Making Herbal Infusion Oils

October 6th, 2005

The process I use to make herbal infusion oils is really very simple, but it requires a bit of patience.

Start with a squeaky clean glass jar with a tight fitting lid or cork. I generally make only about 1oz at a time, so i use a 3 oz lab vial.

Put the dried herb or mixture in a mortar…about 3 heaping tablespoons. grind grind grind, until it begins to get really powdery…and the fresher the Herbs are, the better.

SLOWLY add a high quality Grapeseed oil to the mortar and grind the herb INTO it. Why Grapeseed? It’s light and not very greasy, has almost no odor of its own, and is relatively inexpensive. I know people who use sweet almond or other oils, and I have used these in the past, but Grapeseed remains my favorite. It will go rancid without the addition of an antioxidant though, so be sure to add the vitamin e.

Pour the whole mess into the little jar. Scrape all the oily herb paste in there. For my 3 oz vial I add the contents of two 400 mg vitamin e capsules (just snip off one end and SQUEEZE). Shake the heck out of it.

Put the jar in a cool, dry, dark place to mature…one moon cycle is a good guestimate. Some people say to put it on a windowsill for the sun to warm it. I have never done it this way, but I can see how that might “speed up” the process. Shake the jar 2-3 times a day; once a week strain off the oil and repeat the process with new Herbs and the old oil (you don’t have to keep adding vitamin e or anything…just grind the Herbs into the old oil mix.)

After about a month, strain it off and smell the oil. I usually put a bit on the inside of my elbow, walk into another room and sniff. If it isn’t strong enough, continue the process for another month or so.

To strain: line a funnel with a coffee filter and pour the oil through. It takes a while for all the oil to drip through, but it is worth it…you won’t have little chunks in your finished product.

Some Herbs have a stronger fragrace than others, and some actually work better when fresh, rather than dried…the upshot there is that there will be water which you have to figure out how to get rid of. The coffee filter should get most of it, but just look for it sitting on the top of the oil.

If you want to try making an oil that WILL contain an odor, try DILL. this is one of my favorites! Just get a good quality dried dill weed from the grocery, and follow the process. The oil is quite pungent after only about two weeks and has a lovely Emerald green color.

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Achieve and Maintain Healthy, Beautiful Hair

October 6th, 2005

Three main things are needed for a good-looking head of hair — good health, the right attention to cleanliness, and caution when using cosmetic treatments.

  1. Adequate Diet

Hair Growth depends on an adequate diet. A widespread diet problem which causes loss of hair is iron deficiency Anaemia. The cause is too little iron in blood, brought on by a diet containing too little meat, eggs, cereals or peas and beans. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also needed to provide vitamin C, which enables the body to absorb iron.

  1. Cutting the hair

Although cutting the hair is not essential to its well-being, it is easier to keep the scalp clean if the hair is kept reasonably short. Regular cutting does not make the hair grow strong or faster.

  1. How hair can be damaged

Although scalp hair is hardy, and can withstand a lot of abuse, it can be damaged by too much or inexpertly applied perming, dyeing, bleaching and massage. The amount of beautying the hair can take varies from person to person. Occasionally the scalp is Allergic to the dye and becomes inflamed and swollen. To prevent this occuring, the dye should be tested by applying it to a small area on the arm. If a patch of inflammation has developed, the dye must not be used on the hair.

Most people who bleach their hair do so with hydrogen peroxide. If the peroxide is repeatedly applied, it may make the hair brittle. If this happens the hair may turn rough, develop Split Ends, or become thinned or shortened.

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