slaves. Embryo development was arrested with crystal energy and Hypnotic suggestion caused the embryos to stay more reptilian, scale-like. (Some people today are concerned that genetic engineering could be used for control and manipulation).

Crystal generators were built which Edgar Cayce called the “terrible Crystals.” Many Cayce readings refer to the use of Crystals in Atlantis, both for positive and negative uses.

Long ago it was learned that much good could be accomplished in the blood and Nervous systems. In Atlantis and other ancient civilizations, the Earth grid system or energy ley lines were understood and utilized. Crystals were employed to accentuate this energy grid system. Crystal energy was used as a Focus for other purposes also. Atlantis and Lemuria used ultrasound and other energy forms.

They used mind power by humming or “toning,” and by doing so levitated rock. Crystal pyramids were used like a laser device because they could store and Focus energy: sunlight energy. The Crystals could encode information to a higher vibration and beam information into a person. The Student could obtain the equivalent of a college Education from crystal energy.

Lemurians used Crystals underground to grow food because they were afraid of the giants living on the surface who were unfriendly and antagonistic. The Lemurians came to spend most of their time in caves, and so needed light energy to grow food. The stored energy from Crystals was the source for this light.

In times past, Crystals were used to balance harmonies in the body—to stabilize the flow of prana, to stimulate the chakras, to raise the kundalini energy. Facets of three, five, or seven were used for certain illnesses, while four- and eight-sided Crystals were used to maintain balance. Crystals of various colors—red, green, blue, Violet, white, etc., were used to heal various illnesses.

Their healing properties restored eyesight to some in the hands of adept healers. Crystals were placed on the eyelids to draw in prana and heal organs inside the body. Much later in history, the American Indian shamans placed Quartz Crystals over their eyes to help them become more clairvoyant.

The ancient Greeks believed that Quartz was “eternal ice” which came down from Mount Olympus, home of the Greek gods. The people used its natural magnifying power to Focus the heat of the Sun’s rays in order to start ceremonial fires. According to the famous Roman Scholar Pliny, who wrote in the first century a.d., they used the focused crystal heat from the Sun to cauterize wounds.

The ancient Egyptians held Quartz sacred, and carved drinking vessels from Quartz. When they drank from these cups, the water became imbued with life-giving energy. They mined Quartz, and along with many cultures began to carve it into jewelry and a variety of objects, both artistic and utilitarian.

The Crystal Ball

This unique form of Quartz found by archaeologists has been found in such distant areas as Peru, Siberia, Australia, Chaldea, Greece, Rome, Assyria, Persia, Japan, and China. The ancient Chinese and Japanese regarded Quartz as the perfect gem. The artists who carved spheres were thought to be the most capable of spiritual and artistic purity. They considered the Quartz crystal ball the heart or “essence of the dragon,” symbolic of the highest powers of creation. The Chinese and Japanese shared the term sui ching for Quartz, which means “water essence,” the source of peace and power.

Tibetan monks called crystal balls the “windows of the gods,” using them as holy objects of great power. The Taoists believed that looking into the crystal’s clarity “crystallized” one’s being, and they considered Quartz the “gem of enlightenment.” Buddhist altars included Quartz spheres as an invocation of the “visible nothingness” that delineates the duality of the material and spiritual world.

Contemplation of this “visible nothingness” gave rise to crystal-gazing, which has been practiced since time immemorial. Crystal gazers use the spheres as windows to faraway places, the past and future.

Origin of Quartz Crystal

A crystal is a beautiful, perfect form. It contains within it harmony, balance, clarity and perfection. A Quartz crystal takes over 10,000 years to form. They come from deep within the Earth’s core, and were formed when the Earth was evolving. Natural Quartz Crystals, often referred to by ancient traditions as the “veils of the earth,” frozen water or frozen light, combine the elements silicon and water through a lengthy process involving heat and pressure.

They are buried in the Earth, or sometimes in streambeds where they have washed down from higher ground after being dislodged. They are often found near gold. Varieties of Quartz crystal, sometimes called rock crystal, are found all over the world. The largest numbers of Crystals are mined in Arkansas and Brazil.

Ninety per cent of the Earth’s crust is made up of the mineral group known as silicates, a combination of silicon and oxygen, plus other elements. The simplest silicate is silicon and oxygen—Quartz crystal. Chemically, it is the oxide of the element silicon, and its chemical formula is SiO2. It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. The crystal structure of Quartz is hexagonal with void spaces in geometric trails throughout the crystal.

The name crystal comes from the Greek word crystallos meaning “clear ice,” for the ancient Greeks thought that these transparent rock Crystals were in fact frozen water turned into stone. Another legend has it that Holy Water was poured out of the Heavens by God and frozen to ice in outer space on its voyage to Earth. Angels petrified the “Holy Ice” to preserve it as a protective blessing for humanity.

Quartz is the most common mineral found on the Earth. In the world of Gemstones, Quartz supplies more different varieties than any other mineral. Gem quartzes can be divided into three main groups:

Most Crystals are formed by the repetitive addition of new matter to a growing crystalline mass. Some Crystals have their origin in the magma or fiery gases of the Earth’s interior or in the volcanic lava streams which reach the Earth’s surface. These minerals, which include Quartz, are called igneous. They are formed by the solidification of this molten mineral as it cools and hardens. As the molten rock mass cools, the atoms group together to form the essential regularity that determines the shape and composition of the crystal.

Some Crystals grow from vapors in vents in volcanic regions. This type of crystal includes sulfur, and is condensed from hot mineralized gases into a solid state as the vapors are escaping from the inner Earth.

Some Crystals form from water solutions or grow with the help of organisms on or near the Earth’s surface. These Crystals are known as sedimentary minerals, and are formed through the process of mechanical or chemical weathering. Air, water, wind and ice are the main erosion factors involved in dissolving the Earth’s materials that will eventually be cemented together and occasionally crystallize.

Also, new minerals are formed by the recrystallization of existing minerals under great pressure and high temperatures in the lower regions of the Earth’s crust.

These metamorphic minerals undergo structural and chemical changes after the original formation, reorganizing the atoms and creating different textures, compositions and Crystals.

Natural Help For Frequent Yeast Infections

October 16th, 2005

What is the best treatment for Candida overgrowth or Candidiasis?

Many different types of Anti-Fungal medicines are prescribed to treat Candidiasis, including Amphotericin B, fluconazole, nystatin and ketoconazole. Like many other prescription drugs, these often come with unwanted side effects, but may be necessary in the case of severe Candidiasis or where all other treatment options have failed.

What is Candidate?

There are a number of Herbal Remedies which have been shown to have a positive effect on intestinal health and functioning, as well as known Anti-Fungal properties.

Native Remedies has chosen the most effective of these and combined them in a unique therapeutic formula called Candidate.

Candidate is especially designed to treat Candida overgrowth, prevent topical Candida infections such as Thrush and promote the growth of healthy probiotic flora in the digestive tract, thereby achieving lasting control of Candidiasis.

Use Candidate to:

How does Candidate work?

Candidate contains Herbs that specifically target fungus overgrowth. Candida is a fungus, this means that Candidate is able to eradicate the fungal overgrowth at its source and thereby help to balance and restore intestinal health.

In addition to its Anti-Fungal properties, Candidate also contains Herbs that are well known for their ability to soothe the digestive tract, repair cell damage caused by Candida overgrowth and strengthen liver and Immune Functioning, thereby improving overall systemic health.

What are the ingredients?

Candidate contains the following carefully chosen Herbs in therapeutic dosage:

  1. Cymbopogon citratus (lemon grass) is known to stimulate cell regeneration and to soothe and treat intestinal infections, as well as pathogenic intestinal flora such as Candida albicans. It has known Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal properties and can help to repair intestinal walls that have been damaged by Candida overgrowth (’leaky gut’ syndrome).

  2. Calendula officinalis, has strong Anti-Fungal and Anti-Inflammatory properties and is also an effective liver tonic, thereby improving overall systemic functioning and aiding in the removal of toxins from the body.

3.Tabebuia impetiginosa (Pau d’arco bark) contains the active constituents Lapachol and beta-lapachone, which are also known as naphthaquinones. Laboratory tests have demonstrated that both Lapachol and beta-lapachone have Anti-Fungal properties as potent as ketoconazole, a common antifungal drug, used in the treatment of Candidiasis and Yeast Infections. Pau D’arco is not soluble in water and is best taken in tincture form where the active ingredients have been extracted medicinally in pharmaceutical ethanol. To prevent side effects, it is also important that the whole bark is used in the extraction process. This process has been followed at Native Remedies to bring you the strongest and most effective formula possible.

How has Candidate helped others:

“I have been up and down to so many doctors for recurring Thrush infections. Each time I was successfully treated but each time it came back again. I also had a lot of wind and burping after my food which was very embarrassing and I used to become Anxious whenever I had to eat in public. Only when I read your information did I realize that Candida was the problem. Since I have taken a course of Candidate I have not been to the doctor once with Thrush and I no longer burp the way I did. I can truly say that this product has changed my life!” -Hazel

Candidate has helped me a lot with a whole range of symptoms that I did not know were related to Candida infection. I had the whole lot - Depression, Joint Pain, gas, Heartburn, itches in all the wrong places! When I read the symptoms I knew I had it bad so I took Candidate, Immunity Plus and also went on the Candida Diet for a month. I am eating normally now except for sugar and junk food and I feel like a young man again. I have started gardening again and I can walk upright when I wake up in the morning which is a real miracle for me!” - David.

“I can definitely recommend Candidate to anyone who has these symptoms if Candida infection as I had for years and did not know it. Please excuse my English I am Italian but I really had to let you know how well it worked for me. My life is different, not tired all the time, no more Thrush (terrible!) and going to the doctor. My asthma is also better and I can breath for a change again!” - Carla.

“I had all the symptoms you list but the main thing was overweight and I could NEVER stick to a diet. All I thought of all day was food and I could NOT resist anything with sugar in it! I used to feel guilty and worthless and weak, but now I know it was the Candida craving the sugar as you explained. I have been taking Candidate for four weeks and I can stay away from the sugar for the first time in my life!!!!! I can’t say THANK YOU enough! PS - why don’t more doctors know about this!!!???” - Lillian.

How long does Candidate take to work?

Candidate gets to work immediately to eliminate Candida from the intestinal tract and to promote intestinal health, while eliminating toxins from the body.

However, Candida is a very persistent organism and it may take some time, even months, before your system comes back into balance, depending on the severity of the problem.

You can help Candidate to work faster by eliminating sugars, alcohol and refined carbohydrates from your diet and avoiding the use of oral antibiotics if possible.

How do I use Candidate?

Dosage: Take 15 drops in appr. 1/4 glass water three times daily for 6 weeks. Follow up with a 3 week course about two or three times a year or whenever your symptoms begin to return.

NB: Following the Candida Diet will help to keep symptoms away permanently. Candida loves sugar and starch! Also make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. (Learn more about the Candida Diet)

Native Remedies Tip: Use Candidate along with EcoSlim for maximum weightloss benefits. (see Special Offer at the bottom of the page)

Native Remedies Tip: Use Candidate with a course of Detox Drops to Cleanse the system.(see Special Offer at the bottom of the page)

Native Remedies Tip: Candidate may also be effectively combined with ImmunityPlus to improve liver and Immune System functioning. (see Special Offer at the bottom of the page)

Caution: Safety during Pregnancy or breastfeeding has not been established.

How long will a bottle last?

One bottle of Candidate will last approximately one month. A 90-day supply is offered at a discount.

What You Should Look For When Buying A Treadmill

October 15th, 2005

Choosing the best home Treadmill can be confusing as you sift through all of the options, new models, and brand name ‘deals’. Too often, people get caught up in all the ‘Goodies’ a Treadmill offers them that they miss the fact that the Treadmill doesn’t have the basic essentials of a quality unit.

By knowing the 4 basic essentials of a quality home Treadmill, you’ll be able to quickly sift through the Treadmill deals and choose the best home Treadmill for you.

The 4 basic essentials to a quality Treadmill are:

1 - High Powered, Well Built Motor

Since the motor is the most expensive part of the Treadmill to fix, a good motor is essential to your Treadmill. Try to find at least a motor power of 2.0 HP, preferably higher.

Remember that a 1.5 HP motor has to work twice as hard as a 3.0 HP motor - so it will burn out long before the 3.0 HP motor.

Also, not all motors are built with the same quality parts. Look for a good brand name and a long motor warranty to give you clues as to the quality of the motor.

2 - Excellent Cushioning

There’s not enough said about cushioning and it is so important in a home Treadmill. A good cushioning system protects your joints, ligaments and back. A poor cushioning system can result in injury and pain.

I know of one woman who bought a cheaper brand of Treadmill and then ran on it. Within 6 months, she had damaged her hips so badly that it hurt her to even walk on the Treadmill. You definitely don’t want that!

Make sure your Treadmill offers an excellent cushioning system - especially if you’ll be running!

3 - Extensive Warranty

You want to protect your investment so a solid Treadmill warranty is a must. A good Treadmill warranty will cover the frame for at least 30 years, the motor for at least 5 years and other parts and labor for about 1 year. Anything above that and you’ve got an excellent warranty.

But a warranty isn’t just to protect your investment - a good warranty lets you know about the quality of the Treadmill parts.

Treadmill companies do not include warranties because they think they’ll have to fix the Treadmill within that time frame. They know that they WON’T have to fix them within that time frame because the quality of parts used are high. So if you find a Treadmill with a 10 year motor warranty, you KNOW it’s a quality built motor. If the motor warranty is only 90 days however…that tells you something.

4 - Quality Brand Name

Certain brand names have a reputation for building a high quality home Treadmill. Other brand names may be well-known but they don’t necessarily have a good reputation.

Choose a Treadmill that has a solid, trusted brand name. Not sure which brands are good? Check out expert ratings and ‘Best Buys’ on various Treadmill review sites and/or magazines. You’ll start to see a trend where certain brand names come up frequently. These brands are the quality Treadmill manufacturers.

So those are 4 basic essentials of a good home treadmill:

-High Powered, Well Built Motor

-Excellent Cushioning

-Extensive Warranty

-Quality Brand Name

Knowing these, you can sift through the Treadmills available and easily locate the best Treadmill for your home.

About the Author

Kathryn O’Neill is chief editor for Treadmill Reviews, a consumer oriented website focusing on home Treadmills. For buying tips, brand reviews, and best buys, visit her site here!

Herbal Tea Collection

October 14th, 2005


Persimmon Tea: The leaves when dried and crushed make a fine strong tea. Can be used all year round. Rich in vitamin C. Used as a healthful tonic.

Sassafras Tea: Boil fresh roots after washing, until water turns reddish brown. Can be sliced and dried for later use. Claimed by some to be a blood thinner, a blood purifier, to help bronchitis, a stimulating spring tonic. Mostly it is used for pure enjoyment.

Birch Tea (Wintergreen): Black, yellow and white Birch. Dried leaves can be used year round. A large handful of fresh leaves steeped in hot water was drunk 1 to 2 cups a day for Rheumatism and Headaches. Said to reduce pain of passing Kidney Stones, and a Fever reducer. Cold it was used as a mouthwash.

Blackberry/Raspberry Tea: The dried mature leaves of these brambles make a good tea. Used to help control diarrhea, as a blood purifier and tonic. Use all year round.

Blueberry Tea: The dried mature leaves are steeped until cool and drunk 1 to 2 cups per day as a blood purifier and tonic. Also used to help inflamed kidneys and increase the flow of urine. Somewhat bitter. Use all year round.

Alfalfa Tea: The dried and powdered leaves and flower heads make a very nutritious tea, but it is somewhat bland. We suggest mixing them with normal Teas to stretch them and add nutrition. Its vitamin content was the reason it was used. Used all year round.

Wild Strawberry Tea: Use dried leaves normally. Pour several cups boiling water over a handful of fresh leaves in the evening. Cover and let steep overnight. Strain water and reheat in the morning. Believed to help with a multitude of things, from stomach troubles, Eczema, diarrhea, etc. According to experts, it is much more healthful than purchased coffee or Teas. Use all year round.

Wild Rose-Hip Tea: A handful of these steeped for 10 minutes, then strained, make a healthful tea. Can be used dried or fresh in season. Instead of boiling, place a handful in cool water overnight, then stain and reheat in the morning. Use all year round. Strong Vitamin C content. Helps with Colds and the Flu. Also for Sore Throat.

Sweet Goldenrod Tea (Anise): Can use dried or fresh leaves or flowers. Makes a very flavorful tea. Pure enjoyment only!! Used all year round.

Soldier’s Herb Tea: This common yard weed with green leaves and two seedie spikes was used by the colonials and Indians alike. One teaspoon of seeds per cup of boiling water steeped for 1/2 hour was used for dropsy and jaundice. A tea from fresh leaves (chopped fine), one heaping teaspoon per cup of boiling water steeped for 1/2 hour. For dried powdered leaves, use one level teaspoon and reduce time to 15 minutes. Drunk 4 to 5 times a day until relief was obtained. Used for Gout, to help clean out nasal passages and to slow menstruation. Also used to expel worms. A tea cooled made from rainwater was used as an eyewash.

Ginger Tea: Good for Nausea and Motion Sickness. Make a tea using Ginger, or add some Ginger to a cup of weak black tea.

Rosemary Tea: A handful of Rosemary steeped for 10 minutes - this tea is good for Headaches.

Herbal Cranberry Apple Tea

* 1 part dried cranberries (cut in small pieces)
* 1 part Dried Apples (cut in small pieces)
* 1 part hibiscus
* 1 part dried Chamomile

Blend together and add 1 tsp in a teaball to 1 cup of boiling water! This is so fruity and relaxing also!

Overcoming Procrastination

October 12th, 2005

Procrastination steals your dreams, drowns your ambitions…and sentences you to a lifetime of under-achievement.

Find out how Dr. Neil Fiore’s Productivity Engineering Hypnosis program can transform you from Procrastinator to Top Producer

Sometimes we joke about Procrastination. We even boast about putting things off until tomorrow – as if it was a virtue.

But the sad truth is, Procrastination steals the dreams of millions of people, year after year. It corrodes our hopes. It drags us down.

  • Your drive to get things done is sabotaged.
  • Your ambitions for career and family are slowly undermined.
  • Your ability to achieve your true potential is severely limited.

Under the cloud of Procrastination, even the smallest tasks can get in the way of having a truly Productive and rewarding life.

Is there a proven, trustworthy and affordable way to rid yourself of Procrastination?

Yes, there is. Advanced Hypnosis techniques delivered by a qualified expert can help you right now.

The advanced Hypnosis techniques used in Dr Neil Fiore’s Productivity Engineering program will help you eliminate your own problems with Procrastination, permanently.

What is Hypnosis? How can being ‘hypnotized’ help you change your life?

Forget your old preconceptions of Hypnosis. Forget the movies and Vaudeville caricatures.

Hypnosis is now a recognized and widely studied discipline that has already helped millions of people around the world.

Hypnosis is a state of mind, enhanced by… mental and physical Relaxation, in which our subconscious is able to communicate with our conscious mind. It…is widely accepted as an excellent method by which we may access our inner potential.”

– William Broom, Chief Executive & Registrar, The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council; Co-editor, The UK Directory of Hypnotherapy Practitioners

In a nutshell, Hypnosis is a way to access your subconscious and change bad habits. And yes, Procrastination is a bad habit that can be unlearned.

There’s no better “high” than feeling yourself leap forward from being a Procrastinator to a Top Producer.

Truly, it’s an exciting feeling. You’ll be amazed by how much more you can achieve. With your Procrastination habit banished for good, you’ll achieve more, feel better and see new horizons spreading out ahead of you.

Who can benefit from using our advanced Hypnosis CD program?

Just about anyone who knows it is time to kick the Procrastination habit.

  • Parents
  • Business Professionals
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales People
  • Writers

Is Hypnosis really an effective and safe way to rid myself of bad habits like Procrastination?

Yes, it is. This has been clinically proven, time and time again.

There is no safer, more powerful, or effective way to accelerate change than through Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a safe and time-tested tool that qualified professionals use to address specific issues.

By changing limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs, you’ll get the results you want without relying on willpower alone.

Dr. Fiore specializes in helping people with Procrastination and productivity issues and can help you achieve dramatic results.

Here’s what you can look forward to with Dr. Neil Fiore’s Productivity Engineering CD Hypnosis program…

The program comprises 8 Hypnosis Sessions that Will Turn Procrastination into Productivity:

Program Introduction and Relaxation Exercise
Committee Meeting Exercise
Effective Goal-Setting Exercise
Creating Your Own Safety Net

Turn Fear into Motivation
Optimal Performance

Removing the Procrastination Habit
Installing the Productivity Habit

Total Procrastination Elimination
Eliminating Self-Sabotage – Goal Achievement
Five-Year Plan

Who is Dr. Neil Fiore, and what are his credentials?

Dr. Neil Fiore is a licensed psychologist and productivity expert with more than 30 years of research and testing experience. As with all our associates, Dr. Fiore is an exceptional therapist and Hypnosis practitioner.

His powerful Hypnosis techniques will help you easily overcome the causes of Procrastination, while building inner beliefs that allow you to produce at a level you previously thought impossible.

By using Dr. Fiore’s Hypnosis program, you’ll find it natural to get things done effortlessly and without hesitation.

While in a Hypnotic State, you’ll easily rid yourself of Procrastination and become the kind of person who gets things done.

Best of all, with a changed attitude and new habits, you’ll find yourself completing tasks more quickly, leaving you with more time to Relax and enjoy your life.

Buy now and Relax in the knowledge that this program comes with a full ONE-YEAR Money-Back Guarantee.

We offer a full year’s guarantee because we want you to KNOW that ordering from us is completely risk free.

Yes, many people using the Productivity Engineering program have seen dramatic results in as little as 14 days.

However, we want you to be totally and completely satisfied with the value of your purchase.

That’s why we give you a full year to assess the value of any program you buy from us. If you don’t think the results are worth the money you paid, simply ask us for a full refund on the purchase price.

It’s as simple as that.

Check Out Productivity Engineering Now!

Yoga: For Mind And Body Improvements

October 11th, 2005

Many studies have been conducted to determine which areas will benefit from an extended practice of Yoga. Yoga practitioners are most likely to see improvements in the areas of physiology, psychology, and biochemistry.

Furthermore, practitioners of Yoga speak of a unification of the body, mind and spirit achieved through the practice of Yoga exercises and Breathing techniques. But, of course, that is a bit difficult to test scientifically.

Yoga Is An Ancient Way of Life

Yoga is not a recent development. It has been practiced for thousands of years, during which time people have greatly benefited from it. 1 of the fundamental beliefs shared by yogis is that the mind and the body are a unified system, which in a proper environment, can find harmony and self-healing.

Demonstrated Health Benefits

Many doctors consider Yoga to have therapeutic results, and recommend it for several illnesses and conditions, mainly related to the Nervous system.

From the physiological point of view, extended Yoga practice can benefit: - pulse rate - Respiratory Problems - blood pressure dysfunctions - help stabilize the Nervous system - gastrointestinal functions - endocrine function - the range of motion in joints - Endurance - energy level - immunity to diseases - cardiovascular efficiency - improve eye-hand coordination - reaction time - dexterity - depth perception - sleep - etc.

Yoga’s psychological benefits include: - enhanced somatic and kinesthetic awareness - self-acceptance - self-actualization - social skills - well-being - concentration - memory - attention - mood - learning efficiency - and more

As for the biochemical benefits of Yoga, tests have shown improvements in: - glucose - sodium - cholesterol - total white blood cell count - vitamin C - total serum protein - hemoglobin.

Deep Organ and Joint Stimulation

Various studies revealed that Yoga exercises are extremely effective at increasing joint flexibility, and at lubricating and strengthening the joints, ligaments and tendons. Another interesting finding is that Yoga is one of the very few forms of Exercise capable of massaging all the internal organs and glands. This includes organs that are rarely stimulated, such as the prostate. The stimulation and massaging of the internal organs proves to be extremely beneficial for health.

Elimination of Toxins

These ancient and efficient Yoga techniques also provide a thorough Detoxification of the body. Stretching the muscles and performing a complete Yoga workout acts as a massage, thereby ensuring the optimal blood supply to every organ. Consequently, toxins are eliminated from the body and certain undesired processes, such as aging, are delayed.

All of these remarkable health benefits are available from Yoga practice. What are you waiting for? Let’s go find a Yoga school!

About the author

Ron King is a full-time researcher, writer, and web developer. Visit Yoga4U Now to learn more about this fascinating and healthful hobby.

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